Monday 25 July 2011

One week to go...

In a foul Monday morning mood, I keep imagining it’s Ramadan and gage how I’d cope with the tube situation, foul moods, withdrawal symptoms, headaches, hunger pangs, dry mouth and general edginess, but that sounds like a regular day for me…hmmm

I remember some wannabe-preachers advising I am not allowed to brush my teeth or shower because it alleviates the suffering and that is apparently wrong because if you’re not suffering then you’re not fasting or worshiping because our religion is the religion of hardship and suffering, what else? Am not allowed to nap? That’s right, you’re not allowed to nap, and you’re supposed to work and continue with your day as per normal;
So why do Muslim countries make allowances and adapt work and school times so they finish between 2-4pm? and they seem to decide when we fast and when we stop fasting based on someone who presumably has a telescope and has allegedly sighted the moon, whereas we don't really have a say in it because it's always cloudy here so we follow Saudi Arabia or Ghadafi, whichever is easier.

We practice Islam in a non Muslim country (time not adapted), fast the best part of 18 hours (if you include sleeping night time because you’re not allowed to nap during the day), you smell coffee everywhere you go, especially on your walk from the station to the office when you walk past Starbucks, Café Nero and Costa followed by Prêt a manger and the smell of freshly backed croissants, lunchtime in the office is an array of foods, your senses become very heightened and you can’t even escape to the gym for fear of collapsing on the treadmill, by 4pm you want to slide on your chair and slip into a coma, colleagues always think you’re snappy because it’s Ramadan (whoever gave them this idea?) even though you’re smiling and talking very quietly in an attempt to save energy.

Truth is, I am dreading it, I dread it every year, I dread the first day migraine, dry mouth, incessant yawning and the tiredness but then by the end of week 1, I get a new lease of life and start feeling the detox working, and wish it would never end. 
Better get a few workouts this week and lay off the caffeine before Ramadan starts.
Things to do before Ramadan
-          Start the decaf and lay off the cafeine, nicotine, alcohol and so on...
-          Go to the gym at least 3 times this week
-          Freeze gym membership for a month

-          Stock up on Paracetamol
-          Find out which way is East so I can pray at home (I know, terrible but at least I do my best)
-          Dig out a more conservative summer wardrobe
-          Call mother to get the recipe for Chorba AGAIN
-          Think about writing Ramadan diary for blog
-          Get into the groove of Ramadan, i.e brace yourself and look forward to loosing 5 kilos

Dz-Chick: in Ramadan mode…already


  1. Irulana Corrino25 July 2011 at 18:38

    Perhaps you can take 2 days off, it would be easier to fast at the beggining - I guess. Think about it :-)

  2. Can't afford to take more days off, I have a few saved for xmas/NY...although it's an idea! maybe the 1st day just to get used to it!

  3. Good idea about the decaf dz-chick, and freezing gym membership...

    Good luck with the fastin, I will come back to check on you during Ramadan.

  4. Cheers SouSou, will keep a Ramadan diary, should be fun :) or NOT.

  5. what's the temperature over there in london? here we'r going to fast under 40° . try to put stop-bruit for the nose in order not to let the smell of coffee enter ur narines . I love coffée too

  6. where are you Lyl? in London it ranges from 12 to 30 we just never know! the days are very very long though, break fast is at 8.50 on day 1.

  7. true..It is so hard for me as well...standing on my feet for 8 hours all day long..doing the work..

    hadok li yaftiw wa ygolo madiro walo, ur mouth has to stink and ur socks machi ghir stinks bash twali muslima...

    and I so agree with you to pray at home ya khti..i have not been to a mosuqe here for so many years for many reasons...ghir smell of socks and wahed yabda yafti 3liya i hate it..aya ngolhom ya weddi khaliwni na3bad rabi fi 3akli..then i decided narbaha fi sahti wa ta3t rabi and stay home, c non naftar 3lihoum lol..

    rabi ykadarna nchalah, all i can say...


  8. Haniya, sounds like your job is taxing and requires standing up a lot! ouch
    Be brave, it's not going to so diffrent from last years and last years Ramadan was easy for me but then again I was in a busy job by the seaside...remember? ahhh memories :)

    I hope you're looking forward to my Ramadan diaries...tune in on a daily basis, I predict it'll be ...morose!

  9. hadik hiya bedat regarding the job besah fiha khir at the end of the day I have self satisfaction if everyone is happy with what i do.

    yes I am looking to your posts in ramdan..hadik ndiro fiha ka3da jazaeriya...

    please pass me the recipe of chorba i love chorba nta3 I am from the east, it is a bit different...

    hope u had a good day..walah i m glad it was my day off today lol...xxxxx

  10. If you drink alcohol ,why do you fast ,this is a big contradiction.

  11. Well I don't drink during Ramadan!!!

    A sin is a sin, drinking alcohol, lying, having sex, back biting...etc if God gives you the chance to repent and ask for forgiveness for all yoursins (not just consuming alcohol) then you take it.
    No one can judge me but God.

  12. i am so worried now about what will happen to us when the world stop revolving around you.

  13. lol sex + alcohol + kissing ect this terrible i see now why they against islam and i agree with them Europa is the land of justice!

  14. Ohh somebody is a little jelly!! why don't you start your own blog and talk about yourself maybe you'll feel better :)

  15. ohh come on dz chick ramadan isnt that bad is it ..
    to be fair i dread the horrible headaches and cravings for food but at the end of the day i love having chorba and boureck and watching canal algerie with my sister ! and obviously losing a few kilos is GREAAT !

  16. DZ-Chick Ramadan is synonym to torture.
    (Warning to salafists and extremists, do not issue a fatwa requesting instant lapidation, I am only voicing my opinion not making a judgement on islam. thanks for reading this disclaimer)

    1- No drinking, water for Christ's sake, sorry not a christian thing.
    2- No eating
    3- No cursing
    4- No action whatsoever
    5- Foul mood
    6- Dry bloody mouth

    I have the utmost respect for those that fast gracefully i.e remain calm, don't complain, don't bark and are spiritually enlightened during the fasting month.

    Mashallah DZ-Chick, the praying during Ramadan is a nice touch.....I don't even know El Fatiha by heart *covers face in shame* but I can sh'radi ;-)

    PS: salafists, do not forget the disclaimer


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