Friday 5 August 2011


Indeed, I always thought it was a bit cliché to screech OR grin the old thank god it’s Friday, and that it was soo last year or (5 years ago) but boy do I mean it today!

Tis the holiday season, the office is emptying of its clowns, the market is in turmoil, Dollar, Euro and Sterling have crashed, let’s all take a long beach holiday and celebrate shall we!!

Another crisis means, low activity, quite office, longer days and harder Ramadan, fasting is all about the attitude, the more positive you are the easier it is to do, I am getting hunger pangs as I am writing this whinge, you see, it’s all in the mind, but based on my observations over my last few posts, it seems people respond better to miserable posts than to happy ones, I get more hits and more comments when I whinge, I am miserable or sad, for the same reasons people love to watch Eastenders, makes them feel better about their lives somehow.

Yes you are not the only ones with a shit life, though I couldn’t possibly qualify my life as shitty I am always content with what I have, but we’re humans, we’re greedy, ambitious and mostly ravenous …right now  anyway!

Aya Saha ftourkoum


  1. i have slowly but surely come to dislike people who always complain about this, that and the other. don't you find that a tad selfish?

    but on the other hand, there are people who revel in commiserating about the misery of others, which is pretty weird come to think of it.

    i sometimes wonder what it would be like to have therapy lol. do you?

  2. It might be weird, but people do like a sad story or a whinge, just makes us feel better about ourselves!

    Therapy is the new coffee - you can quote me on this.
    It should be a daily fix...ok maybe a weekly one! so maybe it should be like therapy is the new (whatever you take once a week)

  3. oh dz-chick am liking this new daily blogging, it gives me light reading on a daily basis. good luck with ramadan

  4. Thanks Anon. enjoy it while it lasts :)

  5. a daily fix would be a bit much i think, you need to wait for things to get to a certain level before letting it all out lol.

    i want to ask you if you've had any but i am gonna be a proper gentleman and refrain from that ;) .

  6. Yeah do hold it in, it's Ramadan ;)

    Weekly fix would be good, I would definitely consider therapy as should you! nothing personal

  7. i know, how did you arrive to this conclusion?

  8. Don't it a hunch ;)

  9. scary .........

  10. la fleme aujourd'hui, envie de me casser lolol, you get that sometimes?

  11. La fleme de chez la fleme aujourd'hui! j'ai envie de me casser aussi...mais je ne sais pas ou!

  12. héhé allez vas y ;) .

  13. Saha F'torkom
    I want you to write about new generation of Self Hater Algerians.
    I want the meaning of this word to be debated and explored.
    It looks like I am one by most Algerians' standards.

    The reality is I really hate most things about Algeria and Algerians.

    It is becoming a burden I am almost thinking about abandoning my origins altogether and starting anew. It is just tiring thinking about it.


  14. Ato the little, rani ktabtlek k9assida.

    Slowly drowning in my sorrow,

    I am great, I am greater and I am the greatest. So I thought , so I believed and so I am told. Wishing things would be better tomorrow,

    Feeling like I am in an ocean of doubt and despair, gradually sinking and gasping for air,

    Trying to keep my sanity and composure intact. Fears of inadequacy as a human and as a fool, burry themselves deep in my head,

    As I make a foolish attempt to look, sound and act as a great,

    Due to the fact that everyone out there ten times better than I, makes me afraid and let out defeated sighs,

    Since it seems like things will always be this way,its frustrating because I have to go through it day after day.Yet, when my quandaries are more than I can bare,

    I can at least take comfort when I come to Dz-Chick blog and act great.

    You know who I am , and so do I.
    That knowledge keeps me from going over the edge, from giving up and giving in.


  15. Now naraj3ou ila el moufeed.

    Saha ftorkoum ajma3een meme the depressed.

    @ Dz-Chick, qui moi flirt??? I never !:)

    @Haniya, wach raki bent bladi? I hope you're in good shape m3a ramdan. As for me and ramdan, we're at peace :).

    @Nejma, aya tali 3lina ou nawrina.

