Thursday 25 June 2015

Day 8: Practically half way..innit?

Today is day 8, and like every morning I had to fight the urge to go and buy a large coffee and a chocolate twist! I don’t even eat chocolate twists in normal days (non-Ramadan time), it’s fascinating the things you do during Ramadan that you don’t do in regular times…

Like fast, pray? , stop drinking, stop , sleep at normal godly hours, and quit masturbating? , trying not to think about sex,  don’t tell anyone to f*ck off when they really out to, be tired and have bags under your eyes without your boss blaming it on Ramadan and generally just behaving like yourself, without the guilt and forgetting the hunger, thirst and general depravation! Another thing you do in Ramadan times is attempt to cook; actually concoct a recipe not just bang a salmon fillet in the oven!

I generally call my mum at the beginning of the month to enquire about recipes, the same she gave me last year but it’s nice to hear them again from her, I have them written in a notebook entitled fondly “Les Recettes de Mama” but I still ask her every year, it’s like a ritual to call my mum and ask for her help when I am sure I can probably (NOT) work it out myself. Then I attempt to cook it, take a picture of it (if it looks good) and send it her to make her proud, although admittedly the last time I attempted to make Galette bread (which is a round flat bread) it came out triangular.

There are a few Algerian restaurants in London! Just ask google
Dz-Chick....ceinture bleu!


  1. Lol at quit masturbating. :D
    Your mama should spend (at least part of) Ramadan with her bnita, to encourage you.
    Ceinture et cordon bleus. :)

  2. Homo Erectus (the witty twat waft)26 June 2015 at 05:09

    "stop sleep at normal godly hours, and quit masturbating" this generally implies that.. و العياذ بالله

  3. Anonymous Don't you worry, I am going to visit soon to spend some much needed time with my Mama! :)

    Homo Erectus I like how creative you're getting with your pseudo lol
    And implises....BAD! BAD!!! hahaha

  4. I like your practicality"Today day 12: almost Eid... innit ??" hahaha...
    Aya happy Monday
    saha ftourek
    M .


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