Thursday 6 August 2015

August...Sort it out!

Image via Flickr user Jesus Leon

August is proving a challenging month this year lifetime; it’s like the Tuesday of the week, the middle of a book, the second year of college, the dry bit of a sandwich!

You wake up with no real purpose, you know you have to go to work but you hate your work and “activity” seems to have come to a standstill, hardly any shouting in the office these past couple of weeks, Thank god for Greece, it’s really keeping us busy this summer; in, out, in, out and no climax to show for it! (You’re welcome)

Trains are full of either single or barren people, you know, because all people with kids are on holiday ….it’s summer holidays or half term or whatever it’s called! YAY! Which means trains are mildly bearable, sometimes I even manage to get a seat if I stick out my belly enough and hold my hips. The weather likes to pretend it’s summer but really we all know summer has come and gone during those 5 days in July (during Ramadan).

Tube strikes and general disruption to your life seem to be finding a niche with August like it was the only month of the year where making your life miserable was ok, it’s like a punishment for not having kids and not going away on holiday like normal Homo sapiens!  Even the IS has gone quiet thankfully, perhaps their president is on holiday too, I hear Hell is cheap this time of year!  

As for me and I am sure you as well, no holidays to look forward to, apart from the ones my boss takes, I really look forward to those and he’s French so we know he’s gone for at least 5 weeks!

5 Sundays is a long time “must not waste time”, “must not waste time “(in a robot voice)! So I ogle my friend Cheraz’s DAILY holiday snaps! She seems to be living in a bikini this year, provides valuable entertainment to all my facebook friends who enjoy her toned ass every time I give her a like! (You’re welcome).

I will finish this article when my conclusion comes back from holidays, until then…don’t forget the sunscreen and always use a pseudo when commenting.

Dz-chick…Thank you for your comment, I am out of the office myself until September, I will however get back to you upon my return, Bestest regards, Me!

Confession: I am so bored, I played the lotto! Twice!

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