Friday 22 July 2011

When? Until when? how? why?

How many times do you hit a wall or an obstacle at work or in life and all you want to do is run away, give up, curl up in a foetal position and retrieve to your mums lap? No? Never? No one? Just me then…

Why can’t people just work together in harmony, why the backstabbing, the competition for the boss’s affection, the brown nosing, the scheming, I am too na├»ve for such practices, I usually don’t even see them coming until they hit me and by then it’s too late, it could also have to do with the fact that I just don’t care about my career anymore, I want a change of career, I want to explore my more creative side, you know paint a naked fat lady (I find the fatter the easier, something to do with big lines), write short stories, design my own wedding dress or other people’s since mine will probably never be, decorate my actual house and not some rented property with mismatching IKEA furniture, paint a mural on my wall;
Things that make me happy, never do I want to wonder if my office chair is ergonomic and complain from RSI because I blog a lot (well used to) or if my colleague is in with the boss complaining about me and saying dz-chick is not focused, which lets face it, I am not anymore and I find myself having to defend myself but not having quite the energy or the argument for it so I give up.

It has nothing to do with love or with my new man, I know where your mind is going, I am just getting bored with the rat race and the competition, and if I cannot do something I love, I will retire back to Algeria and live a life of a hermit, I am sure my dad will be happy to support me….for 6 months at least before he kicks me out.

Melancholically yours....Dz-Chick


  1. trying to get the boss 's affection and showing that u'r working and caring about work more than others is the behaviour I dislike most , it's repugant but what can one do , i've always seen such attutide at work with my co-workers for years but this year , hamdoullah, we have a new boss who doens't care about such things au contraire he becomes suspicious when u behave in such a way, he respects more those who are straight/ direct and those who don't care about him at all.

  2. Your boss is obviously a clever and secure man, he doesn't need his ego strocked!
    I don't stroke people's egos, I don't brown nose and it doesn't always pay off :P hmmmm

  3. were you joking about going back to algeria ?
    Amel x

  4. Hi Amel, no not really, I always fantasised about moving back to Algeria and it's always an option for me, would you not?

  5. The one thing I have to say to you is that: LIFE IS REALLY TO SHORT
    You have all the doors open to you, you just have to decide which one to take.
    You have all the answers. Yes do what makes you happy, it's time, you worked hard, maybe it's time to move on and try something you might like!
    You can always go back to your type of job.

    Life is toooo short, don't let it go by and regret that you didn't give it a try.
    Good luck sweety


  6. i ask myself those questions every now and then.
    don't know how healthy that is though.

  7. Nejma: true story - life is too short!
    Daode: of course it's not healthy, but you have to wonder!! that's what makes us human....or somink

  8. what is the solution?

  9. None...we have to get on with it innit! ;)

  10. am trying to do something about it, dyuknowaamean ;) .

  11. the people you mentioned in your blog are so insecure and low in confidence and they feel threatened by you. so they feel that they need to do all that so that they can be on their boses good books. Any good boss will notice this, so you have nothing to worry about I would say....

  12. @ Daode: I am definitely doing some about it...let me know how it goes for you!

    @Anonymous: not unless the boss him/herself has an ego that needs to be stroked and you're not the type to attend to it!

  13. As Algerians we are not equipped to stroke anyone's egos for career advancement or anything of the kind, we have too much niff. Well that's been my experience of Algerians so far and I am speaking as a general rule, I am sure they are transgressions.

    Brown nose.......Lord I hate this expression, I would rather hear kiss arse

    DZ-Chick you have been in the UK for many years I believe, could you really relocate to Algeria?
    I know I couldn't even relocate to France which is another European country so a country such as Algeria will be highly improbable.


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