Friday 7 September 2012

Wipe that glass ceiling woman!

made by dz-chick (like obviously)

One distant day (thank god) when I was looking for a job, after several interviews, many versions to my CV, three rotating suits and about 15 rejections I managed to land a job. The fifteen rejections were based on my being overqualified for the job, how can I be overqualified for a job when I am just out of University? I knew deep down it was because I was a little cocky and too strikingly beautiful for the female interviewees who always seem to be focusing a little more on my hair or my hips than on my CV! But don’t get side-tracked with this little anecdote, our plight is with men. 

Somebody somewhere, mentioned that women, who spend a good deal of their lives studying, can be "too much", they change (change is bad), their mentality is altered (to the worse) and become too logical, analytical and demanding to keep a relationship going and the emotional rollercoaster that men will put them through, in other words she’ll wake up, look at him and say Eh ben merde alors! Or in other words (English ones): why don’t you go fly a kite!

Somebody else of equal chauvinistic characteristics and less intelligence also mentioned that women who are mentally emancipated, successful and independent will never be truly happy.  

It seems there is a consensus on women who over-achieve, further their studies, earn more, speak one more language than HIM, have strong personalities (oh that old chestnut) and who are confident are deemed problematic and the issue turns from compatibility to compliance. 

Some men get frightened and choke, they’ll tell you are very special, very clever, fantastic, and beautiful…by this time everyone is waiting for the BUT……“you have too much life experience” and there it is. Is that euphemism for old bag? I wonder... 

Now, we’re overqualified for men as well as jobs.

As a result, women turn to SWANS (not the feathery type) - Strong Women Achievers, No Spouse. They reach what we call plight of the high- status woman, women at the top who seem to have it all. Widely successful career, high flying lifestyles, great physical attributes (acquired naturally or otherwise), health and blinding social lives but remain poor to average on the romantic scene.  

Everyone seems to instinctively know this, but do you ever stop to think why? 

It’s almost as though men deliberately choose less androgynous, less successful, weaker and less independent women to prove to the SWANS they can’t have everything after all.  

It is also a known fact that men compete with women at work and seem to think that is enough, at home they would prefer someone easy, less challenging and right down sedentary, to share their lives with, make babies and generally get bored together. 

If you think this is crazy, wait for this, in 2004, researchers at the University of Michigan published a study in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, which, loosely summarized, found that the men in their sample prefer to marry a woman whom they considered to be a subordinate, rather than a woman they considered to be a superior or a peer. 

So what makes you ‘wife material’ you ask? Well it all depends on the guy, obviously what makes you wife material in India doesn’t apply to America, France or Algeria (in Algeria they call it the Kriti Bezzaf syndrome*), though what these men do have in common is that most (some) of them are looking for women to play fetch for them, pundits claim there are definite types of women that men marry and being too successful, independent and feisty aren’t some of them.  In this supposedly egalitarian age, is there truly such a thing as ‘wife material’? Too independent and free, intelligent, too sexy, too attractive, everything is preceded by a “too” or a “very”, as if you one of the criteria to being ‘wife material’ is being average across the board. 

Stern stuff! Perhaps on some deep, evolutionary level, men probably believe the strong, independent, successful, sexy woman will probably not stick around, will never settle for him and/or is deemed a threat. It all sounds a bit schizophrenic, when a men’s manhood is threatened and insecurities are awaken, an analytical mind will be seen as difficult, the sensitive soul will be seen as weak and a sexy woman is seen as a whore. 

On the other hand, very accomplished women often have high expectations, some of which are not wholly realistic and often chosen to match the women’s status and accomplishment which only makes their acceptable dating/marrying pool even narrower.

Now we get to the Independence Conundrum; the term 'Success' is nebulous and is not necessarily related to independence, some men reiterate that ‘Successful’ means she has earned her independence. As much as feminists would probably hate me for it, I'll have to agree but insist this is simply applicable to men as is it to women.  

Being this feminazi, independent, successful woman seems to have become the source of every single woman’s predicament, as it seems men conscientiously or unconscientiously through their choices continue to reject the idea of a super woman and what we thought was our strength becomes in fact nooses around our necks. 

So what next? How to tackle this schism? Would you ask women to yield? Women who have come to believe that marriage is a modern slave trade, woman who believe that men are the enemy, women who convinced themselves that man is obsolete and women who have perhaps aged a bit, lost hope and found it convenient to think the above and blame it on ‘success’. Am I the devil’s advocate? Perhaps. 

After reading the above, you’re probably waiting for the answer, well, sorry to disappoint you ladies, I reckon just loose a couple of pounds, take the time to be honest with yourself to understand exactly what you are projecting and understand that although you CAN do it all alone, it doesn’t mean you have to and women who are single by choice, yes that may be so, but is it yours (choice)?

Whilst SOME of the above may sound like it was forged in the blazing flames of bra-burning feminism; that is not the subtext. It is really all about finding me a boyfriend.

Dz-Chick…an ambivalent feminazi!


* you've studied too much syndrome - of course I made this up!


