Monday 15 August 2011

Half way through

We did it, 15 days of fast, dry throats, headaches, slow clocks and homesickness (for some obviously not me….never me) and we’re on the countdown now…

My blog got inundated over the weekend with hits from facebook, a few facebookers shared my Gluttonous worshipers’ post it seems, I can find that out by typing my blogs title on the search box you see.

Most of the comments were quite harsh, some were indifferent, very few supportive, but the most interesting ones were from the presumably pious facebookers who took offence at my post, because as we all know, they have monopoly over religious subjects, and I am not to tackles any such subjects, subjects that should be left to the pious and the knowledgeable.
I should restrict myself to talking about fashion, I believe Gucci and Prada were mentioned; I should also stick to talking about my coffee breaks at Sidi Yaya whilst getting chatted up by boys. Jealous are we?

Yes, you did have it all wrong, you could have boys (or girls), fun, coffee in Sidi Yaya AND still be able to observe Ramadan and it might even be accepted….take it up with God if you have a problem!

And no I don't know it all, I don't claim to be knowledgeable in all subjects I write about, I am giving my point of view, in a free world, if you don't agree with what I have to say, that's your prerogative, you can say you disagree but you cannot say I am wrong, this is not an exact science.

I would also suggest you get off your judgmental thrones, get an occupation or a hobby, reduce the masturbation (it’s really not good for your eyes they say) and if you have any more criticism, I invite you to write them on here....where they can be answered!

Saha ftourkoum all the same


  1. Farghine eshghoul hadou!!!
    En plus, le plus de comentaire, le mieux c'est! car cela prouve que ton blog les a interesser assez pour qu'ils lise le tout ;)
    Ma3andak! keep it up, a majority of us love it! and are addicted to it, we love you!
    Saha ftourek DZ-Chickaaa!!!

  2. Thank you, that's what I thought, all these pious people reading my blog, isn't that like reading porn?? yakhi hala yakhi...

  3. It's absolutely hilarious what some people's reactions are like!

    I don't much care what you think and what's funny is that you claim I am no literary laureate but keep coming back to read some more! I must be doing something right ;)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. who are you talking to babes? aggression is running high today, you need to chill and relaaaaaxxxx xxx

  5. DZC, I read this and your gluttonous worshipers post very carefully but could not for the life of me find what the problem was, it was all true. I found some other newspaper articles on the web talking about the same subject and they were not labelled or criticised like you say yours was. So please ignore them, they must be jealous or something no other explanation, esp when they don’t come to tell you to your face as it were

  6. so what do you do during lunch?

  7. Jealous you say? lol must be, since they're not giving explanations as to what their issue is with my blog or particular post.

    It's true, Gluttony is a sin practiced on a daily basis by a lot of fasting Muslims all over the world. FACT.

    Thanks GSamaritan!

  8. Daode: Meeting where lunch was served! had to sit through it and ignore the smell of food!

  9. normally, either sit around day dreaming at my computer desk or go for a walk with my colleagues while they shop for lunch.

    today i did a bit of both, the latter first followed by the former.

  10. i know ... such potential gone to waste innit?

  11. So sad and predictable.. in the other hand.. being judged by hypocrites can be an infinite source of joy... obviously, this kind of post will always be a pain in their ass..

  12. I take it a good omen my blog is thought provoking and making people very edgy, funny the overreactions!

    Anywho, more from me tomorrow as usual :)

  13. Saha morningek :)
    I'd love to read the self-righteous pious comments, can you copy and paste some for us to enjoy maybe after the ftour with a nice mint tea(kawkaw optional) and kalbalouz :)

  14. Bonjour Malek, they're not worth it, but you know they're all the same pitiful comments calling me names, judgmental, preaching but not practicing...bla bla bla

    Made my blog extremely popular thanks guys :)

    When do you start your blog Malek?

  15. True, I can use my imagination!
    Nhar El Aid I start my blog :) I have a short attention span, my blog would be a disjointed gibberish diatribe and who wants to read that :)

  16. lghira thadar...I think that is why we algerians would never get to the civilisation stage just because we love judging..why why ?! so stupid..
    but you have my full support..each to their opinion..I do respect everyone's tho it doesnt mean i agree with it..besah that harsh critisim yakhi hala yakhi..khalik menhom..I love your posts

    any luck with lborak?! lyoum habit marka 7lowa :$ besah i dont know how to do it :$

    @ Maleko, I look forward to read your blog, I am sure it will be interesting :D...

    Saha ftorkom et boussa

  17. Haniya, I gave up on borek a long time ago, though my mum was trying to convince me to try it again with chicken, chicken is in the freezer and it will probably stay there now!
    Tagine Hlou is easy, that I know how to make it, but from your neck of the woods (eats alg) they make it with onions, we don't, it's pure sugar...good for the teeth ;)

  18. hahahha..I know walah..lyoum i have sweet tooth..I am sure I am not going to do it :D..pfff lool...
    normal ajabdi chicken from the freezer and do it..walah nowadays i take cooking as a therapy just sad i am stuck with the same foood for days just coz i dont like throwing anything away :(...

  19. ahahhaha...just saw the sasturbation part my god hahaha..i cant stop laughing..:D

  20. that sasturbation part has cheered you up again := nice

  21. As you have previously rightly stated judging is a national sport in our community.

    Unlike you DZ-Chick I actually think they do need to masturbate more, might take the edge off ;-)

    Your post 'The Gluttonous Worshippers' has no offensive content therefore their reaction was certainly unfounded.

    They have omitted to 'come off their high horse' during Ramadan....what a bunch of punks!


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