Saturday 12 November 2011

Dz-chick....four years on!

On the 12th November 2007, I started writing “Dilemmas of a single Algerian girl in London” and four years later I find myself still writing it, same title, same place, same dilemmas, getting actually tired of it and I am sure a few people out there too, thought unlike me, you are not obligated to visit my page, may I suggest – it doesn’t exists? Sure it does, it brings you straight back to!

Seriously! 4 years! What gives!!! And 3 exclamation points! Wow
I guess a holiday is in order, immediately if not sooner, but you know how it is, coming up to the end of year 2011, so many hard questions

What have I achieved this year?

Did I manage my anger, stress?

Did I do enough to be happy to turn 35? This one is out of line, nobody should be happy to turn 35 and to those who claim they are I say: MYTHO

Did I loose enough weight to fit into that dress I couldn’t afford? the one hanging in the “one day” side of the wardrobe?

Did I come close to meeting someone special? Answer is nope, unless you mean special as in crazy!

Will I make a “new year resolutions” list for 2012? NEVER

Will I look 35? Ask my surgeon in Harley street!

Will I ever meet someone lovely and kind and not totally crazy? I have more chances to meet Budha!

The point is, four years of writing has brought me so much criticism, many fans, many compliments, so many insults and a few admirers, some jealousy with a pinch of nastiness, the marks of a healthy blog I guess. I don’t know how long I am going to continue writing this blog, but if I do branch out, I will make sure to keep you updated.

Happy Birthday “Dilemmas of a single Algerian girl in London”, four already but you don’t look a day over 2.

Dz-Chick ….just like her blog, doesn’t look a day over 25!

Ps: haters: I know it’s hard but please try to contain yourselves! It’s a four year olds' birthday for Gods sake!


  1. Happy birthday Dz Chick, keep continue and never give up on your dreams. The best is ahead of you babes :) xxx

  2. Oh thank you guys :) she's all grown up, am so proud :p

  3. I'm telling you! You can't stop now you're still a spring chicken! There's so much ahead of u including the 40s, the best decade ever! Happiest birthday and many happiest more blogs xx

  4. Sweet thanks Anonymous! A spring chicken eh? Well I AM a chick ;)
    As for the 40s, god helps us if am still single by then!

  5. A very happy birthday, a healthy, sweet, funny heart warming and the best blog EVER ( for me and the ones who adore you)
    I wish to read you for many years to come, you are inspiring, very smart, I love your style. And yes you can't just dropp us :(
    Keep it up!

    Nedjma,( des ztazuni ;)

  6. Happy Birthday:) You can't stop and you wont stop cuz you do it sooo well...and we all love reading you :)This one is for you...enjoy and keep your chin up..always :)

  7. Ah Nejma and Blue! So sweet thank you girlies! I hope I can find the inspiration to continue writing... Send me ur thoughts! Next topic is going to be 'interesting' ;) xxx

  8. Happy birthday,
    You already know it, I really appreciate your writings,
    The road is still long and full of surprises.. Stay connected to life.. and keep the faith..
    and, the most important thing, if you fit one day into that damn dress, just throw the pic !!!

  9. Haha I will bare that in mind HomoErectus! And thx for the encouragement! Let's hope the flow keeps coming

  10. well, congratulations and wishes from the heart for you. You blog is simply one of the best out there, top ten I'd say. Moments of enlighted insight spiced with consistently charming writing - products of an underlying kind soul. I love it all.

  11. At the risk of sounding sappy and ridiculous, your comment touched me truly, I almost cried Formosa!!! :)
    Thank you for reading me and for the continuous support

  12. It would have been even better, I would have drawn an actual tear maybe, if I'd managed not to mangle my grammar. ('You blog' ??). I'll get it right next year.

  13. I don't think u can blame ur grammar, I had s heavy weekend and feeling a little dehydrated!
    Next year if am still writing :)

  14. Please don't go !!

    I like the site

    I live far away from DZ-Chick but she helps me a lot and improves my english .

    It's a real pleasure to reding her


  15. Thanks Anonymous, your english is good as it is :) but improving is always good! x

  16. Belated happy birthday DZC

    I cannot believe it has been four years already! I hope you find someone suitable soon.
    Speaking of the handbag, thanks for the idea, sounds like a good birthday present for my own chick even though I have already done it before, well I can just buy her a more expensive one, plus girls never complain about having too many handbags I guess.
    Take care


  17. Heyyyy ATO - you were with me from the first year :) glad you popped in for a quick hello.

    And thanks for the birthday wishes, also you're welcome re; gift idea, women love to receive handbags, feel free to consider the Mulberry picadilly or the Bayswater they're always a hit.

    Hope you're good and happy, take care x
    ps: nope - still single :)

  18. Your 5th anniversary is coming up DZ-Chick and if that was a wedding anniversary, you would be celebrating the year of wood and how appropriate as women tend to love wood ;-) and the flower will be the daisy, again relevant for DZ. I shouldn't comment that lagte really, my reasoning is questionable!

    Glad you are still writing as I might have never discovered this blog which has been one of my highlights this year.

    LOL at the use of MYTHO....long time no hear!


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