Thursday 24 February 2011

Forgive me Iphone for I have sined...

New age religion: The theological bodies are so desperate for disciples that they are prepared to make concessions and even embrace the new digital social medias to grab the young and the lapsed faithful back into the bosom of the church.

Part of the new social digital media the Catholic church has embraced is “Confession” a new Iphone application, a Roman Catholic App to be precise where in an attempt to facilitate faith practices for the "Hip" faithful or bring back the lapsed Catholics, this new application has been thought out and sanctioned by the US Catholic church, it allows Catholics to confess their sins via touchscreen and repent their sins.

The Vatican is apparently not impressed by this new age technology to replace a physical meeting with a priest by a digital confession and is warning disciples that the confessions will not count.
The Pope draws the line at a Facebook page and YouTube channel.

I am revendicating an Islamic counterpart, I thought Islam hit a new age by embracing technology in the way we pay our zakat (Alms) online and Sadaka (Charity).

Can technology be used to practice faith or worship?


  1. As confession is a sacrament can't be granted via phone. There is a need of presence of at least two people. John states: confess your sins to one another. This is how it was solved on the beggining :) Considering it through psychological prospective I would think it was invented as a kind of therapy for free:)

  2. Not sure it was for therapeutical purposes Irulana!

    I go the direct route myself :)

  3. Beware they might launch an app designed to be God's substitute. It will be called iGod which reminds me that in France, un god is actually a sex toy which I am very fond of ;-)
    No blasphemy intended, my comment is to be taken with a pinch of salt. The app 'Confession' is a case of technology gone mad and how far can they actually go??

  4. Miss Polemique, you're having a proper catch up aren't you?
    Well that was an old post that should have been more like a tweet than a blog but hey it's all related!

    Fond of the god are ya? And here I was thinking you werent in fact religious! I think you need to confess your sins missy, to you IPhone!'


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