Thursday 19 June 2008

Blonde vs. Brunette

Brunette vs. Blonde, since the dawn of days and the existence of the blonde and the brunette genes, there was a certain rivalry, in ancient Rome; a blonde daughter would make a good connection or marriage for the family…in present time Rome…well! Things probably haven’t changed that much! A blond child is always preferred to brunette!

We all know the sayings: "Blondes have more fun, brunettes are smart"Such a stereotypical analogy! The fact is this is simply not true, well not always anyway. I know blondes who are perfectly capable of telling time and doing simple mathematical calculations! No seriously, hair or skin colour cannot be a factor in defining your IQ. It’s true that if you check there aren’t many blondes that went down in history for their intelligence or life-changing discoveries, you’ll find more blondes in history known for their beauty, entertainment talents or promiscuity such as Marilyn Monroe or Anna-Nicole Smith…Brunettes on the other hand they represent the more intelligent portion of women in History, Marie Curie is a great example of this so is Frida Cahlo in a different genre or Assia Djabar who is a writer.

Blondes get more attention generally from men and women, something about the bright colour I guess! More attention means more opportunities and more fun. Brunettes fall more into a niche group, where not all men are attracted by the sight of a brunette or a brown lock of hair unless the brunette in question is strikingly beautiful. Having said that there are exceptions where men find themselves also drawn to brunettes purely based on their own assumptions or conditioned belief that brunettes are more mysterious, more natural and make better life partners. The intelligent blondes find it understandably unfair, so you’ll find them trying to assert their intelligence and their allegedly high IQ to reassure themselves! And that in turn is so unattractive!

NOW this colour correlation doesn’t translate exactly to men as it does for women. If you ask any women what kind of men she prefers, I guarantee her answer will be a dark men or a men with dark features! So you see being a brunette for men is definitely an asset and intelligence doesn’t even come into the equation. Because Men are intelligent anyway it seems, their intelligence is not debated nor is the quantity of the fun they have, it doesn’t matter what colour their hair is! Such bigotry.

Now I am brunette, I am intelligent if I may say so myself and I have even more fun than blondes! So! Is this Blond vs. Brunette; a hair-dye man-made myth or a reality?

And what about Gingers?

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