Tuesday 16 October 2012

He controls me, he controls me not

They control the world, politics (by starting wars and talking bullshit), they control the economy (mostly by starting wars), public opinions (again by talking bullshit) and they even control what we wear, if you think about it, the biggest and most influential designer names are men YSL, D&G, MJ etc…that’s right ladies, MEN.

The saying “behind every great man, a greater woman” was only said to avoid feminists blowing hot and burning more bras. Let’s face it chicas, men are in control and we are merely hanging on, fighting our way through, trying to mark our way up to that famous glass ceiling remember?

Why do you think feminism came to exist? And just one more rhetorical question for you, mostly to avoid any protesting comments, why do you think there is no such thing as a Manism* movement?  

In terms of relationships and romance, again I am afraid men tend to be in control, as much as you hear boys saying how it is always up to the woman, the last word is always hers, for a drink, dinner, sex, a date or marriage, she has the final say.

Don’t be fooled ladies, we all know most men get badgered into proposing to their girlfriends when they can’t take any more hinting or shoving towards the jewellery shop then she'd go and rave about how it was so impromptu and how she had no idea it was going to happen…gush gush bloody gush. 
BUT…If he decided not to pop the question or ask you out for that drink or dinner, what can you do? Take the step? And if you had the guts to do it, what if he said “euu sorry I am kind of busy” and thought “slut”, do you think you are that thick skinned you can take rejection the same way men do? I think NOT.

So past the first drink/date, in most cases, who do you think is really in charge? Apart from the very few cases, men usually hold the dice and are in control of when and what happens next. 
Women are martyred at the hands of these fastidious players, players who become such because we allowed to be, because weak and desperate women allow them to be in charge of their emotions, decisions and of their lives.

Women who are so desperate to land a man, they’ll do practically anything, lower themselves to the gutter to have a date, change everything they could about themselves and their lives if they had to. If he likes blondes, she is blonde and if he prefers brunettes, she’ll turn brunette so fast he won’t have time to say “I am a prick”, she’ll lose weight, starts to like “The Simpsons”, supports Arsenal and Top Gear becomes her favourite TV show.

But what does this man do for you? He doesn’t go on a diet because you’re fat, he doesn’t change his style (life or otherwise) to please you, and he doesn’t pretend to be someone else or speak in a softer voice when around you. 
Men are graced with that natural rough beauty where unshaven and unwashed is actually considered stylish, like the new Shoreditch style you can spot in and around east London with all the twat features walking around in their vintage old jumpers and dirty hair, calling it shabby chic, how about shitty chic?.

Other women who remain single after a certain age, but do not come to a resolution with their single status, become so resentful of it in fact, they become bitter and the worst thing is…they don’t even know it. They just give off this bad vibe that drives away men and repels friends.  Another kind of single ladies out there, have their criteria all wrong, they like a man because he’s nice to them. They don’t realise HE IS supposed to be nice to them.  These intelligent women with the MBA brains and abundant talent and wit, can be emotionally retarded, are reduced to liking a guy because? He is nice to them. It’s upsetting. 

Love and Respect in your relationship is not an upgrade ladies, it’s a basic requirement. However, I understand that women became conditioned to receiving the not-so-nice treatment they had endured, experienced, and come to expect, which in itself is engendered through the psychotic, needy and stalking behaviours of these very women. 

If you look around, your MBA brain will reel backwards at the number of beautiful, successful and outstanding women who behave like total desperadoes, chasing, stalking and begging not-so-special men who of course treat them with total disregard, disrespect and utter piss-take. 

Ladies (you know who you are), as ever I don’t hold the answers, but what am I if I cannot point out a few of your blunders, here are 11 pointers for you…

1 - At the restaurant, order what you like not what he “thinks” you should have. If he suggests you have salad, then he thinks you’re fat.

2 - Don’t be so dull and agreeable. Have an opinion and express it, avoiding to use fuck or bugger. 

3 - Smile, laugh, glow, don’t show your depressive side so quickly, let him bite the hook first, and then you can go crazy on his ass.

4 - Don’t compete with him. Men are pathetic creatures who are scared of competition especially from women. Don’t talk about your latest exploits and mountain climbing and solo travels, this will emasculate him. It’s too easy to do.

