Sunday 22 March 2020

Confinement Diary - Day 2

The weather has decided to be clement (in London, I don't care about the rest of yous), so I sit in my garden, soaking in the sunshine, try as best I can to ignore the screaming kids next door and their scolding dads, thinking they must both be missing their mistresses!

I ponder the current situation and how much I miss Brexit, the uncertainty and agony of it, ah good times! Remember when Boris was a completely useless twat bag?

I think about how we will all come out of this as a species, as a culture, maybe it's the end of Capitalism all together, maybe it's the beginning of virtual life or end of civilisations, perhaps even the end of the DFS sales, we probably deserve this, let it be the end of humanity, give it all back to the amoeba I say!

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