Friday 19 August 2011

11 days…

I hear X factor and Big Brother return…One question springs to mind and only one: Why? And more importantly WHY?

The strings of reality TV that have taken over the world here and in America are quite simply preposterous, X Factor, Big Brother, Britain got talent, Geordie Shore, made in Chelsea, the only way is Essex…and much more!

Without exception, I can safely say they are vacuous, mind-numbing , dull, NOT funny, cynical, vulgar and for the most part staged programmes in pursuit of ratings and seedy entertainment, taking the lime light from more cutting edge, educative and interesting programmes that are being sidelined, resulting in poor television and bored viewers who would turn to other channels.

The youth of Britain and I think all over the world, now aspire to be contestants on these reality shows instead of pursing their studies and landing real jobs, these shows give false hopes of easy gain, riches and fame to people, I for one refuse to watch them and will without a doubt boycott Chanel 4 and ITV during the whole period the shows will be aired.

Thank goodness for books and National Geographic.

Have to get back to work now and pretend to be busy...or sick!

Saha Ftourkoum


  1. are you reeem?

  2. Gawd! dreading BIG BROTHER! reality TV is for the bored and the penyless. right on dzc ;)

  3. Ahhh... loved the cartoon.

    Here where I am, I have the advantage that even while channel surfing at my most bored, I won't end up watching either talent shows or reality shows. They're all in Korean. During the very first season of Big Brother (the only one I ever partially watched) I found I couldn't understand what they were saying. Much the same as watching Korean reality shows.

    Moral of the story... avoid tv death by moving to foreign country. Or just turn it off.

    Wishing you willpower for your boycott!

  4. Thanks, I drew it myself ;)

    The boycott will go on...I stocked up on books and mini projects.

    What TV do you watch there? do you even watch TV?

  5. There is a Fox channel (US) but it has advertisements, so I hardly ever watch that. Besides, there is only so many episodes of CSI that you can watch before you notice that it is repeating itself. There is a CNN news channel and a BBC news channel so I keep up to date. I can download via iPlayer from the UK but that's really slow so I have only used that for a few shows.

    So no... don't watch much TV. Better to get out and hear that satisfying click of the door locking behind you on the way to the lift. Otherwise not much difference between me and a hermit living in a cave.

  6. Oh I so agree on CSI, one of my favourite shows until it got repetitive, you do get the feeling you watched it all before! so that's that...and I don't much care of adverts either

    I do however like BBC dramas, period dramas mainly!


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