5 - Be elusive, keep some mystery (and your knickers) about you, don’t tell him everything including when you washed you hair or waxed your beaver.
6 - Don’t encourage the sex conversation, he’s going to want it, if you yield, you are a whore, if you don’t you’re a tease.

7 - Do not mention age, marriage, children, nieces, nephews, family or a friend’s wedding, don’t tell him about your imposed time-line and how many kids you dream of having.

8 - Act confident but not overly so; do not fish for compliments and constant reassurances that he’s having a great time and for God’s sake, don’t ask him if he’s bored.

9 - Don’t over text, call or email, don’t leave a 5 mins voicemail and if he doesn’t call, don’t call his mate or his work. Because we all know that when men attempt bold gestures it's considered romantic, when you do it, it's considered desperate if not psycho.

10 - I always say just relax and be yourself but that obviously only applies if you’re a normal cool chick, if you are aware of your stalking capabilities, it is advisable not to be yourself.

11 - Don’t tell him how cool your name sounded with his surname, because you know you’re tried it, you’ve scribbled it on your notepad and said it aloud to see what it sounded like. 

The list goes on, but I can’t be bothered to finish it, you’ll have to content yourself with the 11 “words” of Dz-Chick wisdom, cast in the fiery chasms of her mind.

But know this, with all the advice you can get, all the power, beauty, intellect and strength you can muster, men remain in charge not because they are stronger, more powerful or more intelligent but simply because women allow them to be, they (women) yield to their demands and control because most women are hardwired to depend on men for support and protection for them and their children and men are hardwired to do all they can to make sure that any children born to them are actually theirs.
It is that basic, evolutionary and it is all about their manhood. 

To put it simply; men will always attempt to control women and women will almost always submit to that control. So yes it is up to him to text, call you back, ask you to marry him, perhaps the only thing a woman is in charge of is putting out or to put it more graciously; consenting to sex, even if this control can be taken away from her when a man decides to claim back control.

Men may be in charge of this world, successful, powerful and hold the dice but like someone once said “women may never be as powerful as men because they have no wives to advise them”

Dz-Chick…fan of odd numbers and broad topics!

NB: due to the broadness of the topic, a second parter will follow as soon as I can be bothered.
*what? It’s a word.
Beaver painting by Shardcore 


  1. Don’t encourage the sex conversation, he’s going to want it, if you yield, you are a whore, if you don’t you’re a tease.... I had this problem with a potential aspirant and I did avoid this TABOO Topic...At the End, we were completely different and he tried to be mean with me by saying that I WAS COLD AS ICE. ALGERIAN MAN LIVING IN FRANCE CAN'T BE COMPATIBLE WITH AN ALGERIAN WOMAN LIVING IN THE U.K (London)

  2. Nice post !
    but to be honest, i think man being in charge is just how nature has it, its how we're created, we women depend on men and find a safe haven with them , its no shame really, yes maybe we are not as predominant as men in many fields, but we still have our role of raising generations ! what can be more noble than that !, meh i think women should embrace their roles more rather than denying them..

  3. An enjoyable read DZ Chick!

    But you made it sound like men and women are in a war.

    Yes men are stronger in some fields...the best chefs, the best hairdressers, and even the best gynaecologist are men ;) but do you think men are capable of carrying a baby for 9 months inside their tummies ? No chance, do u think men can raise their babies if their wives pass away or leave him, impossible.

    Modern life has changed women's roles in society compared to the past, as nowadays many pursue their careers just like men, which in my opinion is a good thing if they're happy, but will women be content with nannies to look after their babies until they grow up? And when this happens, don't women think they have missed out on spending enough time and precious time with their babies, time that will never be replaced? This is open to debate.

    Men and women are different in many ways, and that's what makes us attractive to each other.

    Delboy, a nice guy for once ;)

    Ps: when that blog changes its title to "Dilemmas of a Married Algerian Girl" am sure we will read 'less tense' blogs to say the least ;)

  4. Estrogens at work again, hey, Dz-Chick?
    If you don't pay attention, they'll drive you crazy!

  5. An enjoyable read in this early morning hour..

    They may call it Mother Nature, but it’s nothing without a daddy..

