Wednesday 30 November 2011

Go back to Nicaragua!

What can only be described as a fantastical moment took place last week on a Tram in Croydon, South east London.

A woman by the name of Emma West, was sitting on the tram with a child on her knee, hurled racial abuse at a whole carriage of passengers who sat in awe of her, the video which was secretly filmed by a passenger, was later leaked to Youtube and has had over 5.9 million hits on youtube alone.

The tirade was relatively poor in my view; at some point during her expletive-filled rant, she inched very close to using the word nigger but in a fast and rare moment of lucidity, she  managed to change it to Nicargua “go back to niggg…caragua” she said. 
A young black man was about to retaliate but was quickly calmed down by another passenger and was consoled as he was seemingly upset by the abuse the women in question was hurling with fascinating conviction.

The transcript of the rant goes something like this:
“What has this country come to … with loads of black people and a load of f—— Polish,”, “sort out your own countries, don’t come and do mine, Britain is nothing now, Britain is f— all, my Britain is f— all now.”, “You ain’t English… You ain’t English either.”; “you ain’t English either…you’re black”, “go back to fucking niger…argua” …

I was laughing throughout the whole video, I found it utterly shocking and quite ridiculous, I thought about how I would’ve reacted if I were on the same carriage and I came to the conclusion that I would have had to ignore her and not dignify her accusations with an answer, but I also believe that if it wasn’t for the child she used as human shield, she would have been sorted – Kung Fu style, having said that I am glad nobody attacked her and made her the victim. 

Emma West, 34 (West seems to be a popular name for weirdoes – apologies to the normal and respectable Wests) from Addington in Croydon, was arrested on Monday 28th Nov by the British Police on suspicion of aggravated public order offence.
 I think she was arrested for her own protection as she is rumoured to having received several death threats, turning her into the victim in need of protection. Bravo!

Now my 2 cents:

I have lived in Britain now for a long amount of time, and have never felt an outsider, I never considered myself to be different from any English, French, Black, white or Chinese counterpart, I am an individual, my abilities and attributes are measured by my principles, morals, integrity and intelligence, not by my skin colour, size or nationality. 

Now, being Algerian is a bit of a problematic given in our integration in any society, if we speak specifically about the UK or another predominately white society, we’re always confused by the fact that geographically we’re Africans; politically we’re in categorised as Middle-East, and culturally we’re North African with a strong French influence, sub Saharan Africans recoil at our North-African stance, 
You’re not Africans, you’re Arabs, Arabs say you’re not Arabs you’re Berber, and the Berber say no you’re Arabs not Berber.  We don’t belong to any certain culture, we have our own, we have to embrace our origins, be it African, Mediterranean, French, Arabic or Berber and that’s what makes us Algerian.

So we agree we’re Algerian (I know, a little over simplistic – but you should know I am highly intelligent and came up with solutions to life long anthropological questions).

As an Algerian, you move abroad, and you stand in front of an immigration information sheet 

please tick your ethnic background;

Black: I could be and my best friend is black, honest, I am not racist…
Chinese: NO (but the new & upcoming Algero-Chinese race might need a mention)
Asian NOPE
British white: NOPE
Irish white: NOPE
Other white: YES
Arab: YES
Other (please specify): specify what? that I am an alien?

I personally stand in front of this confused, as an Algerian I could be black and I could be Arab, but I am blond, so I am other white no? No you’re Arab African and a Muslim. 

Jesus was Middle Eastern; don’t believe the movies that give him blue eyes. And a ginger beard, for all you know he could uh uh uh god forbid Brown!

Colour is not a religion or a culture; it’s just skin pigmentation that is biologically attributed to evolution and adaptation of the human being to his environment. Racial classification according to skin colour is the result of racial classification by anthropologists and scientists in what was called scientific racism which was denounced after the end of the Second World War and the Holocaust. 

We are all human beings, we all eat, sleep, pee, have sex (not me – I am a virgin), love and hate

Actually reading back, all of this seems so ridiculous to me, aren’t there more important things to worry ourselves with than skin colour?

Mark Twain (his 176th B’day today) said: 
Such is the human race; often it seems a pity that Noah... didn't miss the boat.

Watch the horror here 

Dz-Chick…simply Algerian.


