Friday 18 November 2011

Hormones and demons!

How your day goes, is governed by how you see yourself first in the morning.

If this statement is true, then my days should always be brilliantly productive, fun and easy (because you know I am… well, FIT), but they’re not.

This morning I scared myself, my reflection was something out of “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest”, had bags under my eyes, hair that would put Ozzy Osbourne to shame and generally looked dishevelled like I spent the night in a tumble dryer, so undoubtedly my day was going to be diabolical…it wasn’t.

So I had to rethink the opening statement, it had to do with something more powerful than ones attitude to his reflection in the mirror and everybody knows mirrors lie, so I had to admit to myself that it was none other than the ghastly hormones.
I am feeling increasingly resentful of these hormones that seem to have taken over OUR senses, this substance that determines our moods and urges, our pilosity and the blemishes that seem to sprout so timely before a date or an interview!

I find myself waking up everyday, wondering what my mood is going to be like, in fear, almost worried of the unknown, I have no control over it, lately I had to confess to being a lunatic and that sometimes (a lot) I talk to myself and I sometimes even think I am bordering on weird, I know I am talking for all women out there when I say this, how did we get here?

I remember simpler times when I woke up worrying more about what to wear (still do that) than about my mood, which was consistently chirpy, the times when I was a vivacious girl who was always always smiling, laughing or doing something fun, now I still hold the face with a lot of smiling and laughing but I fear that is just skin deep and that my happy self has been tainted with cynicism, disappointments and fears, so much so that my thoughts have turned morbidly dark.

You exercise, eat chocolate, meditate, detox, play music, think happy thoughts but the endorphin pumped through our system does not seem to be enough to overpower the negativity, only an intravenous of this so called “happy hormone” could work, unless the happy hormone got dumped, turned bitter and is on a vengeful quest! Then we have no hope in hell!

Hormones dictate our lives, attitudes and moods, throughout teenage years, adulthood and then through menopausal years! Where is the upside? You don’t get offered a seat on the train, you can compete in who can grow the best moustache (not me) and you don’t even get to be someone’s girlfriend, wife or mother!

I came to the conclusion that Hormones are in fact demons that inhabit our veins and whisper despicable things into our souls, they are evil but no exorcist can rid your of them and we all saw what became of Emily Rose!

Dz-Chick…morbidly; lovingly; bitterly; chirpily yours!


  1. DZ chick: vive men with mustache.
    }:-{D lol

  2. Well, I am a man so not sure how these things work, however, by looking at it from outside, women tend to use their hormones as an excuse for many many things in their lives. Sometimes when u ask a woman why she said something strange or reacted weirdly, the answer is blame it on the hormones, blame it on the hormones.
    There is no doubt that hormones aren't an easy ride, but I have a feeling that many women exaggerate a bit.
    No offence.

  3. @ Soltan: I take ur participating in the Movember thing?
    @ Delboy: it's not really an excuse, it's a reality that we fail to control and men don't know how to deal with it! No offence taken :)

  4. Excellent as usual!

  5. Ur crazy, so crazy but in the best way possible lol

  6. A bas, les hormones!

    Les hormones fel bidone

    Ci-dessus quelque slogans pour la révolte contre ces dictateurs qui nous imposent même nos humeurs.

  7. J aime bien ' les hormones fel bidone' Merci pour je support Chatnoir! La femme doit se révolter même contre les forces de la nature! Jonimare!

  8. LOL! Love this one and Jonimare!

  9. Allison! Na3dine!!! T étais passe ou?

  10. LOL at Na3dine!
    I'm still alive if it's what you mean. Took some long vacation (I needed a break so baaaaad!) and just came back a couple of weeks ago. So I'm sort of catching up. Reading your blog is good for my mental health! :D

  11. Glad I can help! I need a looooong holiday on a beach! Far from humans and anything to go with working! Xxx

  12. OHHH!!So it was the freaking hormones!!!! I thought I was becoming craaazyyy!!! Thanks for the tip :)lollll

  13. When I wake up early in the morning , I listen to this :

    Do you remmember ?

  14. @ Blue: Yeah the demented hormones! It gets worse every month!
    @ Anonymous: couldn't watch ur video! Sorry

  15. dz-Lovely and wholly accurate observations, two thoughts:

    One for Delboy - I don't think it is just women that blame the errant twists of life on hormones. Its just that they just say it aloud.
    For me, every mistaken relationship with women I've ever had can be safely blamed on testosterone. Huge and sudden injections of the stuff causes severe case of tunnel vision, bold lies to be blurted out as promises, bragging and brain-farts.

    Second thought... Somehow we progress from angelic children to haggard and aged without noticing when it happens. A little sign under a mirror, 'Is Today the Day?' could help us watch out for that moment of truth.

  16. MDR, DZ-Chick..... 'les hormones c'est tabou, on en viendra toutes a bout' (Le Pari, tabac replaced by hormones evidently to accommodate your topic)
    I have to be brutally honest and confess that I am totally alien to this hormonal crisis.

    I am a pain to live with at best of times but I can guarantee you that it has nothing to do with hormone imbalance but is just about bad temper.... DZ style with a twist of French aroma.
    Music in the morning brightens my mood, I play music from the time I wake up and interrupt the playing to enable my daughters to do guitar or piano practice so ultimately more music playing

    I then turn up at work with my headphones, music blasting, totally oblivious to my surroundings until the office opens and I have to see my clients.
    MUSIC is the remedy DZ-Banksy

    PS: If this statement is true, then my days should always be brilliantly productive, fun and easy (because you know I am… well, FIT), but they’re not.'
    Humility is so not last year! Girl you are flyyyyyyy!

  17. PS: I started the day listening to hardcore French hip hop and my day went wrong so select carefully the genre of music you listen to in the morning.
    'Chacun sa mafia, chacun sa mifa, aujourd'hui ca se passe comme ca' maybe your hormones are a mafia too powerful to control mais tu sais la musique adoucit les moeurs ;-)


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