    Despite all the books around about “The End of Men”, that’s how we men are predisposed to lead... and women (many of them) lead from “behind the scenes”.

    I’m sure you are aware that many women (if not most), prefer the man to take the lead.

    But taking the discussion a little deeper, we may have to differentiate between:

    BEING IN CONTROL (deciding whether to go out, stay in, have a party at home, or go away for the weekend)


    TAKING THE INITIATIVE (dealing with short-term stuff such paying the bill, choosing the movie, making the calls whom to invite)

    Many women are great at doing the former...& that's a form of "control"

  6. Anonymous 1 « Cold as ice » ah that old chestnut. Does it still work?
    Anonymous 2 there is no shame in it I agree, everybody gets vulnerable and needy, everybody needs somebody, nobody is an island. That’s nature.
    The roles you are talking about are the traditionally programmed into all of us, nature isn’t really that way; a woman is a carer only because she is the bearer and a father can also be a carer. The roles of a mother, father, woman or man as defined by nature are accepted, embraced and certainly not disputed.
    The roles and stereotypes disputed are the ones defined through tradition and history, where a woman is made a prisoner and considered a liability, an invalid, a second class citizen or a sexual object.
    Delboy A cold war yes.
    Refer to my response to anonymous 2, the feud between man and woman is not about who can carry a baby or look after it, that is nature and no one is disputing it as far I know.
    Men and Women’s roles in society has changed yes and keeps changing, but a glacial pace, there has been some speed injections here and there, but overall, it takes generations to change a society and the mindset that is instilled within each and everyone of us. And let me just tell you it has nothing to do with women’s careers. When a man mentions a woman’s career as her choice and lists things like nannies, missing out on children, etc…you know there’s an issue.
    Delboy, it is up to the woman is she wants to pursue her career to the detriment of her social life, married life or children’s time/childhood, be it a single mother or a married woman who can manage it all or not. Who said a man cannot stay at home and look after the children whilst the woman goes out to work if she’s a higher earner? Who? Tradition that’s who. CQFD.
    And for the record, this post is not tense and it’s not a husband who’s going to make me write less or more, tense or less tense posts. You’re showing your inner thoughts Delboy.
    Salam you tell ME, you seem to be monitoring my oestrogen levels.
    How early are you!!
    Again Mother Nature only dictates who gets to carry a child and cares for it; it does not say who gets to earn the bread, hunt or gather.
    Yes I am aware of certain ladies’ preference to being led and controlled but is it the rule or the exception to the rule?
    As for the initiative perspective, well we wouldn’t do it if men were good at it, but I like how you labelled it “short-term stuff”.
    Do you mean to say women are not capable of the “long-term stuff” or perhaps despite their outstanding capabilities, women should refrain from any long term planning and leave it to the men, because even if she was better at it than him, it’s probably better for humanity if he did it, this way his manhood remains untouched and there will be no more wars for say another year?

  7. What has Arsenal ever done to you??? as for the rest... it ALL depends on the people. Some of us actually like strong willed, intelligent 'gobby' women. It's the height of attraction. oh and we hate seeing women order salad too, unless it's after couscous and to wash the palate like we do at home! We also happen to think that imperfections are what adds to one's character. Men who don't get that, don;t understand the meaning of sensual over sexual.
    That said, it's all about compromise. The two-way variety of course, because at the end of the day (oh how I love my football speak!), we all compromise if we think the other person is worth it, and there's no shame in that. It's what builds relationships (and keeps marriages going).

  8. First, I am happy to know that I am so strong and powerful as a man. To be honest, i was not really aware of all my capabilities until i read this post.

    Second, although I am not a woman, I will add the missing "word" 12.
    12- Don't let him notice that you are checking the list of 11 items one item after the other... keep the list in your head, avoid to check them on a paper or counting with your fingers.

    Last but not least some good restaurants are warm enough to put two people that are really happy to be together in the optimal situation where some exchanged smiles are enough. No matter what stupid things are being said from one side or the other.

