Tuesday 28 July 2020


As you know I wonder about a lot of things, how alcohol is made, what are clouds made of and if I can eat them…things like that!

Lately though, I have been wondering how many people who are seemingly now experts on virology and epidemiology were also experts on European law and world economics during Brexit, and how Algerians have nothing to envy to the Brits in that, they are experts on EVERYTHING.

I was also thinking about how the UK's "sorry" count, already high by international standards, would have sky rocketed, now that we are compelled to apologise to anyone within a 2 meter radius, or a 1 meter radius, depending on your reading of the government recommendations.

When I am not busy wondering about pointless things or eating, I try to find small pleasures in bird singing now, in the howling of the rabid foxes as they mate outside my window, in the slimy motorway left on my walls when a slug gets through an open window and gets lost on a big white wall, trying to find its way to the suspended plant...took me a while to figure out the slime! I wonder if I too have the IQ or a garden pest!

Though life, when you stop to look, is so full of beauty and little bundles of happiness, we just grew too used to! We learnt to ignore them, or it's the hypornomilisation of everything around us!
We must stop and take notice & be grateful for the sight of a yellow lady bird on a mint leaf or a flower growing in cement or the fact that ordinary Americans cannot locate your country on a map!

You know small thanks to be given!

Stay safe and don’t be a dick!


  1. You ended with a dick �� M

    1. Yes I do, I mean the wonderings not the dick �� M

  2. Eagerly awaiting tour next post! Hope you're well and keeping safe

    1. You're on :) it's published. I am mostly on my FB page these days!


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