Tuesday 2 August 2011

Ramadan D2

My new desk neighbour is an Algerian Jew (from France - naturally), we compare notes on our fasting, she tells me about Kippur and Shabbat and how she hates observing them, she is supportive of my fasting which is helpful, but I feel I don't need sympathy, it's not like I am being punished or suffering an injustice awww poor you!  If I wasn't fasting I would say something like "***** **£$"^3&;!2"**!" but I am fasting and I cannot go around slurring profanities!

After 20 years of fasting (I started early), I think I can safely say I am somewhat of an expert now and have worked out all the tricks of how to survive it, though the summer Ramadan is a relatively new thing for us children of the 80s and 70s;

A full nights’ sleep is essential, nothing makes fasting worse than fatigue and incessant yawning; I am going to count how many times I yawn a day, oh there I go...yawn...am at 6 yawns so far since 7am...and again...yawn....

Drink lots of water/fluids, I manage a couple of pints (water) before I get cramps but you need to be fully hydrated so drink drink drink as much as you can take in;

Eat something sweet I recommend Qualblouz (1) if you're Algerian, but if you are a normal homosapien with normal sugar tolerance then a few dates should suffice.

For break-fast today: Chorba (it wasn't completely foul after all) and Bourek (2) which I will attempt to make to the best of my knowledge and abilities.

Saha Ftourkoum

(1) A semolina and honey based cake with a layer of ground almonds, translates literally to heart of almonds
(2) Algerian version of spring rolls


  1. when are you going to make a feast and invite your loyal readers to break their fasts with you ;) ?

  2. how soon is that :P ?

  3. lyoum is my day off..walah rani abda3t..chorba frik, borak et tlitli..osokti bark..dates khdamthom b loz..shame i cant eat now :D...

    u r all welcome

    saha ftourkom

  4. Entiya Constantinoise Haniya? wella Chawiya? :)

    I have to make myself make that borek!! yum love it!
    Saha Ftourek x

  5. mani constantinoise mani chawiya...kriba lablad chawiya..besah min chark :D...

    bouraki looks bahi..yadra ya lbana :D...

    good luck with Bourak..

    Saha ftourak..xxx

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Sb0GFJPKJI

  7. But what. Kind of iftar can one truly enjoy without tea? Especially one with pine nuts in haha.

    The hardest days are done, easier from here on in. Am interested on your thoughts on supposedly pious fasters who can't control their anger bec they are thirsty/hungry/want to smoke and take their anger out on everyone.

    Also, thoughts on ppl who sleep from 4am-4pm to miss as much of the fast as possible...

    Plus, don't you get sick of chorba. I mean you could make the intensely complex white one, oh yeah, just like the tomato one with out the sodding tomatoes...

  8. My dear Steph!
    lol @ Mint tea with pine nuts - tis the best!

    I thought Ramadan was about continuing your life as usual and going by your day as per usual, so people like these "pious" who sleep from 4-4 to try to avoid taking their anger on people are obv doing it wrong, I hope their fast is accepted as I am not the one to judge anybody.

    I am already sick of Chorba, white chorba is nice but only if someone else makes it, I can't to do anything right, Bourek went seriously wrong!! how can you get Bourek wrong!! I am hopeless.

    Can I come around yours for Iftar?

    @Haniya: mninak? :)

  9. Saha Ramdankom everyone.
    My first day fetour was:
    - Dates with milk
    - Carrots soup
    - Salad (lettuce, carrots ,grapes, cucumber, tomatoes).
    - Some goodies (houmous ,crisps, various dips, coleslaw, olives and cheeses).
    - Roast chicken with mash potatoes and chutney.
    - Sticky toffee pudding
    - Late meal of some steak and kidney pie and some quiche.

    I am expecting to shed 5Kgs this Ramadan, I don’t do Sehour, and I should be able to eat less and less in Fetour, which I did yesterday (Day 2)

    DZC you know H, she is on your FB. :)


  10. ATO: Haniya?? she isn't on my facebook at all! are you implying you know who I am? pfffff

    As for your diet, wow!! seriousely? shed 5kg whilst eating what you just listed does not sound right, but perhaps you know what you're doing! I can't manage more than the soup and something sweet! just not enough damn time to digest!
    Anywho, welcome back, where you anywhere nice?

  11. Of course I know who you are :)
    I have been away on a beach holiday, just looking after myself, it has been a real extravaganza, speaking of which I wonder whether a massage would be ok during fasting.
    Anyways, I agree with some suggestions here that you should invite us all for some sort of Algerian meal, don’t worry about what we will think of your cooking skills. Most of us will be just happy to have some Algerian food

  12. Massage might be ok if it's midicinal I guess!

    My cooking skills are absolutely appauling now, I used to be ok :(

    And no you don't know you who I am! but if you do, then there is no harm in sharing Iftar...aya!

  13. i bet we're all friends on the facebook

  14. @ dz-felousa..min setif :D...
    @ ATO, kifash hata 3raft...enta kima hadak li ya3ti rachi bash yjib s7i7 :D...saha ramdank..

    saha ftorkom ya jma3a...xxx


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