  9. DZ-Chick de retour et en pleine forme!

    'Love and Respect in your relationship is not an upgrade ladies, it’s a basic requirement' Too right dear, that's clearly the issue. Women with low self-esteem will be more than content to obtain one of the above, both would be considered luxury and they certainly wouldn't dream of it and that's the can of worms.

    Those women are desperate due to the absence or low level of self-love and self-respect. Those women ought to come to terms with the fact that remaining true to themselves at all times is conspicuously paramount to a healthy relationship hence DZ-Chick I would disagree with you regarding point 3 & 4. Don't turn on your PR mode on the first date, just do you!

    'These intelligent women with the MBA brains and abundant talent and wit, can be emotionally retarded, are reduced to liking a guy because? He is nice to them. It’s upsetting.' Academic intelligence and emotional intelligence are discernibly two different entities the disappointment in observing a 'successful woman' acting in such mediocrity.

    'If he likes blondes, she is blonde and if he prefers brunettes, she’ll turn brunette so fast he won’t have time to say “I am a prick” DZ-Banksy this is one of the reasons why I love reading your blog...humour......while he says 'I am a prick' she can simultaneously utter that she is a 'p***y' for accommodating his preferences.

    Vulnerable women will submit to men's control but as a woman learns to connect with her real inner self, she will develop a strong sense of self-love and she will then come across like-minded mind that will have no need to control them as they would feel secure within themselves.
    Like attracts like, a dysfunctional woman will attract a dysfunctional man and vice and versa, it is a vicious cirlce.
    Gender is a detail in this battle of power.
    Here is an extract of one of my favourite books of all time, it shaped my life and outlook on the latter:

    “When love first happens, the individuals are giving each other energy unconsciously and both people feel buoyant and elated. That's the incredible high we call being ‘in love.’ Unfortunately, once they expect this feeling to come from another person, they cut themselves off from the energy in the universe and begin to rely even more on the energy from each other--only now there doesn’t seem to be enough and so they stop giving each other energy and fall back into their dramas in an attempt to control each other and force the other’s energy their way.”
    ― James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy

    DZ-Chick this is such a great article that I am tempted to analyse and comment of each paragraphe nonetheless that would be a pointless exercise. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I laughed, frowned and felt sorrow for those women that enable men to treat them abominably.
    “women may never be as powerful as men because they have no wives to advise them” We shall remind ourselves that WE ARE the wives and we are as POWERFUL as men and nada mas!

    Thank you my earth of the imago mundi blog world ;-)

  10. PS: I hope you will be bothered very shortly to provide us with a part 2 ;-)

  11. dz chick, not bad, am impressed, gotta make sure to find who you are and delete you. you're a threat the male species. if you keep going like this we men will end up in the kitchen lol

  12. Aie Aie Aie thought i wcame to read some Dz-Chick stuff but it seems she's been replaced by Spartan/Amazone Chick!!! What the hell?!! it's already hard for me to find a girl and it'll become worse if they become some "She-Leonidas" after reading this... you know my point of view concerning the man/women stuff (or not?) it depends of persons regardless to their sex, some women don't even seek control and prefer "stability" and safety but this doesn't prevent them from deciding and from imposing their choices if they want to. They have a more delicate way to do it, reminds me of an old colleague who once told me : "My son, don't believe anyone, once you get married your wife is the one who decides"... without mentioning the french proverb : Ce que femme veut, dieu le veut...

  13. Pourquoi ce n'est pas à eux de s'adapter ?

    Je suis comme je suis et s'il n'aime pas qu'il aille voir ailleurs!


