Monday, 29 March 2021

At least you still have a job!

So I started a phased return to the office and the first thing that hit me was how relieved I was, how guilt free I felt, how I was possible for me to go pee and not worry to miss and email or a phone call, how it was acceptable to go forage for food at lunchtime without the constant fear of missing one of the multitude of meetings that seem to appear at all times of the day! 

Now they know you work from home, meetings just keep on coming, 8am, 8pm, whatever time that matter, you're under #lockdown, what else are you going to do? 

On a typical day at the office, I go grab coffee a couple of times, I have multiple visits from colleagues, I pop by people's desk, exchange plaisanteries and gossip! Take an actual lunch break, hit the errands...miss staying at home, miss my bed, my cat, Netflix...think about all the things I could be doing if I were at home!! Like paint a wall or bake some oatmeal cake, a recipe  from some instagrammer who had a vey American voice and spoke  so fast...I was transfixed by how utterly pointless yet satisfying it was! 

I digress, so the office is empty so the ladies bathroom is clean, Maria the cleaning lady must be happy I ask her, "yes, but you're here!, she replies.

My original point was really about the balance of work and how a 4 day week would just solve all/ most of our issues if only #goldmansachs would stop being such a slave driver and people stopped being so flocky-material..

Next week I vouch to do the minimum required, work on my vitamin D intake, bake non-oaty stuff and read my bloody book, still stuck on chapter 10 and it's strangely topical, I am reading #1984 !

Tuesday, 28 July 2020


As you know I wonder about a lot of things, how alcohol is made, what are clouds made of and if I can eat them…things like that!

Lately though, I have been wondering how many people who are seemingly now experts on virology and epidemiology were also experts on European law and world economics during Brexit, and how Algerians have nothing to envy to the Brits in that, they are experts on EVERYTHING.

I was also thinking about how the UK's "sorry" count, already high by international standards, would have sky rocketed, now that we are compelled to apologise to anyone within a 2 meter radius, or a 1 meter radius, depending on your reading of the government recommendations.

When I am not busy wondering about pointless things or eating, I try to find small pleasures in bird singing now, in the howling of the rabid foxes as they mate outside my window, in the slimy motorway left on my walls when a slug gets through an open window and gets lost on a big white wall, trying to find its way to the suspended plant...took me a while to figure out the slime! I wonder if I too have the IQ or a garden pest!

Though life, when you stop to look, is so full of beauty and little bundles of happiness, we just grew too used to! We learnt to ignore them, or it's the hypornomilisation of everything around us!
We must stop and take notice & be grateful for the sight of a yellow lady bird on a mint leaf or a flower growing in cement or the fact that ordinary Americans cannot locate your country on a map!

You know small thanks to be given!

Stay safe and don’t be a dick!

Friday, 1 May 2020

Twenty Twenty!

Confinement is bad enough, now Ramadindong has come too!! That's a lot to take on, I wonder how the challenged in the field of multitasking are doing! Like someone once said to me, how can women be so good at multitasking if they cant have sex and a headache I
At the same time! I know am struggling.

Trying to find ways to occupy myself whilst pretending also to work from home, send a couple of emails a day to show "face" and gossip with colleagues over whose gonna get chopped! Last one in, first one out it seems. Also confinement seems to bring out the worst in people, all my colleagues seem to have transformed into knobheads! Gawd I hate 2020! It's funny because twenty twenty usually means good things, like great vision and such!

What else can I do to occupy my time, I mean no amount of quarantine will make me desperate enough to organise my knicker drawer or any other drawer for that matter, so maybe I'll just eat. Yes as a matter of fact. I shall do just that. 

Eat my way through this...

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Confinement diary - Day Fuck knows!

It's gotten so weird out, people snitching on each other to become "good citizens", a dictator sprung up in Hungary, Trump...well continues being Trump, at least he's consistent I guess. It's like the prelude to some far fetched dystopian plot or one of those nightmares that every time you wake up from, you go right back into it once you fall asleep again!

The other day there was a couple walking behind me and they just started to speed up so I started to speed up, you know to maintain the 2m got ridiculous, we ended up having a chase.

I miss normal life, I miss laughing out loud throwing my head back hysterically, I miss spitting out my drink in laughter, I miss talking about other things besides the contents of a supermarket shelf and the daily statistic on the number of dead. I miss getting dressed up and going out on a date! Simple pleasures of life, I miss life.

What the fuck is going on! Bring back life!

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Confinement Diary - Day X

I want to be somewhere on a warm sunny sandy beach, not too far away...somewhere close. It seems the comfort of home is too easy to get used to and so difficult to break from, I don't feel ready to part yet, I've grown used to my routine, much like inmates...refusing to leave prison at the end of a long sentence served.

We are all inmates, settling into our routines and learning to live in confined spaces and reduced freedoms, I wonder what will become of us all. Will we even go back to the office, will we ever regain our freedom and liberties, will there be long queues at restaurant bathrooms for punters to wash their hands, will there be international travel again? so many questions...

I wish I had George Orwell's foresight or Margaret Atwood's imagination, at least I could capitalise on this mayhem and produce a dystopian plot worthy of our crazy times! So frustrating!

I am a frustrated writer I've come to realise and my imagination refuses to play ball! What a pity...
Oh well back to Netflix.

Stay safe...Stay sane!

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