Wednesday 23 February 2011

Algerians in UK Government

Very impressed to find out that on the 20th May 2010 (I am a bit late on the news side), Ms. Mouna Hamitouche was appointed the new Mayor for the Islington borough.  She is therefore the very first Arab female mayor in the UK and first Algerian at that too.

I was so glad to also read that she was the founder of the Algerian British connection (ABC) charity.

I wish I could work for a charity, I researched this ABC association many times and longed to volunteer with them but my blog (amongst other things) keeps me busy

Any Algerian out there involved with a charity or an NGO?


  1. Mrs (or Dr. should I say) Hamitouche is a well-respected and admired member of the community, and she's been in the charity and political arena for long (btw, she's with the labour party). The last time I spoke to her, she was looking for people to teach Arabic to children, so I guess she's still involved with ABC in some capacity.

    Another charity that I can think of is the Algerian Relief ( and on FB), which has wider goals and is involved in a number of social initiatives in the UK and in Algeria. Interestingly, they are the ones who helped organise the Eid festival in Trafalgar Square in the last few years (I guess this is also news to you)

    I believe that around and outside London there are also numerous community-based islamic centres where education support is provided to children.

    Besides, there are small but professional country or region-specific groups that organise fund-raising events to support children and their families. And finally, there are individual initiatives by people who have their lives divided between Algeria and the UK, and are trying to relieve some of the poverty and illiteracy of population out there.

  2. Update: I have found the ABC and met with Ms. hamitouche and even donated to her association ( not saying what cos that would be telling) ...
    Great work out there from a number of Algerisn associations that are very active here in the UK.


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