  14. Arsenal Fan I lived in North London once upon a time and let me tell you Arsenal match days, not a good sight!
    “Some of you” are a very rare breed, it is all about compromises absolutely but they want us to compromise on our already diminished rights and flailing status.
    Chatnoir you didn’t know? That makes it worse, it only means you didn’t even realise because no one in your environment ever questioned it.
    The 11 dz-chick commandments, to be applied discreetly.
    Miss Polemique your comment is so long, it qualifies as a post. Well done you.
    No, you don’t do your own PR on a date, it’s off-putting and it can come across as very big headed, though you don’t put yourself down either.
    I agree on the intelligence academic and emotional being different, what I was referring to is the fact that a number of outstandingly intelligent women seem to go for not-so-special guys out of sheer desperation and fear of remaining single forever.
    Thanks for sharing the quote from James Redfield, I actually red the book and remember his definition of love. For lack of better explanation, I’ll adopt it, I actually believe in the power of energy, exchange and powers.
    Thanks YOU for your loving my blog, and I promise I am working on a new one…inspiration comes likes buses…etc!
    Algeriano if you find me, you can delete me. Now stop talking crazy and make us some tea.
    ElAswed I am surprised you think I am a hardcore feminist, because I never define myself in those terms, even if I suspect that I am.
    That’s what everybody says, behind every man a great woman etc…I don’t buy that sorry! Why should I be behind him in the first place?
    Ils ne s’adapetront jamais, because they never have to. 8 femmes sur 10 cedent.
    C’est nous qui iront voir ailleurs.  

  15. From ARSENAL FAN: Putting aside your jibe about the aesthetics of the average gooner (try moving to South London to check his Milwall cousin!), I did stress that it was a two-way street. I have to also add (at the risk of turning this into a pseudo-management seminar), that it all communication is key. You would be amazed at how many issues can be resolved from the onset if both parties are upfront about how they see a relationship. That said, I don't subscribe to the Men v Women thing or any other pigeon-holing. Sometimes people become caricatures of themselves as a result of self-labeling. Life is absolutely way too complicated for that. I'm more into individuals meeting the right partner. The trick is to realise that each has to play a different role in the relationship (and I am not referring to the usual two-dimensional work/home dichotomy). It's a little more nuanced than that. It becomes about the unit rather than its components.

  16. PS from ARSENAL FAN: Like your retort to Algeriano. Clearly a FRIENDS fan.

  17. Arsenal Fan It’s not a jibe; it’s the truth and n observation, nothing more.
    I agree on the communication being a key element, but it’s not everyone’s strongest point and certainly seems to be men’s worst nightmares. “What? We have to talk??”
    I like your simplistic views; you kid of make it sound so easy. I hope you managed to put that into practice.
    You say each has a role in a relationship etc. yes but these roles are what we’re discussing I thought, the fact that woman is given a role she can’t get out of, a certain set of generalisations/assessments are made about her brain, abilities etc that determine what she should and should not do in society or in the family unit or at work. How can we start a sound communication or dialogue based on an archaic base that women are resenting and men are endorsing?
    As for the Algeriano retort: it’s a private joke ;) but you obviously are a Friends fan too.

  18. Sorry I will not make you tea lol, 1st am a coffee fan not tea, 2nd, men are still in power. So go and make me a Double espresso ;)

  19. Relationships are quite complexe but yet so simple when one is open to his/her inner self, roles can not be defined there is a spectrum of possibilities that only nature can constrain.
    Bottom line, we are here for a short time, if us men and women focus more on the ephemere aspect of our lives we will probably be more prone to share love first on human level then as two souls meeting to share love rather than to seek control or be controlled....but over what or for what ? It's all about insecurities. Probably dealing with our own insecurities is the way forward to a better understanding of the women/men dilemmas.
    Miss Polemique I loved that book you quoted in the grand scheme of life it is just about understanding energies, self love and nurturing love around us.....seems so simple yet so complicated for some.
    DZ-Chick thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is quite an interesting perspective. Your post are the reflection of a deep and rich personality. Always enjoy reading you.

  20. Hi interesting read.

    The 11 points of DOs and Donts are disguised as "it would be useful in order to better oneself" but are in truth an attempt to answer that very question that keep haunting humans: the good old "why" .. sometimes the answer is simply: "there is no answer, just move on". I don't understand why you are single, I don't understand why others are single just as much as I don't understand why others are married. Marital status alone doesn't represent your identity. If you are truly 35 and not married then maybe because being single/married really doesn't define who you are. So don't let it ..
    God bless you all :-)

  21. "behind every man a great woman etc…I don’t buy that sorry! Why should I be behind him in the first place?" no one obliges you to, don't you think that it is possible that women simply don't wanna be in charge and are happy with it? it doesn't necessarily mean they are slaves or they are being weak but just they don't feel like deciding or taking control. in my opinion there are too much clichés like nowadays women only want to please a man no matter what and men only seek control and domination. I think you should go easy on Marie Claire, Cosmo etc... and try to take things case by case love stories and relationships can't be rationalized or generalized.

