Wednesday 3 August 2011

Ramadan D3

It’s getting easier by the day, feeling energised and light, have not yet experienced a hunger pang or any thirst, although I have this continuous urge to go and wash my hands with cold water, so I guess that is thirst masked as OCD.

I find the psychological effect of Ramadan remarkable though, how it’s really mind over matter, when you know it’s Ramadan you stop thinking about food and hunger and water and your mind is free to focus on keeping at bay the real vices and the everyday little things we do and take for granted that are not necessarily good, like lying unnecessarily or backbiting, gossiping etc

Eating alone in Ramadan is not recommended, try to get together with people you know who are fasting preferably but I don’t mind who I break my fast with as long as I have company and this company acknowledges my fast.

I tried to make bourek last night, it was a disaster, it all come undone in the pan, and didn’t cook properly, maybe to do with the fact I tried to fry them with butter as I didn’t have oil and then they ended up in the oven! Tasted like paper Muuuuummmmm I need help!

So far, I am enjoying the fasting, but I am not enjoying the eating

Here’s a thought:  if you use an inhaler (for Asthma) – do you loose your fast?

Saha ftourkoum


  1. its good that ramdan is treating you as his favourite niece...

    i second you on ' dont eat on your own in ramdan' just sucks..i miss home and friends around..

    r u serious about the asthma inhaler :S? of kors it is alright..matafatri ma walo...


  2. Haniya: couldn't possibly respond last night with more than the above! I was ZONKED.

    Funny, I feel better when am fasting than when I've eaten.

    For the inhaler, you know there is always some preacher who will say this or that is not allowed, not that I would ever listen, but worth asking!

    How is your Iftar, who are you eating with?

  3. For the inhaler: In Islam there are many exptions,specially for sickness and illnesses. I take an inhaler once in while, when I can't breath, but I don't break my fast, and I do sadaka for it. God is good, and what's inportant really is the intention of the fast, and your mind to it.

    Saha ftourek habibti :)


  4. Well it leaves a taste and some kind of liquid in your mouth, not that it has any nutritious value! :)

    Saha Ftourek La Star

  5. ahha it is ok dz-feloussa...i second nedjma in the inhaler is all medicinal is not is particles with propellant..even if it feels like is tiny tiny my opion it should be absolutely fine...hadok l preachers...khali rabi yatwalhom..there are so many ideas li they agreed to..khalihom bark...

    my iftar is alright i guess, surviving...working 8hrs to sometimes 9hrs a the end of it i forget my name lol...besah alhamdoulah..I not eating with anyone, just by myself :) could have been better besah alhamdoulah 3la kol 7al..I am still eating the ftor from Tuesday..cooked too much :S for one tiny person lol...

    wenti, kesh luck with bourak ?


  6. Ha ha DZ-Chick you are a cook extraordinaire....bourek in the oven, lol!

  7. You laugh miss Cordon violet, at least mine has about Euuuu let's see a hundred calories less than that deep fried shit! There!!
    But yeah I is extraordinarily rubbish at cooking :)


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