Thursday 21 July 2011

Poke me!

From 310 to 309, hmmm who removed me from their facebook? Or maybe they just deactivated their account? No no someone removed me, damn can't find out who it is now, I have so many facebook friends I won't even know who is and who isn't my friend anymore. Oh well I am sure I would have noticed if they mattered.

I noticed however when someone I thought to have been a good friend of mine recently removed me from their fecebook, notice, she did not send me a message, angry or disappointed or saying "you pissed me off bla bla bla" she just went and removed me from facebook, at first I thought surely this has to be a mistake and I did a search for her thinking maybe she just closed her account, but found she was still friend with friends of mine (she doesn't even know most of them) and realised that our friendship of nearly 6 years was over, she decided to put an end to our friendship with a click of a mouse. No reason given, I am left in the dark as to what I did wrong or what I could do to fix it.

Is this is the new norm? Is this how we end friendships? Or show we're unsatisfied with our friendships? Is Facebook the new social platform to end relationships? What happened to the phone? Email? What happened to calling an old friend and telling her she was a b*tch?

What’s next? Divorce through facebook? Resign jobs through facebook?
What is becoming of our communication skills and what’s wrong with talking? Don’t poke me, don’t tag me, don’t facebook or unfacebook me, just talk to me.

Dz-chick…..facebook shy of late


  1. Although I am busy at work, I can't stop reading you blog ;)

    so please don't blog me, talk to me lol

    Anonymous Delboy :)

  2. hey saha khti

    don't mind they don't deserve your gold friendship i'm always happy i have the best friends in the world

    they are great and freindly even i'm not supportable but they like me so much never removed from facebook and fed up

    will be pleasure to be my friend on, fb and maybe real life

    my fb facebook(dot)com/oktips oktips(at)facebook(dot)com this is it put it in the search box

    streetdz(dot)com my website if you need anything i'll give it to you like domain name ect take care dear DZ-Chik i liked you so much because i'm anti-mixte marriage when i see algerian girl married non-algerian i feel sad and angry i don't know why but this is me i can't support algerian chica with others

    peace sister and take care ;)


  3. Saha TeeNay, I had a look at the website, it's a DZ forum, you should definitely publicise my blog on there!! :)

    You shouldn't get angry if an Algerian girl is married to a non Algerian, it's their personal choice and remember why get angry, these girls are not your sisters or family, koul wahed y3oum bahrou, don't waste your energy worrying or getting angry about other people's choices!

    Take care

  4. hi again
    sure i'll add to my forum as root of visitors not for you but for me to get more visitors i'm sure your visitors are more then my empty forum visitors lol

    i'll do it just when i finish my work because like you see is new you know my forum for Algerians lives outside of algeria like you and more 4 millions in french ect all the world i really wanna make meeting abd share things
    also you should get domain name your blog is great !! you looks journalist in the sun lollll

    about mixte wellah yakhti j'essaye but i can't i can't it's not me who decide i can't support it times i learn about girl married to golf man i swear i shutdown the pc and i go to bed :( i can't support it it's not me lol

    then don't forget add me to fb:p

    see ya later dear DZ-Chick don't forget to subscribe in my forum :p

    see yaaaa take care my greetings to london and queen elezabeeth lol

    aya peace


  5. Facebook friends down to 299...and counting down!

  6. indeed. i just deleted you after your ignoring my numerous pokes and even superpokes ;) .

  7. Daode!!! welcome back! I am doing a spring clean on my facebook! how've you been! missed me? ;)

  8. been good and busy so haven't had time to miss you much unfortunatelEy :P . y tĂș? how are you?
    what's been up, going on or down with you?

  9. @ Daode: been good, busy as well, though the absence was more to due to a writers block and lack of inspiration! I think being miserable works better for my writing!

    Still with the man, work is shite, that's it really.

    @TeeNay: I will subscribe later if you put my blog on your blog list.
    Take it easy on your neurones :)

  10. i need a sabbatical i think.

    P.S. did you miss me? i'm sure you did ;) .