  1. So are you Middle Eastern/Arabic? Because you're Muslim, right?"
    Me: "Well, geographically speaking..." and then I cannot be bothered to get into it, so I GIVE UP
    Your blogs are always a pleasure to read!

  2. Thanks Anonymous.

    Yeah so you're from Nigeria? but you're not black?
    Yes that's because I said Algeria!

    So last year!

  3. My Britain is fuck all. Loool what a nut case that women!

  4. Emma West is not an isolated example. Welcome to London!

  5. That one-balled freak Hitler called Arabs "half-apes". Had I been an Arab I would replied "flattery will get you nowhere". But virgins are definitely a race apart, Miss DZ-Chick. You and your kind taste better. Have you ever been bitten?

  6. @ Anonymous Thx for the video! we all know some people feel that way but to see it directed at you or in front of a different story!

    @ GB Only by mosquitos ;) and my sister when we were fighting....MAN I feel I haven't lived!!
    No body looked more Jewish or more Arab than Hitler himself, the little pr***

  7. It sound so wild west to call the metro/train wagon a carriage. It's like watching a westrn movie. it sounds so old fashion. I do like the way you put it when describing who we are as Algeriens. Pretty much have no identity.

  8. Maricani in Britain, it's called a carriage, derives from car!! we also don't say Subway or Metro but Tube or Underground.... Hey! I don't make the rules!

    Also I highly disagree with you, Algerains have a very strong National identity, a very diverse one but remains very strong inspite (or perhaps thanks to) of all the external influences, geographic location, linguistic and ethnic diversity.

  9. That woman is awful. She is so Jeremy Kyle. That poor child, he doesn't even look surprised by his mother's revolting behaviour, so it can't be anything new for him.

    For the forms, I'd go with white other, but at the police station IC6, Arab. Confusing!

    Very funny blog from a very unfunny woman. Hope she enjoys gaol.

  10. To avoid confusion;

  11. despite her hateful face, she's a pretty hot mother..

  12. Leila good point about the child's reaction! Tells a lot about what kind of mother she is! And goood to know about the IC6

    HomoErectus looking at her you wouldn't think she'd be so thick or foul mouthed as she is! Total turn off! And she isn't exactly the English Rose is she!

  13. She's a faded rose, that I would water..

  14. You're a generous man Home Erectus :) and I would imagine quite frisky! Lol

  15. I'm mainly leaky...

  16. God, your blog is brilliant. I love google for helping me find it. It's not often that I come across an Algerian girl with the same viewpoints as me. Most of them are too busy trying to get married lol

  17. Twisted Galaxy yeah we love google
    As for the marriage idea to be honest....some things are not for certain people!! And certain things, the more you think about them the less likely they are to come your way like meeting someone cool, like minded with a great bum ... Or a kind heart!
    Glad you found my blog :)

  18. I think we have too much diversity. We pick bits and pieces from everyone and we have nothing of our own. I read your trilingual illiterates blog and I have been suffering from this poor ability to express myself in one language throughout my adult life. I hate it. I see it as a disadvantage.

  19. My friend introduced me to this site, well done btw, you've truly shown thoughts and opinions of most British Algerian women even though some are shy about it. I was born and raised in East London, a true Londoner lol, I have been a subject of racial abuse when growing up, cause I am a muslim (grew up in a white based area) and I was quite affected by it. But through out the years I learnt it was all jealousy based, I was popular, got all the lead roles in school, A* student (I could go on forever) There was even 1 point when I was ashamed of being Algerian (really bad time for me) But I had a very strong household, my mother, a very strong women, always encouraged me be happy regardless of being a muslim, an algerian. She taught me the value of life, love, family, my background, my principles, and always reminded me that there are far less unfortunate people who aren't as blessed as I am. I want to again congratulate you on being a spokeswomen for us Algerian Women =]
    To leave on a good note, in my teen years, I was in a social group called the 'Yellows' (full of algerians and other races) and even to this day when I have to fill out those ethnic background bullshit, it's Yellow African all the way LOL.

  20. Anonymousthank you for the lovely comment and encouragement! And to your friend for advertising :)
    It's good to get the perspective of Algerians who were born and bred here, I am gonna google the Yellows, sounds rebellious and fun

  21. At least she's honest! Do you never have enough of all the foreigners in your country? I watched the video and so far I can not remember she said anything about skin colors or so. She just said, go back to N. It has nothing to do with racism. The people only think it got something to do with it. I think she's right. What do they want here? It's cold and in winter its snowing. It's not really the place to be for them. But today it's not allowed to say what you think - you always have to shut up! When they feel pissed of her statement, they should go somewhere else.

