Wednesday 6 July 2011

Running with Bulls

D day is today (and tomorrow), the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge sets off, lycra blazing, sporting the highest tech running gear, frantic preparation, the best heart rate monitors on the market, each group representing their Bank and huddled like a pack of bulls (was tempted to say Wolves, but wolves are fierce and loyal, Bankers are not) about to attack in matching logo printed t-shirts.

5.6 KM(3.5 miles) of fun running around Battersea park with a bunch of Bankers, tis simply suicidal, testosterone is airborne, competition; rife and aggressive, fun; inexistent, smiles; banned, eye contact with other competitors is considered bad form and they are all taking it just way too seriously, get over yourselves and despite what they make you are not IT.

I took the challenge a couple of times, runing for my firm, I ran alongside a colleague who tried to kill me with his pace, I separated from him panting and wheezy with a look that says “what are you crazy???” then I got pushed and fell on my hip, scrapped my clothes and some skin came off, but the show must go on, they all jumped over me like a hurdle, they fancy themselves as Olympians, don't they know they’re just a bunch of lycra-wearing pack of bulls.

I had finished the race in under 35 minutes despite the limping and the incessant pain in my thighs, hips and head (damn I thought I was fit).
What I got out of it? Nothing
Is it utterly useless? why yes, it is to me and don't give me that crap about promoting health and fitness at work
Will I ever do it again? Over my dead body

Dz-Chick…She won't be fooled!


  1. I took part in it last year and i could not agree more dzchicka

  2. at least, now you've got someone to go jogging with on sunday mornings

  3. The point from it is Charity!
    It is fun, I know I won't win as I am not fit at the moment. But it is nice to have something to work towards.
    It is also fun to have some beer afterwards in the nice weather!
    I wish it was more acceptable to mingle with the sales force and accountants from other companies ;), unfortunately employees of different companies seem to socialise internally only.


  4. Anonymous: Oh yeah? which bank do you run for?

    ATO: I do my own charity, why risk "death by banker" in the process
    Also, bad form to talk to other competitors! we marely eye eachother...what a Zoo!

    @Daode: I don't jog Sunday mornings, I sleep :)

  5. You remind me of an entrance to a departement store at the opening, every body pushes to be first to enter, which is so redicilous! I hear ya babe, some people make it personal in the wrong way, not just as a challenge, but as a jalousie I am better than you type a thing, how sad :(

    How are you anyway?


  6. Nedjma: ca va ma belle! all good here, how is it over there in the US of A? x

  7. @Dz- wanti 3lach ray7a tajri?? hada wach khasak! nti sa7 you suffer from'IWIA'syndrome. I have no sympathy for you today:)

    As for Nedjma ou mandak dji tnawar ou tabarklek le blog nta3ak apres tro7...khfifa ou dhrifa!

  8. GMA: You're jealous because I CAN actually run whereas you'll probably lucky to waddle! HA!

  9. TO : GMA, Edeniya menoura beek ya khoya la3ziz, Allah yahfdak, ou yahfad eli 3zaz 3lik, you do make me smile every time I read you.
    I like El boujerlellou, VERY WISE!!!, as long as you make it to your goal which for sure you will, let others just think that you are so slow, but they don’t see how steady and careful you are, you just gave me an answer to my question. Graciasamigo!!!
    DZ-Chick: Miss ya sista, I have some great things going on right now, I am very thankful for the moment, I let Others run fast, ou ana el boujerloulla ;), good thing. You sound Sound happy, and I am greatfull for that! Luv y'all!!!!


  10. DZC
    I don't mean discussing our trade secrets with other competitors, but something else :) usually more acceptable to do in a bar, no matter how much work competition exists.
    Chances I would know a few people in every tent anyways, it is such a small and dynamic industry.


  11. Ah bankers what a bunch of knobs, excuse my French dz-chick but it has to be said, male bankers are generally twits!

    I have dated one recently, he had an amazing body, was cute, happy in his career, romantic and generous, was seriously into me but Lord oh dear Lord the guy was painfully boring. I had to bring my second date to a close much sooner than expected and lied about having to get back to my children. He only got a second date as I was trying to assess if I could at least eat the apple without having to buy it but too much was at stake ;-) time is precious!


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