Monday 3 November 2008


A Cynic and a chicken apparently…..
…..I did it – I got rid of him, I beat my own record of 2 weeks of perfect harmony and happiness. It was too good to be true. Something had to give. It didn’t so I made it happen.
A perfect and happy start. He calls me, he’s attentive, supportive and sweet, says all the RIGHT things, he clearly has done his homework, I guess it’s normal for a man his age to be ready the way he is. I felt a glimmer, nay a molecule of distance and I find myself running for the exit. He calls me a chicken cut cut cut coooooooooot (and I roll my eyes)... yes I am and I would rather be a chicken than a broken woman.
I have now relaxed about him - there are so many men on the scene I got bored all together - I am focusing my mind on other things right now, and it's working, it got my mind off these mini dramas we create to make our lives more interesting...well I though my life is interesting so no more dramas, well maybe one last one perhaps as I am sending the chocolates in a few days - so stay tuned!
Ps: I have no good or bad feeling about the outcome of this little manoeuvre
.....Whatever happens, I will be FINE.

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