Monday 22 August 2011

8 Days to go…

…I don’t usually write on weekends, and I find myself missing it, I find myself always jotting down ideas, thoughts and listing various things I have to remember, do or write about.

The feeling of having a notepad and a pen in my bag fills me with thrill as I sit down for a coffee, as my fountain Pilot pen 0.6V strokes the sheet and makes that faint sound of metal on paper, ideas rush to my head and I cannot write fast enough before they fade back down to where came from until the next surge to inspiration, writing I fear has become a hedonistic pleasure, along with buttered toast and sleeping.

So I started to write a short story, a story of a girl with a seemingly ordinary life, who is made to believe is ordinary but she always knew she wasn’t, as her life unravels and the ideas jotted down in my notepad and ideas buried deep within me flood back, my fingers pound on the keyboard with such speed, making the most exquisite sound, the sound of a story coming together, the story of Safia.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it….coming soon

I digress, Ramadan is on it’s last ten days, and I have yet to make the most of it, I have been quite moody and lazy this Ramadan, and so I’ve decided to make up for it in these last days, starting with being less moody, less grumpy, less cynical and overall a more pleasant person and not just when I’m in the mood to talk or laugh, I’ll try to be less vain as well but that’s difficult when you’re as beautiful as I am, did you know the Arabic word for Narcissus (the flower) is Narjiss….maybe digression is also a new hedonistic pleasure of mine.

Dz-Chick….in a strange mood*
* what’s new right? 


  1. salut narjiss, kifesh?

  2. Kifesh?
    You changed your pseudo again!!

  3. That's a bit of a teaser ! ?
    So how soon is 'coming soon' ?

    Glad to see you're getting addicted to the stuff. I think seeing inside your imagination is going to be even better than attending your therapy session.

    Be brave ;-)

  4. Hi f, yep a bit of a teaser! soon is after Ramadan I guess, I have part one written already but I need to finish the plot and polish the story! there are no twists just a story or an "ordinary" girl.

    I think you're right on the imagination vs therapy and it's cheaper too :)

  5. Hi,

    I recently came across your blog when surfing the net, and I found the content very interesting. I Can't wait to read the story about Safia :)

  6. Thank Blue, story will be out soon...hope you'll like it :)

  7. Ca a marché ?

  8. Would Safia be you?
    Are you launching yourself into fiction writing?...I think you'll have frank success...

    Again guess who's that!

  9. @Anonymous 1: qu'est qui a marche?

    @Anonymous 2: Safia is not me, it's not anyone I know but perhaps many people I know, it's pure fiction, genre histoire Chourouk lol

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    I can't figure out who you are now! am getting too many comments at once in a bid to confuse me perhap? ;)

  10. Je parlais de ton dernier §


  11. You lost the Plot...
    Anonymous of Quatorze Heures Trentes...was me DZCheikh!
    Have a nice afternoon doing the cleaning ritual "el minaje" :)

  12. Dz Cheikh likes to play games!
    I finished le menage, it took me one hour! ugh I hate it with passion!

  13. S: are you talking about me trying to be less grumpy etc...yeah it worked :)

  14. Apparemment you like my games then!...:)

  15. Naaah can't say I care much for games, a bit like le menage, I will partake when I have no choice!

  16. @DZ-Chick I suggest you watch out for Nemesis, Narcissus did lose his life due to self-fixation! ;-)

    So the Safia saga commenced during Ramadan? How interesting! Maybe I should fast after all...that might lead to a spell of creative writing.

    As for your mood, it's hardly surprising considering your 'condition', ha ha. Fasting is synonymous to ailment in my internal dictionary.
    Forgive me Father for I know not what I do.....


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