  22. From AF (Arsenal Fan): My views are not simplistic. It's the opposite in fact. I am just saying that the subject is so broad and complex (gender, culture, nature v nurture, intellect, personal preference... etc), that there isn't one fast rule that applies to it all. Yes there is an archaic system/culture in place, but I believe it stems from a broader and sadly more backward view of the world that permeates the whole of society (in DZ at least). Sadly, the age of reason is taking its time to kick in. And that's what it boils down to. REASON. How else would you explain the HUGE paradox (without being religious) that the prophet's wife Khadija taught him about commerce and business and his daughter Fatima led an entire army, whilst as his so-called followers, we're still splitting hairs in DZ about who earns the corn? I often wonder if those archaic people see the (almost funny) irony of this.
    That said, I have to confess that I still panic when I hear 'we have to talk'. It's not out of misogyny or false-machismo (labels in both genders irritate the heck out of me. People tend to play up to the label and become prisoners of their own definitions... wel fahem yefhem) , but simply because I always think that a quiet life means a good life. It is truly as basic as that. Yes, we may be emotionally stunted in some respects, but women shouldn't take everything to heart. Men are slow on the uptake. I should know. I'm still finding things out, years into a relationship.
    ps: Didn't mean to intrude on your private conversation.

  23. Anonymous
    Thank you.
    “roles can not be defined there is a spectrum of possibilities that only nature can constrain” apart from the nature-dictated roles, all gender specific roles are defined and set almost in stone, stone at which women have been chipping for years.
    Anonymous being 34 and single doesn’t define who anybody is, but it certainly plays a big role in shaping your attitudes, mindset, moods and of course outlook on the many aspects of life such as career, relationship, love, marriage etc…
    El Aswed who reads Cosmos and Marie Clare? Behave yourself lol
    Yes some/a lot of women want to be led, controlled and generally prefer to take a back seat but this does not make the rule, and is simply a grotesque generalisation. I tend to have to agree with Arsenal fan below, in that people tend to play up to the stereotypes and the labels and feel settled in their pigeon holes.
    Arsenal fan Clearly not so private the conversation with Algeriano. No worries.
    A quiet life is a good life – good moto.

  24. Dz chick . Sorry if I added one year to your age. Either way you must be wonderful :-) my point is marital status at any age shouldn't shape our thinking and our mindset as much as we as society let it. I mean it does shape it up because we LET IT. But we as humans are many things: daughters sons uncles aunts friends nieces nephews colleagues , Muslims, Arabs amazigh, good people (or not) , trustworthy(or not) etc many many things. Why let one status drive our happiness or bitterness .. It's one of those things that happens on it's own time and if it doesn't we are many other great things :-)

  25. It’s cool, what’s another year when you are wonderful huh? Thank you :)
    Unfortunately relationship statuses define people in many ways, mostly because the human being is not created to live alone but to be in pairs, groups and families. When this intrinsic need is not realised, the body and mind start to react in many different ways…

  26. 12- Learn the art of making men do what you want by making them feel like they are in charge, even though they are not.

    Have a good one all



  27. Dz-Chick, opinions not based on detailed knowledge gathered through actual experience is mostly mental excreta. Nature presents a sort of deontic logic that arises out of the cause-effect paradigm. Even the remotest savages demonstrated this form of logic, as do the animals. A woman is not equal to a man. The more primitive the situation or conditions the less equal she becomes. Man was created to perform more difficult task, and this alone gives him greater strength, greater capacity for intelligence gathering, and the application of it through acquired skills. It appears that you are laboring under some very unhealthy delusions.

    You know who

  28. A "single" chick dares to share a few Barbie dolls of advice on how to cope/deal with the magnificent male creature called MAN. Now, that must be the joke of the day innit?
    If the dear lady had followed her own advices, her blog would've been something like "Dilemmas of an Algerian desperate housewife in London"...

