Monday 8 August 2011

The Gluttonous worshipers

Ramadan is the holly month of patience, spiritual reflection, humility, purity, generosity and worship when we are supposed to follow the teachings of Islam and avoid temptations and worldly attractions, It seems unfortunate that a lot of people concentrate on the physical aspects more than anything else, they refrain from consuming food and drink, refrain from smoking and sexual activities, yet seem to continue as normal with the rest of their vice filled lives, continue to lie, backbite, gossip, steal, eye up every woman (or man) that passes…etc

Of course I am not the one to judge, I am merely pointing out that I believe God has no need for our hunger and thirst, he asked us to observe a set of commandments during this month (and during all our existence) not just from sun rise to sun set, the fasting is to be observed during daylight hours, yes, but by no mean does the breaking of fast allows us to go on a shop lifting spree, a lying marathon, a porno flick or a feasting frenzy.

In Algeria as I am sure is the case in other countries (correct me if I am wrong), another Ramadan related contradiction is observed almost as avidly as the fast itself; the sharp rise in food prices,  meat, vegetable and staple food prices double, yet the demand remain very high and consumption excessive. What is so Islamic about such practice?  
It is common knowledge that prices will rise by at least 50 -100% during the holly month of Ramadan with no explanation or solutions offered, people still have to eat and so despite the few complaints and the same press articles published every year complaining about the same issue, it remains untackled in any real way.

People will try to blame it on the greediness of the unscrupulous traders and suppliers trying to double profits, taking full advantage of the fact that the consumer has no choice, but in reality, the greediness of retailers emanates from the gluttony of the consumer himself, Consumption of food in Ramadan goes up by at least 50% matching the price increase the retailers inflict on the market prices defying any economic laws of demand and supply.

Ramadan has become a month of feasting, excess consumption, wastage and gluttony, which ironically is a sin; People buy food in excess following their cravings and urges, which defy the whole point of the fast that teaches us self discipline, self-control, sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate, the hungry and the poor.

Food has become the core idol in Ramadan, people have forgotten the point of fasting, they observe Ramadan the way they do now, based on the way they watched their parents do, I fear it will continue from generation to generation until the true meaning of Ramadan is lost.
These people I fear have lost their way and have far gone into the consumerism and commercialism frenzies, which eclipse the true meaning of this holly month.

Remember, gluttony is the devils favourite sin

Dz-Chick ….8 days in


  1. as expected, serious chastising post no comments LOL

  2. This is isn't the most chastising is it Daode!
    A lot of readers cannot relate since they don't fast/are not Muslims themselves, and the rest are fasting and have no energy to talk about serious issues ;)

  3. well it is a religious dig! you're a preacher now babes!!!!! ;)

  4. YIKES! me a preacher? not in a million years, was only talking about how prices of food AND consumption go up in Ramadan and how that is wrong in my humble opinion!
    I couldn't care less, I am breaking fast on nothing but green salad!

  5. green salad? LOL

    come on now, you really don't need to change your diet to that of a cow's :P .

  6. It's thirt more than hunger!
    But then now I am super hungry, also bored.

  7. I can only agree with you dzc, the food price rise and consumption are gluttonous.

  8. Agree! Le ftour (aux 5 services, SVP) est plus important que le je√Ľne. Pointless.

  9. By the sound of it, the holy month of Ramadan leaves a hole in people's pocket in Algeria, how despicable!

  10. Yeah it's more of an economical issue now! Really...


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