Tuesday 23 August 2011

Let's blame London!

Katie is depressed today, she tries to blame it on the rain but secretly knows it’s something else, she is depressed about being single and living in London, she wonders why she’s still here five years on despite her initial plans to only stay for a couple before meeting Mr. Right, and moving somewhere cleaner, quieter and possibly family oriented.
She remains in London for reasons she cannot fathom herself, perhaps it’s greed for the generous London salaries, or perhaps the London lifestyle or certainly the laborious wait to meet Mr. Right.

We all love London for what it has to offer but we all know it’s a big trap you cannot escape, we get entangled in its fast life web and forget to get off when the time is right so we get stuck for another ride until we’re too slow or too old and we get pushed off by the next wave of Londoners coming to live the fast and glamorous life.

And the older Londoners sit quietly looking at the new young and vibrant, scarily ambitious new generation, thinking “if only you knew what I know now” and some others would think “if only I had my chance again” whilst others look on happily “I am so glad I am out of that rat race

London is what you make it to be, my London isn’t your London, it can be generous, fun and very fortuitous for some as it can be hard, unforgiving and merciless for others, whichever way London was to you is whichever way you made it.

Katie is pondering her London life today, how many more years does she have to spend here, and will she ever meet her man, will she wait for him to yank her out of the fast current that makes London and make it all better or will she have to forget her childhood fantasies or at least alter them and start considering her own exit-pace and plan.

Katie is you, is me, is 5 million London girls and more …
Let’s wake up and smell the Starbucks ladies!


  1. Love the theme of thought. It's thought provoking ... and so honestly true. London is an amazing city that we get trapped into the lifestyle of. Keep your delicious posts coming DZ Chick xxx

  2. I love this too (well I love all the blogs) and i'm still pondering london life...
    but do you know what though? I wouldn't swap it - I just need to buckle up because it can be an emotional rollercoaster sometimes but at least its never boring....!

    Thanks DZ chick - you're very wise xoxo

  3. London is an exquisite drug!
    Thanks Fi xxx

    Katie, I am glad you like it and buckling up is a good idea, it's a rough ride...ok enough metaphors! My head hurts!

    Love love xx

  4. Loved the post...xx


  5. I feel utter sadness in your words Dz Chick. Wealth makes people lonely sometimes. It's impossible to chase happiness reastlessly. If you feel that way move to Eastern Europe "Katie", perhaps life is harder as we can not offer lavish life style, but it's plain and easy at the same time. Or consider it as a "holidays package" only ;-))A short breathing space.

  6. Thanks Haniya

    Iruluna: "Katie" exists...she commented above! though as I say there is a bit of Katie in all of us of course...we all relate!

    I will visit Poland one of these days! I hear it's nice this time of year?

  7. Yes, till the end of Septmeber you can count on good weather. Warsaw does not represent Poland: busy, stuffy, depressing and ugly. Please visit Wroclaw ( Breslau in German)or Cracov to enjoy a bit of Polish highlands. I am sure you'll like it. If you would need a hand during your trip, just let me know :-)

  8. I head good things about Cracov actually, I promise to let you know when I plane my trip, perhaps not this year but in the Spring 2012! :)

  9. This blog applies to MEN too, and Katie could also be Mamadou, shabir or Karim.
    Brilliant blog though


  10. Glad you agree Delboy! you forgot David and Thomas...and perhaps Paolo too ;)

  11. Sums up exactly my feelings today!!!

  12. i just lllllooove it!!!

  13. Katie could be located in Paris, New York, Bogota, Berlin, Algiers or Dakar...........capital cities are much more populated and polluted.

    Individualism, consumerism and spiritual apathy are prevalent nonetheless we love capitals as there are the hubs of the country and offer so many opportunities. People tend to be conspicuously open-minded which is not negligible.

    I have a love/hate relationship with London. As a 'Londoner' I cannot think of a better city to reside in Europe. Paris is beautiful but London is sassy and sensual and has the most impressive melting pot. London is the highlight of Europe.
    As a parent, London is certainly not the best place to raise children. The dilemma is constant although it is now obsolete as my children are old enough to be Londoners through and through!

    What we greatly lack as capital residents is the contact with Mother Nature which is crucial for our well-being, that is the ultimate sacrifice!

    Great piece DZ-Chick....gripping!


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