Wednesday, 10 August 2011

D10 ...randomly delirious

I now know sleeping is primordial to an easy fast, lack of it however makes for an excruciating day, which tells you I am sleeping an average of 10 hours a day including after work naps! Loving it!

Still bored of eating alone, but not bothered enough to do anything about it, have yet to share Iftar (1) with someone this Ramadan, I used to be all about the invites and having people around, eating out at the weekend and staying out lates, what happened? Can’t really blame it on age, I am not that old, even though 34 seems like such a big number to some people under the age of 30, I remember when I was 26 I thought 30 was OLD, well it’s NOT.

Work is overwhelmingly quiet, so naturally am blabbing on in here about random things…
Sun sets at 20h34 today which is 23h34 in Yerevan, Armenia, a country selected randomly on the website, they seem to be enjoying better weather than us anyway.

My sister phones me to check that I am safe and that the rioters didn’t get me, apparently my mum is worried sick!! Worried sick? Does she not have a phone of her own? Can she not phone me herself? Sometimes you really wonder about parents and their alleged unconditional love. I think they pretend they worry because the fact that don’t actually feel worried frightens them, after so many years living away from home and not proving a liability, you wonder what they have to worry about or why? And don’t give me the “You’ll know when you’re a parent yourself” ....harsh?

Saha Ftourkoum

(1) Ramadan break-Fast


  1. how come you've eaten alone all this time? don't you have any friends around? pretty sad babes.

  2. Not sad at all, I like my own company! :P and to be honnest after fasting and working a whole day, I just want to stay at home! so practical!

  3. @ Weekends, after iftar of course! je suis casaniere! t y crois? lol

  4. toi casanière? un-freakin-bAlivéboWL
    to be fair, i understand, not really in the mood to do anything after.

  5. forgot to ask, how was your green salad btw ;) ?

  6. Delicious! I must insist it's a green leaf salad but mixed with stuff so it is colourful! :)

    Same thing tonight!

  7. Didn't get the sequence!!

  8. re-read your blog post; the answer is there ;) .

    ok clue:

    26 years old .... then 30 ....

  9. Ok I get it, but what's with the 40? who's 40 anyway?

  10. geees! don't wish my years away man! somehow I don't see myself still writing this blog at 40! hopefully I wont have to!

  11. you won't be blogging at 40? 40 is the new 20 babes.
    inchallah you'll be married with kidS (approximately 3) then :) .

  12. Well inshaallah you will dz-chick...but you will write Dillemas of a Married Algerian Girl in London or wherever!

    Anyway, 40 is nothing as well...these are just numbers the real thing is in the heart!

    DZ Cheikh

    PS: I am not that cheikh at all!.. age I mean!

  13. lol @ 3 kids, I just saw that Daode!

    @ Dz cheikh, I guessed you were not in fact a cheikh at all, 40 used to seem such a big number to me, I guess it's just a number and as they say 40 is the new 20 :)

  14. Who are they?...I think they're fooling us...40 is 40, 20 is 20...each number has it's good and bad!

    Would I take it as a compliment or as a critic...for not being a cheikh at all?...;)


  15. Thanks then for the comp! ;)

  16. Yes DZ-Chick, a little bit harsh with your mother but it's to be understood, Ramadan was taking its toll!

    Algerian men cannot fast gracefully, they are extremely moody and aggressive in the best of times but during Ramadan it's unbearable. I suggest they observe Asians and Somalians as they are the coolest fasters ;-)


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