Monday 1 August 2011

Ramadan D1

Always thought there was something magical about Ramadan, you dread it and dread it, but as soon as you wake up on that first morning of the 1st Day, you are fasting and that’s that.  You just deal with it, bare it, enjoy it, savour it or whatever your reaction is…

So far for me: Positive attitude, good mood, conservative outfit, must make myself pray later when I get home (still haven't worked out east from north), prepared Chorba (1) last night but it smelt nothing like Chorba, bet it tastes foul as usual but when you’re hungry everything tastes good.

At work, everybody is Ramadan-aware which is nice, I get a lot of Happy Ramadans and Ramadan Kareems, which is very supportive, others who don’t realise…

08:30 – Morning, do you want a drink? No thanks am good.
10:15 – Fancy a cupper? No I am ok thanks, maybe in 3 to 4 weeks, huh?? Never mind
12:30 – Lunch? No can’t am afraid but I will walk with you
15:00 - Brew? No brew for me, it’s Ramadan, I am fasting hon, Ahhhhh Sorry I thought you looked a little subdued …Really? You don’t say!

A few (A LOT) more hours to go till sunset, and I feel surprisingly good, may it might be too early to say now, but I might turn into a zombie later.

Saha Ftourkoum (2)
(1) A tomato based soup cooked traditionally as the main Ramadan meal in N. Africa (names may vary depending on region)
(2) Bonne App├ętit


  1. Rani 7ayar feek kifach mata3arfich taybi chorba? za3ma Algeroise!

  2. Et bouh! Ca ne veux rien dire! Des fois tokhraj bnina des fois it tastes like feet!

  3. D1 was alright actually. how was the chorba?

  4. Chorba was ok, it did not taste of feet as I feared. what do you eat for Ramadan Doade?

    First day was absolutely fine! 2nd day far!

  5. normally back home loads of savoury cakes. here, anything goes really.

  6. ana walah 1st day gtalni rassi..en plus masahrtach..besah today is fine..chorba labess jat tchabah besah kima golti..when u hungry u eat anything...

  7. Wow DZ-Chick how commandable so some people are actually really excited about Ramadan?! You showcase great spirits in this first day of deprivation.

    The only thing I have ever loved about Ramadan is the feast in the evening and Eid which marked the end of the suffering (which I have seldom endured).

    We ate h'lila and not chorba, I guess that could be attributed to the region my mama was from.

  8. Yeah always in a good mood throughout just ask my colleagues :/


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