Monday 23 March 2020

Confinement Diary - Day 3

The whole world seems to be in total lockdown or self isolation except for the Brits, who all broke out their shorts and SPF50s, parks are busier than ever before now the sunshine decided to show its conspirator face. It seems the concept of dying is not scary enough here, perhaps they still believe in the goodness of the Viral community in that viruses will keep their word and never break the 3 seconds rule!
Side note I just saw a man in a bathrobe just casually strolling outside...Love it!
I fear humanity is in danger of social collapse (bathrobe exhibit A) and ultimately extinction (nothing in between those 2), but the highest danger I fear is the rapidly multiplying millennial podcasts! We must put a stop to this for gods sake!! What is the scientific community doing!!!

Help us QI'tu'!!!

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