Tuesday 16 January 2018

A new year and a few positive thoughts...

First day back in the office so effectively first day that counts and I realised I am not totally unhappy about being back in London or the office which is a massive change from previous years where I was often depressed about it and thus wrote more or whinged more, this sprout of positivity I have had over the last year  or so is really hindering my creativity, it seems I am more creatively productive when down or angry.

The decision resolution was made by me and my committee of 7 schizo personalities to try to cultivate a more optimistic and positive creativity that is not necessarily fuelled by anger, depression or lack of sex. And so this is the first instalment.

I have managed to drop the kilos that clung to my hips for the last ten years, which gave me a massive boost in energy and libido confidence, of course now I have a new problem, I can’t shake the boys off my hips! DAMN!  I have also dated interviewed many candidates over the last year, none of which made it past the 2nd round, on the count of mostly shallow reasons that I won’t mention here, also men are gross (and NO I have not turned gay).

I found being angry and full of sarcasm was funny until it turned against me, although my writing and sense of humour flourished, my personal life suffered visibly from this and I had to choose between being funny or being happy, such seemingly simplistic and silly choices, but the results have been staggering.

I am so full of positivity these days it’s sickening (note picture above as exhibit A), I have to feign some crankiness sometimes just to trick my mind into spurts of creativity so I am able to continue to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on all aspects/dilemmas of the Algerian woman in London or elsewhere.

I have also since come out of anonymity – on this more news to come J

Until the next happy instalment, Happy New Year from me.

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