  11. Oh god! I can do with one of those!
    Oh I missed you alright!!! so so much

  12. i don't understand. you are supposed to be with someone and yet you flirt publicly with others on your blog in public.i doubt if your current relationship will last like many others you wrote about them before. i just can't wait for another blog from you about how men are bastards and yet every person can see your behaviour is not acceptable.a girl like you give the rest of us decent and honest algerian girls a bad name amongst our men.


  13. grrr fb the new social life..i cant live without it but i find it v silly...hope you guys are well... is it going with the man? i hope he is romantic and treating you well...xxxx

  14. To ben el familiya IF:
    My reputation and behaviour has NOTHING to do with yours, rassi ou rassek machi fi chachiya, don't count on me to fix or ruin your reputation as an Algerian girl, why don't you start your own blog and write about your issues.

    Flirting is healthy and fun, whether my man will last or be offended is something I will keep my own council on...

    Thanks for reading and commenting though, I thrive on judjmental comments like yours :)

    @Haniya: All good on the romance front hon, he is very romantic and wonderful and we're both very happy...will write more on the subject as soon as things are SET.

  15. what's going on with the hassadeen DZ-Chick?
    No offence, but why not just be happy, and wish for the best, at least you are flirting 3inany( even though I don't see where you are doing it?)
    I think it's no body's business if you are flirting or not, ohhhh maybe you flirted with the guy she likes ewww!!!!
    Or maybe her man doesen't mind if she flirts, because at the end of the day, she choose him!
    Yakhi halla yakhi! why don't you just mind your business if?
    I am not kissing but( which I would for my DZ-Chick) but it makes me sick to see these vielles filles comments towards a girl who is just living her life!

    So if, does that stands for I Flirt???

    La star du jours ;)


  16. hahaha if = I flirt

    Don't worry yourself Nedjma, comments like these don't faze me at all, she won't be the 1st nor will she be the last.

    lol Algerian girl reputation pfff perleaaaase! We are not ONE girl, I'd like to see an English girl give abuse to another English girl because she's writing a blog or flirting publically!! aya rouhi 3ichi hyatet mademoiselle

  17. LOL @If really???!!! Seriously??!! That's pathetic but hilarious nonetheless. I wasn't aware DZ-Chick represented all Algerian women nor did I know it was dishonest and indecent to flirt.

    Ironically a few years ago I was told by a Moroccan sister that my skirt was too short and that I was giving North African women a bad name, I laughed in her face and walked away swaying my hips, catwalk style. I live for me and not for my ethnicity.

    Now DZ-Chick, let's get down to some serious shit.
    What type of person will end a 6 year friendship on a social network? Have people lost their mind?
    I found this action absolutely incredible, my pride would press me to get over it promptly without requesting an explanation.
    However if I was really close to that friend, I will demand an explanation as it's such a drastic way of ending the relationship that there must be a justification.

    I am shell-shocked and I feel a tug at my heart-strings for you.........I hope you got some closure on the matter.

    Facebook has become prominent in people's lives (1 billion people are now signed up on FB, scary!)hence people use it as a new means of communication. Each to their own but one cannot just unfriend a friend by the click of a mousse.

  18. Ha ha I completely forgot about the IF character. Bless her rolled up cotton socks.
    Thanks for giving me a tour of my own blog Miss Polemique, you are almost done.
    Yeah facebook ruins lives – FACT *
    My “friend” never spoke to me again and I am still wondering what I did wrong, though I expect it was telling the truth. Truth is always bitter to hear. No no closure on the matter still but I came to terms with it now and if I wasn’t worth an explanation then she isn’t worth a question either.
    *only if you let it.

  19. Thank you for your replies DZ-Banksy, I feel honoured and more so on this serious issue.

    IF is not just wearing rolled up cotton socks but also a chastity belt ;-)

    I am almost done indeed and what a pity!

    Facebook can ruin lives?! No my beloved blogger, people ruin lives.

    please do keep writing even when you are happily married ;-)


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