Tuesday 1 November 2011

Philosophical week!

After an angry, busy, hated, dreaded and awaited end-of Monday, comes Tuesday, if Tuesday was a person, he would be a hypocritical character who has no purpose, a bit like a train station where nobody gets on or off at but your train still stops there, Tuesday doesn't belong to the beginning or to the end of the week, I know you're thinking that sounds like Wednesday, but Wednesday is more of a neutral character, sits in the middle of the week, pacifies between Monday and Thursday, you can't really get angry at Wednesday, he comes across as a nice placid dude, I imagine him holding out his hands, palms facing up and shoulders hunched in a friendly stance that disarms you and you find yourself saying (or maybe it's just me) 'ehhhh Wednesday, you're alllllllriiiighhtt'

Thursday is like a cool chick, everybody loves a Thursday, she wears a skirt above the knee and has a lot of charisma, is playful and inviting, she tells you to “come out to play” and you would often oblige, she is relentless and leaves nothing for poor Friday who thinks he’s everybody’s best friend but in actual fact, he’s the dregs of the week, Thursday has sucked out the energy out of everybody and with “I can’t wait for Friday to be over” spends his day reminding people how cool he is because he’s bringing the weekend, but nobody cares, they’re all hangover and waiting for him to go away, besides Saturday has already stolen his thunder.
Saturday being the star of the show is like an angel, a dark angel. Who knows where he’ll take you or how much money will he suck out of you!
We all love Saturday with his many faces, relaxing, inviting, smiling then teasing and pleasurable…best friend for ever! Until you end up in a cell or in a dark alley with a stranger wondering how you got there or with a £300 bar bill.
Saturday is toxic but he is so superior, we’re star struck and feel obliged to please him and do as he says, he puts pressure on you but nobody ever resents him for it, you're devoted to him, so much so that you eat into Sunday and pretend it’s still Saturday…
Poor old Sunday, Sunday is the old fart, not in the least as fun; reminds people of their obligations and of Monday and Tuesday, like a parent, nurtures your wounds and hangovers, irons your shirts and makes you roast, he glances at the clock a lot, dreading the end, he doesn’t want to go and after a while you don’t want him to go either, you want him to stay until you're fully recovered and the Roast is eaten and digested.
It’s midnight, Sunday is on his way, he warns you of Angry, demanding Monday and says take care see you in seven days, so you curse Sunday because he brings back Monday.

Dz-chick.....in the mood for cool Thursday!


  1. Bring on the Thursday, although I'd rather think of it as a handsome sporty man with bright green eyes and a hhuge big smile on his face! Love this post!!!

  2. keep philosophising about the days, weeks, months, years or whatever, and before you know it, you will be a much older woman who has let life pass her by. You need to do something with your life before it's too late; don't get too carried away by your career or by the western life/culture. It's admirable for a woman to have a good career but not at the expense of having a successful family life.

  3. After reading what I consider being a masterpiece of a description or a perception of the days of the week you refered to, I have to admit that I was speechless. It's simply beautiful.

    While I was reading, I was listening to this amazing music/chant; it felt just right. It is also an answer to your question "Do we need anger management?" Well, I believe we just need - un peu de douceur dans un monde de brutes(A little warmth in this cold world). Thanks DZ-Chick

  4. Thank you guys and thanks Blue for the tune!

  5. I shall never think about the drudgery of the day-to-day working again.

    hope I can get introduced to Thursday at some point?

  6. Fucking brilliant writing! Genius is always crazy!

  7. Formosa: I want to meet Saturday! ASAP
    Mimi: that's cool thx - am sure it takes one to know one etc

  8. From were all thses weirdos comes from ...people who advise you to give up your pro life. Hey males out there, there are bills to be paid. Would you be kind enough to cover it yourself. Fair enough, just say so :) Chicca I love and I am proud of you, carry on xxx

  9. U tell'em hon! :)
    Thanks girls blue and Irulana!

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr3coxStmjs
    Yeah baby...

  11. Happy days :) love it Merci Homo Erectus

  12. German Couterpart21 December 2011 at 15:19

    Wow! This piece is incredible! I think it's award winning!

  13. Wow! Thank you GC :)
    What award would I win do you think?

  14. Great piece... Only DZChick emasculate Thursday and make him into "she"

    If my Wednesday meets your Tuesday, they'd make a pretty outta control Saturday...You'd immediately beg for a Sunday to cool you off & a Tuesday to iron you out.

  15. Thanks Here and there

    Me and Saturday finally fell out! and I've fallen in love with friday. Wednesday remains a passive dude and Tuesday a shady character. Monday totally slapable!

  16. DZ-CHICK what a chef d'oeuvre..........the week days personified is a reflection of your bountiful creativity, you are the muse and the poet!

    I am definitely Thursday and would do Saturday every day ;-) #justsaying

  17. Everybody either wants to be Thursday or "date" her!
    This peice got a lot more notoriety and appreciation that I expected, which is always cool
    I like!

  18. @DZ-Chick this piece should be published dear! it is a classic.


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