Thursday 18 August 2011

12 days and a few lists

Time is in abundance in this dead quite August, when you’re fasting, apart form the time Muslims are supposed to spend worshiping, the rest remains unutilised, even wasted. I spend my time making lists…

I have a lot more time on my hands, since work is quite and my day isn’t structured around eating or going to the gym, I find myself with more spare time than I can manage, but I have to or I shall go mad with boredom, time to focus and organise my life.

So I make lists, you know, to do all those tasks that …dam it, need to call the DVLA…see that kind of stuff, empty out the last 3 boxes from your last house move 13 months ago, list the things you’re giving away to charity starting with the pairs of jeans that won’t fit into your arm let alone your thunder thighs (my case anyway), recycle xmas cards from 1999, cancel that old MasterCard you maxed out once and vouched not to touch again, dry clean your winter coats (in August???) well generally go through your list of things to do, that long gripping to-do-list.

Everybody has a list, a list of things to do at home, list of outstanding bills, clients list, list of boyfriends or girlfriends, best movie list (used to do that when I was bored during summer holidays, consisted of bollywood legend Jani-tu and Star wars), pre travel list, list of things to do on holiday, shopping list etc…List-making can tell a lot about the personality of the list-maker, to start it shows their obsessive and controlling side, their organised side, forgetful side, their priorities and even what they’re dreading the most as you might find the most challenging task at the bottom of the list, or perhaps that’s just me.

If I have a list then I know I am on track, and ticking things off gives me a sense of achievement, it’s rewarding to hold lists and finish them and start a new one. right now, I have a list and am half way down, finding Mr. semi-Right is at the bottom as it's always carried over to the next list... where are you damn it! am sick of waiting!

What’s on your list?


  1. used to do list for everything and loved the feeling when list were completed. Nowdays, not so much... Have to start again.... DZ chick, you have inspired me :-)

  2. Long list I have,
    1- Find Mr- Right (That is a list on it is own)
    2-put on weight
    3-do driving license
    4-call the bank to see why they called me 2 weeks back
    5-go through the bills and see what needs to be done
    6-shop for shoes (it is like i dont have any)
    7-sort my social life out, I feel like I am working working, m not meeting anyone
    and the lisssssttt isss looooonggggg....

    Saha ftorkom


  3. That's a good list Haniya, mine is now Mr. Semi-Right or Mr. just about Right

    Saha ftourek la miss x

  4. Careful DZ-Chick, your requirements are getting lower and lower, might end up being Mr-with-a-pulse-will-do :)
    My list is simple:
    1.Don't make lists !!

  5. But how do you remember things if you don't make lists! even a diary entiry are considered listing! me!

    Ah ya Melk, I wised up, Mr. Right simply doesn't exist.

  6. Lists...
    The best book ever about someone who made lists was 'High Fidelity' by Nick Hornby. If you saw and likedd the film, the book was 100 times better. Besides being about a list-obsessed guy trying to find Ms Right, it is also really enlightening if you are trying to understand the male mentality. It is like he revealed all the secrets males have been keeping quiet about for centuries.

    My list:
    - book flight to Canada (Christmas hols to see parents)
    - finish report (work thing)
    - re-start Tae Kwon Do lessons
    - get back in shape so don't look like a fool when restarting TKD lesson
    - find TKD teacher in Korea who can speak English
    - learn Korean

  7. lol @ yeah I know that dilemma, loose weight before joining the gym so I don't look like a cycling hippo, TKD huh! Wow you must be fit!

    How long is the flight from S Korea to Canada?

    I read a few reviews of this book, all I recall is that the protagonist is a compulsive list-maker; every list has to be a top 5 of something, quite funny!

    Reveals men's secrets you say? Men have secrets?? God I have got to read it! Thx F

  8. I'm going to break up the flight and stop in Vancouver (that's about 11 hours) for a couple of days. My high school girlfriend lives there and we've managed to stay in touch over the years (she's an visual artist, now starting to be sort of famous...well at least within that circle of art).
    But that's not where my family are, so its another 6 hours to the Toronto / Montreal part of the country.

    Yes! there are secrets. Behind all the camouflage of simplicity, yes/no answers, single mindedness, non-multitasking, football focussed, lack of commitment, grunting, alpha males lurks a web of conspiracy of hidden tactics on how to co-exist with the emotional world of women. It all fails of course, but we try.

  9. "simplicity, yes/no answers, single mindedness, non-multitasking, football focussed, lack of commitment, grunting, alpha males"

    Why do we even love you I wonder...yet we do! mind boggling!

    You're a bit of globe-trotter aren't you F?

  10. You think? There's lots more.

    But I haven't been to Algiers.

    By the way... those were all the positive aspects of male behaviour (ok... apart from the grunting, that's inexcusable).

  11. Positive aspects??? loool
    We're really are doomed! you forgot to add hairy bums and prickly face to your "positive aspects" list!

    Ah but you have to visit Algiers, you'll have sooo much material for your blog...anthropologically speaking : P

  12. lol why oh why did you go there? i'm not even gonna mention what i mean either.

  13. Daode: crude as always I see :)

  14. loook who's talking, you're way more crude than i am (tempted to give sooo many examples but i won't). maybe it's all those crudités that you've been consooming lately.

  15. Must be!! (rollies)
    You won't find any examples! I am pure...pure I tell you!

  16. Yes! You've inspired me now. Anthro field trip to Algiers. I'd love to go there.

    @daode... I think I'm the one who is pure. I can't get what you mean!

  17. Formosa: let me know when you plan to go...I'll give you some pointers hmmmm

    Oh and feel free to ignore doade, he's obviously having some kind of memory/brain confusion between his comments and mine....

  18. @formosa: i was referring to dzc's crude comment(s). she knows it. she's just playing the clueless card.

  19. Moi? Crude? Indeed Mr.Daode u've gone mad, must be all those late nights!
    I am a lady....a lady u see!

  20. lœl. what are you up to?

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