  22. Ohh you just said s mouthful there my friend! She did mention colour and inquire " you're not British, you're black"

    Algeria is full of foreigners, expats, illegal aliens causing so chaos with fraud, money laundering, the lot.... But we don't mind, I am not going to police the streets or do a citizens arrest, the authorities know the score and more often than not the number of foreigners is always about 90% less than what we thought was.

    Any Capital in the world, Paris, London or even Algiers... Host a large number of foreigners, illilgals Aliens, workers, refugees, tourists etc that's the way it is.
    London is now a country of it's own, if people want to see the real England they should go check out other places that are perhaps less popular with immigration, but having said this I don't feel comfortable with, immigration is very beneficial to all cultures and economies and the more ignorant people like her realise it the better for all of us.

  23. Brilliant!

    Love the part about the Algerian description. It's true we are so diverse that it's difficult to quote just the one ethnic group. We are all mixed North African Turkish French Berber Mediterranean Arabs!! Generally speaking we are classifed as Arabs by the Arab League but we also have the advantage to be able to pick and choose to our advantage depending on the situation.

    CV: White, British (If you're really good blag Jewish and you're guaranteed a job!)
    Friends: Algerian, Arab
    Enemies: Algerian, Arab!
    Arabs: Arab, Algerian
    Blacks: North African
    South Africans: North African
    Eastern European: Algerian (let them know who's more dangerous!)
    Europeans: French (makes you look cultured!)
    Police: White (They may even let you off with minor offences if you big up Essex, Wayne Rooney and National Cricket Team! True Story)
    Ladies: Sicilian, Brazialian, Latino, Lebanese or any other exotic country!

  24. Cheers Anizo it's so confusing!

  25. Yet again a great piece! Ticking a box in the 'equal opportunities form' is extremely challenging in the UK. Firstly I totally agree with you, the UK is a great place to live in for us North African. Being French Algerian, the stigma of growing up as an Algerian in France was strongly felt in my childhood and teenage years and is only now slowly subsiding, slight exaggeration but it does add to the dramatic backdrop.
    Going back to the UK I have seldom come across the category 'Arab', the forms generally provide 4 categories with sub sections i.e White: white British, white Irish..... then the Asian category, the Black section, Black African etc... and lastly Chinese & other. Well considering Chinese people make up over 1/5 of the population we should feel secured to tick that box (safety is in numbers)! Evidently I do tick other & make it a priority to specify North African, couldn't they think about it? Damn it we are meant to be the centre of the world & we have the biggest egos!
    As North African our heritage is culturally and ethnically rich hence it is fair to say that Maghrebins are essentially mixed race.
    As for the ignorant West, well those people come in all shapes, colours and sizes hence it is virtually impossible to destroy all the samples, shame really!
    @DZ-Chick 'So you're from Nigeria but you're not black' ha ha it's happened to many of us I am sure although people tend to tell me 'Really both your parents are Nigerians' how annoying! My daughters have stopped saying their mother is Algerian in fear people mishear Nigerian (I know there is nothing wrong with being Nigerian-although it wouldn't be my first choice or second- so for all the PC people calm yourselves down).
    @Anizo we could never be white British and any North Africans that has such a misleading statement on their CV ought to get a reality check! I am often mistaken for a mixed race, Brazilian, Columbian and the list can go on but I have never claimed to be any of those, I revendicate with pride my Algerian heritage in spite of being culturally detached from my roots.
    @DZ-Chick As an Algerian woman I am full of pride reading your humorous, witty and insightful blog.

  26. cammon get over youselves even i tick the 'other' category and add 1 of my own in that box - whatever that means (even i'm not sure)

    never been called nigerian tho i must say

  27. Anizo thanks
    Lol I like your description better. Especially the one for the ladies.
    Thanks a lot Miss Polemique. A friend of mine always says: the life of a Muslim is very hard, the life of an Algerian doubly so.
    Moris  You wouldn’t be called Nigerian would you with your gingerism!
    Ps: you get over yourself.


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