  16. GMA My advice to you is don’t let your little black heart overcome you. It is pathetic you cannot be a decent person even in the wholly month of Ramadan.
    You think you are cool by coming here and being an ass hole? Do you think people here cannot think for themselves? Believe me deep down no one has and will have any respect for you.
    On the other hand I know 100% that everyone here respects me even if no one knows me.
    I am not depressed, not to say that it does not make me feel great when you butt in to comment on my comments. It is funny, you must be a sad bullied person. By coming here and saying bad things you are just telling me how people treat you. You know it, you are not strong enough to deal with your problems and be a normal nice person.
    Anyways, not sure why you think I think I am great. I do think however I made you feel small several times. Not my fault at all though. You were always unlike everyone letting the black hearted side dominate you. You took offence when you should have laughed. You were jealous when you should have humoured.
    There is a 1000000 reason why I know I am a better person than you and better than you , even at this very moment you think I am depressed ;)
    So don’t take my niceness as a weak sign. I simply dislike people like you and you are becoming more of a liability and I don’t have time to care for you. That is all it is .

    ATO (After eating so not so depressed :)

  17. P.s.
    Thanks for taking from your precious time to write a poem for such a little guy like me :)

    Get a life will ya.


  18. DZC & Genetically Normal People
    To give you a bit of background, I was on this forum, where I expressed my dislike of situation in DZ and how a large number of people got corrupted, ignorance, etc
    And suddenly someone (a Khobzist surely) said I hate DZ and that I am a self hater.
    This is not the first time I get a Moustache calling me this.
    So I really meant we should do our best to stop abuse of this term by people who don’t want change because it suits them
    Alternatively we can just not give a damn (abandon our origins) and accept that we are indeed self haters.
    Sometimes I am too sarcastic, even English people struggle to get me let alone a genetically modified person.

  19. DZ, I like the idea of sitting in during your therapy sessions, a bit voyeuristic, but mainly lets me pretend I actually am your therapist. But now.. You give the slightest hint that you're not writing from the heart but appealing to the ratings ! ("... it seems people respond better to miserable posts than to happy ones, I get more hits and more comments" )
    Still, I like these daily installments, starts the day very well - morning in my favourite cafe with therapy blog. :)

  20. I am loving this Ramadan with its fresh sober Saturday mornings.
    Off to the beach for some surfing again and to have a nice Swedish massage.
    I will see you hopefully in a few days.
    Disclaimer: This comment does not constitute a statement of greatness it merely informs of some basic activities that if you think are characteristic of great lifestyle then it is a sign of your sadness. This is in no way a promise not to inform on this forum of future activities including social outings, nights outs, or any future exploits . None of ATO comments should be taken to mean great looks, personality or fortunes. ATO is not responsible for consequent bitterness and sadness as a result of interpreting them as such .ATO is not responsible for all the above if the claimant is proved to have some genetic defect.

  21. Formosa: on the contrary, my daily posts are from the heart and are more for me than for readers, I was just mentioning how when I am miserable the blog is more alive which is an observation I made, but it did not affect my writing in any way.

    You want to be my therapist it sounds like :) it would make for a interesting session that's for sure.

    @ATO: Are you alright? sounds like there are 2 ATOS the one who talked gibrish all night and the one who is sober the next day, but still a bit crazy! Don't let GMA get to you.

    GMA: you're on fire!

  22. One of the things that we all tend to forget is that: LIFE is short!! so Short!!
    We are only guests in our time, we find a way somehow to sit, and complain about money, life, weather, love, frendships, our weight,our luck,and just about who we are, we forget about the most precious thing we have in our life which is life it self.
    Do you ever think about, if you were blind? handicap? really poor, or being abused?
    COME ON!!! it really is too short, enjoy it as t comes, let's not take it for granted. It is not always easy but, this is it!
    Love to all



  23. GMA, eeeehhh weshnou hada? Poete n'taya, rak tesh3er yah, mlih, etouerna! zid zid!
    Ani rani h'na, ghlibni shwiya Ramdan, mais sava, ani 3aysha.

    Assma3, makmeltlish la suite dial: "@Nedjma, I want you to help me here! This is a transcript of my phone conversation with my ex-girlfriend before she dumped me. I am still at loss why did she do it? Can you tell me what went wrong in this conversation:"
    Win rahi la suite???

  24. DZ-Chich,

    Ah ya zina, edeniya hadi wallah ghir thayarni sa3ate? bessah: ma bil yadi hila"
    As long as we have health, the rest is just reasons to be. I love you my dear, take care and thinck more about some really beautiful days coming your way ;)

    Saha ftourkou kamel.


  25. apparently there's some serious rioting in london hope you're alright 7nouna ;) .

  26. What riots? I heard nothing! but thanks am ok :)


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