Tuesday 26 January 2016

The museum of procrastination

As I look around my place, all I see are unfinished projects, half-finished decorating, half-finished painting resting on the radiator, yellowing from the heat, the faint shape of the women seem to shrivel even her breasts are drooping

In the corner gathering dust sit a couple of musical instruments, staring at me, chords sticking out like guts spilling out of a discarded corpse, at least I mastered Frere Jacques and they make for interesting conversations like do you play? NOPE.

Book plots, blogs and essays squiggled on pieces of paper dispersed on my desk, gathering dust, the ink smudged in places and the paper yellowing from different beverages that were spilled on them. Some stories have never even left the confines of my imagination; they just sit there waiting for instructions that won’t come, I promised them …someday!

In the cupboard, half-finished treatments and courses of anti-biotic from my hypochondriac days…all half-finished and expired, even as I look down, I see only one of my legs is waxed because the last time I had to bare my thunder thighs, my skirt only had one opening and I frankly couldn’t be bothered to go on with this charade that is waxing!  But I stand by my choice, it’s both logical and economical and in no way lazy.

Come to think of it, even my dreams are cut-short, I always wake up before the “climax”, I never seem to stop running and get to where I am supposed to get, I always think I can get some amazing fantastica novel from my stupid dreams, if only they’d finish…

My procrastination list goes on, sadly my desire to finish anything doesn’t, but that doesn’t ever discourage me from starting other things again…I came to realise that it doesn’t matter when you get there, as long as you do eventually get there, procrastination is given a bad name, but perhaps it’s a good process for some people! I am sticking to it ya!

The end.

Ps: it took me 2 weeks to write this!! Ooof


  1. you lazy bugger

  2. Homo Erectus (Climax Max)28 January 2016 at 23:32

    the procrastination museum ! a good title, poetic and accurate ! I suppose a lot of us can relate to it as a good summary or title for our lives.. I can relate to that.. no wonder we're still singles in our late thirties.. for the "climax" issue, I just hope it's only limited to your dreams !!

  3. Homo Erectus only you would pick up on the climax issue! fortunately that problem is limited only to my dreams!

    Funny how you blame procrastination for being single! do you never finish conversations, arguments? or perhaps never finish making love? lol

  4. Kount n'tiri bark ! But you are sharp as a razor blade my dear ! Good ! for the climax issue, how do we say "tu m'as tendu la perche" in english ? Djoumou3a moubaraka Dzchick, I hope you don't procrastinate for the prayer..

  5. "tu m'as tendu la perche" I led you there in a way...yes I know!! lol

    I walked straight into it as we say..I think!
    I am huge procrastinator when it comes to religion, I shan't go into details for fear of being chased with torches but you get the idea ;)
    Happy Moubarak Friday

  6. "procrastination is given a bad name"...maybe here dz bella...definitely not in DZ because our wise saying proverbs encourage it in all aspect of life ;) here are some example:
    "koul 3outla fiha kheir"lol
    "Wahed t9ala9 matt" Lol
    "Ahyeni lyoum ou 9telni ghodwa" Loooool
    and the list goes on...so whenever you feel guilty for procrastination just remind yourself of this profound saying ;))
    welcome back dz bella and happy new year.

  7. Hello M there's another one I heard once, I found it hilarious "E'Chgoul lemlih yebta" hahahaha

    I don't have a problem with procrastinating at all...in fact I enjoy it, it gives me a reason to continue :p

    And thanks for being a faithful member of this blog x

  8. hahaha..." Lemlih etawel" yours is quite popular back home;).. here is another one which I found contrary to all reason or common sense... are you ready??
    " Dja ytal erma rouhou" hahahahaha.....
    Listen dz bella.. it is always a pleasure to read your post!
    Aya happy Wednesday
    look forward to read your next post!!

  9. You and me both. I thought I was the queen of all things procrastination but read this and was pretty much on par. Problem with my habit is that I invest in things and don't finish it off so when I think of all the money list in this process of procrastinating, it makes me wonder whether I need to seek therapy ;-) anywho I'm with you on reaching the end goal and so have pursued driving again, perhaps this time I will see it through and finally get my licence before I turn friggin 30 this year! Thanks for the good read!

  10. @Yasmine Nothing wrong with procrastinating, this is a celebration of it and I always find the more I procrastinate the better the end result is...kind of a slow cooking process ;)

    Get your driving licence sorted though, it's a necessarily skill!

  11. I have noticed that Algerian people are very paranoid, even once they become acquainted with you. Is Algerian society very private / judgemental? Or is there a dislike / mistrust of non-Algerians? It's quite offensive to an outsider but clearly normal to many Algerians.

  12. This question is not in context is it?

    There are 40 million Algerians, I cannot speak for all of them, I don't think they are ALL paranoid and untrusting but Algerians tend (as a general rule) not to trust each other, perhaps the sentiment is extended to non-Algerians too but I really cannot say for certain. Did you have a bad experience?


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