    You know who

  29. Who? AXA guy?

    Delightful as ever, I wonder if you'll ever get your period!

  30. Hi Dz-Chick,

    I crossed your blog accidentally and so I found few interesting threads! You really have a natural talent for writing. I am amazed! You must be living in London for a long time, your English is really good, like mother tongue, you must have came here as a child, no?

    I'll be definitely reading your blog, waiting for new posts ;-)


  31. ATO that’s a good one! You are implying men aren’t really in control, they just think they are.
    I like.
    M.M No I did not come here as a child, my childhood was spent in beautiful Algeria but thanks :)
    Welcome to the blog and stay tuned for the next one, in the meantime, you have a lot of catching up to do.

  32. Yes DZC most men are happy not to be control freaks but they like to be made to believe they are in control

    I know that is why it is art


  33. No1 vished you Eid Moubraks?

    What disgraccia!

    'Aid Moubrak babe$ - hope you ate a whole sheep.

    Mach Lve

  34. Eid Moubarak to you too Dawood. I had a steak haché

  35. Dawood Terry Yaki27 October 2012 at 23:40

    that a euphemism for something else?

  36. Nah not really! Sorry to disappoint ya!

  37. Saha Idek DZC
    We (I) don't pay for using your blog as a ranting space/punch bag/frustration dump, so it would be impolite not to wish you a year full of happiness.


  38. Dawood Terry Yaki29 October 2012 at 22:53

    can you believe daet? everyone comes here to bitch but no wishes - fuckin' hell

  39. Saha Eidkek ATO thank you for your kind wishes
    Hope you had a good one :)

    Dawood terry Yaki Bitchers, weirdos and haters make you stronger :)

    Eid Mabrook to All

  40. They dont really tho do they?

  41. how much i ve missed you dz chick it has been so long since i read anything from ur blog but bloody hell ve got lots to catch up with.. tell me r u still single?
    i always wondered why is it always about man? if a woman likes a man and she says it he d say wajaha s7i7..grrr..s annoying.. i guess women are always in control if she is clever and she ll get what she wants and how she wants it..i hate to dedicate this but why not enjoy it guys an girls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLX6sTrRLcw

    boussa to you


  42. Haniya Gosh! where have you been? you do have a lot of catching up to. I hope you're good and happy.
    I am still single of course :) I wouldn't have it any other way :P

    Thanks for the song!! i guess

    Boussa to you too and let's hear your thoughts soon. x

  43. m glad u rememebred me ohh honey..i love ur blog and i promise i will keep up to date .. ve been ok just work and borning life. still single..met 2 guys one of them wanted sex after a walk so he damped me since i said its off the table for now..the other one, its not going to work in zillion years..keep it coming..

  44. Of course I do :)
    I laughed out loud at the guy who wanted sex after a walk, at least we can see them coming a mile away now, like circus freaks with three heads (personalities), one ball and they usually come with heigh restrictions. bless their souls ;)

    Stay away from the circus. x

  45. I know the guy was algerian in fact za3ma 3la balo beli it is off the table until further notice...so i m keeping away indeed.. walah 7ert wash ndiro..girls like us intelligent, sophisticated, caring and the rest and we r still single such a shame..ahh ya kahl rass wash rak dayer fina :(


  46. I hope you'll find all you girls a guy for you so that we can read something else about you...

    «i think women should embrace their roles more rather than denying them..» O__o which role exactly ? be specific is it the «2 et 3e journée» way of life that you are thanking?

    Just to be fair with male algerian, even if things might be evolving better especially among educated people but not only among other citizen of our communities. There are still many non-algerian or magreb people that have the very same behavior of dominant male. So there is no shame, THIS IS NOT ANOTHER ALGERIAN PLEA» or something, this is education and self commitment to understanding the other.

    This bring me nicely to the next question: why marry an algerian you DZ-chick and other algerian women ? You should go with with some well behaving european guy instead of hell behaving algerian man. We'll do the same. Maybe I misread your blog or this is my own interpretation, you seem to target too much algerian men.
    Even if I heard my own set funny stories about «pretendants» plus my own :P, I don't think we have the medal of horror stories in this area, or is it ?


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