Friday 19 June 2015

Slowly...but surely?

Everybody seems to be concerned about Ramadan, more so than me, my boss who is a royal bitch has a massive issue with Islam and isn’t afraid to say it, he keeps calling me into his office for lectures on how Islam has a problem with modernity, how none or very little Muslims ever won Nobel Prizes…he says a bunch of other awful things too but it’s harder to repeat and be funny!  
So my Boss is Uber gay, so naturally he thinks the whole Muslim world wants to stone him to death, I am also pretty sure he’s subscribed to some fascist website of sort that keeps him updated on all matters “Islam” , because he always has all the scoops on anything even remotely related to it, the decline of the Muslim world or Muslims causing trouble and he doesn’t shut up about it, he comes out gloating, pointing and laughing, making jokes, some people laugh awkwardly whilst gaging my reaction, others just laugh and shake their heads at the same time, thereby condoning and  reprimanding which really cancel each other out, so nobody says anything and it really doesn’t matter because he’s actually really funny …but also because he’s gay and one must be careful apparently not to offend minority groups …ah the irony!

Dz-Chick...Love thy gay neighour!


  1. I agree it's a tough time to be a Muslim - even remotely- but I'd rather believe in the Koran and the teachings of our Prophet than in the lies Western TVs inundate the world with.
    As for fasting, remember Islam is a religion of rahma (mercy).
    Keep it up Dz-Chick!

  2. He sounds like a right prat. Id put in a nice discrimination case! That will teach him his minority rights!

  3. what's more annoying ? a gay anti-muslim boss or a muslim anti-gay boss ? I would prefer a gay anti-boss muslim but that's just me..

  4. If you need help I'm here dz bella, I know some Wahhabbi they'll sort him out for you! ;)
    Saha shourek

  5. Firas in the process ....

    Anonymous 22:53 I am keeping at it, getting stronger by the day :) thank you

    Anonymous 18:40 someone tried that before against him, you need some serious evidence and ain't nobody got time for that!

    Homo Erectus the 3 of them sound annoying as hell! but I'd have to go with the gay anti-boss muslim...might have to slap him occasionally though

    M haha I think he'll like it too much ;)

    1. You mean to be stoned to death by the Wahhabi?? Ohhh meant something else!!LOL...
      Allho Ma Ini Saeem! ;)
      Aya saha ftourek


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