Friday 27 March 2020

Confinement Diary - Day 6

36 degrees? Dude is not even sick!!

Because I went out yesterday (to work), it doesn't count as a confinement day and so I am allowed to remain on diary day 6 (instead of day 7). See the logic?

Today I stayed in, sat in the garden and contemplated nature, met a lovely little spider, I think his name is Sanjay, he's a web designer. we exchanged pleasantries, though I had none to offer, much like this blog now really...

Boris is said to have tested positive...Our thoughts and prayers are with the Corona virus in this difficult time.

Come ooooon Trump!!


  1. No confinement since ??

  2. Oh yes ....I have written but didn't publish...will do it today! You will be glad to hear your namesake is mentioned in the new blog post :)
    How is your confinement going?


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