Monday 29 March 2021

At least you still have a job!

So I started a phased return to the office and the first thing that hit me was how relieved I was, how guilt free I felt, how I was possible for me to go pee and not worry to miss and email or a phone call, how it was acceptable to go forage for food at lunchtime without the constant fear of missing one of the multitude of meetings that seem to appear at all times of the day! 

Now they know you work from home, meetings just keep on coming, 8am, 8pm, whatever time that matter, you're under #lockdown, what else are you going to do? 

On a typical day at the office, I go grab coffee a couple of times, I have multiple visits from colleagues, I pop by people's desk, exchange plaisanteries and gossip! Take an actual lunch break, hit the errands...miss staying at home, miss my bed, my cat, Netflix...think about all the things I could be doing if I were at home!! Like paint a wall or bake some oatmeal cake, a recipe  from some instagrammer who had a vey American voice and spoke  so fast...I was transfixed by how utterly pointless yet satisfying it was! 

I digress, so the office is empty so the ladies bathroom is clean, Maria the cleaning lady must be happy I ask her, "yes, but you're here!, she replies.

My original point was really about the balance of work and how a 4 day week would just solve all/ most of our issues if only #goldmansachs would stop being such a slave driver and people stopped being so flocky-material..

Next week I vouch to do the minimum required, work on my vitamin D intake, bake non-oaty stuff and read my bloody book, still stuck on chapter 10 and it's strangely topical, I am reading #1984 !

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