Thursday 28 April 2016

Ramdom shite!

So much has happened since my last post, where I was still talking about me me me and boys, and the joys of being Algerian, of London and cups of tea and extra kilos that won’t go away…

Looking back, I feel silly, as I read back through my so many posts, I can’t help but shake my head and cringe and sometimes I think damn I am good! But today I have moved on, I have different dilemmas. I worry about other things now, wrinkles not being one of them, no sir, I think of our newly re-elected president, think about how Algeria has advanced so much that we now have a disabled president, I mean do you realise that after America’s Roosevelt comes Algeria!! We even rival the Vatican for the oldest leaders and if it were a contest we’d win.

I feel joy for the Algerians with disabilities and rejoice that they will finally have the support they need and would finally benefit from equal opportunities. After all, he gave his health up for Algeria, he restored peace, he built us stuff!!! Like pavements, motorways and a massive mosque, the biggest in Africa if we believe the budget allocated.  Some say it’ll come in handy, when we need it to pray so we don’t get sick, since we don’t have hospitals. Though it’s not fair, our best hospital is found in the outskirts (if bothered, check geography reference later) of Paris in Val-de-Grace.

So since the world of Algeria is safe again for another 5 years (thank you Cheb Khaled and co) I am going to go back to what’s really important, ME, here, because I don’t live in Algeria so according to Algerians I am not allowed to talk politics or discuss Algerian business*

So I thought I’d get busy doing something else, I’ll be involved in my looks for a while since nothing else matters apparently.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of growing-up, I see the wisdom pouring in and out of me, truly, it’s magical, I don’t say silly things like " What you gonna do for a face when the monkey wants its bum back?" anymore, I give myself a 5 second window before responding, I feel all grown up and I let go of a lot of negativity and shit, so much so that I get bored and you all know when I am bored...I produce shit like this!

When I think of all the activists and opposing movements, who spent so much time protesting (I wrote this a long time ago), I can’t help but feel sorry for them, being pushed, shoved and beaten by the police, insulted by the people for inciting unrest and threatened by the security forces or God knows who or what! Some lost their jobs, others their money, health, sanity and for what? To stop a cripple from finishing his work? Let the man finish what he started for God’s sake! There is still money to be stolen, futures to be destroyed and hopes to be crushed.

So depressing, let’s go back to talking about boys! Although that too got boring a while ago. So I am just going to be quiet.


*bite me

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