Tuesday 15 November 2011

Movember Mo!

The conspiracy of the year! All these once good looking men walking around London (and other reported cities where the phenomenon has been sighed) sporting moustaches, horrible, Hitler-like, very brave and ugly upper lip hair growth that is not pleasing on the eye or on the girls lips (apparently – I wouldn’t know).

No one is forthcoming with any information as to what the purpose of the sprout is, the perpetrators don’t seem to be phased by it or by the attention (mostly laughter or puzzlement) they’re getting as a result of their facial disfigurement, very confused looks exchanged between the girls around the office but yet no answer as to what happened to the beautiful man who walks by our bank of desks everyday at 10am for his morning coffee, who ill-advised him to personify C. Chaplin! I feel like am walking through an FLN (1) bureau back in Algeria and want to shout! Where are your pot bellies!!
This reminds me of the time when all the girls on facebook wanted to confuse the boys and secretly agreed to announce on their status where they like to put their handbag when they get home, all the girls proceeded to posting the following status which baffled and excited men, who we all know have the maturity of 15 year olds (wink to a certain someone here);
“I like it on the bed” (really?), I like it on the chair” (my favourite), I like it on the radiator” (who does that?), I like it on the floor” (standard)! Yes we’re still talking about the handbag!
Or when we (the Ladiz) all agreed to announce a colour again as our facebook status, just a colour, pink, red, blue etc…men got further confused but it was none other than their bra colour in support for breast cancer research. I am just glad no one asked us to grow a monobrow for a good cause!
Well as it turns out, Movember moustache is an effort to promote men’s health and raise funds for prostate and testicular cancer, men sport the taches and women support their men by donating generously. So I stopped pointing and laughing at my colleagues and offered to sponsor their cause.

Dz-Chick….likes her man (which man?) non-moustachioed!

Movember official website - here

(1) Front de Liberation National


  1. Ahhhhhh that's what that's about! I didn't understand the reason behind the moustaches either

  2. Yeah very strange behaviour! Glad to be of service SouSou

  3. Men are not made necessarily for women...we first do things to please ourselves. My view..

  4. Yes I really don't like these pseudo musketeers...but all for a good cause! English men and moustache...really not good! They're all reddish blondish uuuuuhhhh!!!!!!!!

  5. Good cause but each year I always bypass the part of pretending to be Magnum P.I. and go straight to the donation.

    Some years previous I had a full beard and 'tache for a short period. Hot, sweaty and requires stroking. Didn't really want it on my face after awhile.

  6. They just look redicilous and they choose the worst kind moustache for comical reasons perhaps!
    Lol @ requires stroking, sounds like hard work not to mention we ladies do no appreciate facial hair on our men (well not mine just men)!

    First anonymous: I don't quite understand your comment!

  7. (Psst... DZ, when Anon1 said '...do things to please ourselves...', he was really saying the same thing as I did about hot, sweaty and requires, you know...' )

  8. "men are not made necessarily for women" sounds gay!
    "we first do things to please ourselves" I am sure you do, unlike a lot of women who live to please Men! Grrrr

  9. My blog gets a mention here with regards to Movember: http://lindonliving.at/hang-on-a-mo/

  10. Cool! its a good start dzc!

  11. Mustaches are so last century, seriously if I was a man I would just donate, bypassing the act of growing one, and if my man (imaginary one ;-)) decided to take part in this campaign, I will shave that monstruosity in his sleep.

    Mustaches are such a put off, ironically in some cultures (Turkish, Greek, Middle-East and North Africa) men are under the illusion that it is still a trend and women actually do like it. At least English men are less hairy hence their mustaches less prominent. I have seen a mature Greek man sporting one that would put Nietzsche to shame.

    I was told by a colleague that his girlfriend loves it.... apparently she lovessss the feel on her lower lips ;-)


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