  1. haha always a laugh, keep it up

  2. DZ-chick you deliver each and every time. Very serious topic again....before I touch on it please allow me to congratulate you on your drawing, your illustrations should not be overlooked as they reflect your abundant creativvity!
    Now as you were overqualified for some jobs, you can indeed be overqualified for some men but what type of men are they?? They are the insecure type that cannot accept that a woman is his equal and would rather view her as inferior. DZ-chick you are worth much more than that, you deserve a successful man who wants a strong, independent, intelligent, educated, opinionated and successful woman. His criteria will define what type of man he is and he needs to be at your level sister! Just keep the faith! 'What the mind can conceive it can achieve'. I salute you DZ-chick

  3. Pmsl. Last line and title are perfect.

    You don't need a degree to be bent familia. True fact.


  4. hallo there. just to add to my 2euro50 to tha matter, as a man, and to make a sweeping unverified factoid statement, i would say the following:

    men don't want a woman with too much testosterone or dare i say, as much testosterone as they do possess in their own gonads. conversely, most women don't want a man whom they find effeminate, or is that what they're looking for?

  5. Sieg Heil FemiNAZI (gosh that's scary) you disappointed guys too we were looking for answers!!! so what shall we guys do? I'm only speaking on my behalf but I think guys want a woman who don't complicate life that much yes I (we?) like simplicity so if a woman can accept you just as you are (boring old cliché I know but still) then she can be CEO or nurse or even a housewife a don't give a **** bout it just looking for some "Ra7at el bel"

  6. Hi Chicky-chicka I missed you.. First, not true that insecure men want submissive girls.. some of them live a whole life dominated and mind-controlled by temperamental, stubborn, supercilious women and never act for a second like a man with a little bit of dignity would do.. Secundo, it's time to be a little bit smart, you independent women and post-modern feminists, just don't play harshly with our balls and everything will go fine.. Remember that smart women from the ancient times (certainly not feminists) always win at the end because they let the time factor dismantle all the macho-badass-dominative instincts and strike at the right moment.. RAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.... An average honest man is nothing more than a narcissistic rottweiler, emotionnaly speaking.. a rottweiler have to be trained and entertained and you'll have amazing results.. and.. oh the girl you draw looks like a (sexy) crossdresser..

  7. Thanks Kareem, will do ;)

    Miss Polemique Thank you. I try...

    But thank you for noticing my illustration, nobody seems to recognise the talent there, such a shame.

    To clarify this post is not only about me, it's about all women in general. Keep the faith you say? to be brutally honest, I couldn't give a flying f*ck anymore. got used to being single now, god help him and me!

    moris How about women with so much testosterone they actually grow beards?
    and NO we are not looking for someone effeminate either, just someone with both sets of everything god gave him if possible and a good common sense when it comes to women. i.e.. never believe it's a good idea to leave in the middle of an argument!

    El Aswed it's true women do tend to over analyse stations and anything that you say to them, and it may or may not result in an argument, but this rests on the men's ability to explain himself and communicate in a normal, mature manner not like a 5 year old who doesn't want to talk about it.

    You say all men look for is peace of mind? lol
    Most women don't recognise that need as a primordial criteria, we like drama, drama is inevitable you might as well get used to it.

    Hey Homo Erectus, where did you do? missed you badly n here...
    I have to agree with you on the second point you make, women have to be a little smarter about things, feminists and independent women tend to throw their success and lifestyle and strong character in the men's face and ask them to deal with it, forget the men's feelings and the rules of dating, relationships etc and worry themselves more with keeping their independence and their bank accounts. perhaps you say they play with your balls (not literally...although....)

    In short, women are becoming much like men in the way they go about finding a mate, they flaunt their talents,funds and open their chests wide to intimidate/defend. this is obviously not very attractive to men as he feels the similarities and senses the competition and challenge,so perhaps instinctively he'll go for a simpler woman who holds a less flying,demanding job that requires her to turn to a feminize and with enough femininity left in her.

    Homo Erectus - cross-dresser? lol good. so that was achieved, she's' androgynous, she started taking on male features, soon she'll start growing a penis.

  8. Litteraly and softly.. that's pretty damn good for me...

  9. @DZ=Chick the single life is great as it enables one not to have to compromise but I strongly believe in LOVE and in the famous words of the Beatles 'All we need is love'.

    @Moris you can be a successful, educated woman with a very low testosterone level but to add my 2 penny worth on the subject, us Algerian women tend to be really tough so I empathise with you guys ;-)but please bear in mind we are a nation of warriors, men & women.

  10. hmm ... ok dear - in that case, i guess it's me who empathises with you, yes am sweet like that.

  11. Here we go again. Single women are single because they are too damn beautiful, successful, and no man can put up with this!!! Yeah right

    This may be true for some men, but there are some women out there who have not even been to school and their husbands (successful and good looking) are not just subordinates, they even fear them, which is sad really. I think that a man who fears or obeys his wife blindly is really not a man in my eyes. The same applies to a woman.
    Some women like to control their husbands like toutou (comme on dit chez nous), some men like to have obeying wives. In my opinion, you might just as well go and marry a robot if you want that... Stepford wives and husbands comes to mind.

  12. I know who you are, and I know you're not single now ;)

  13. me too Anonymous, i know you too.

  14. but what the heck is going on here?????
    Homo Erectus reviens à la maison ti de suite!!!!
    en plus qu'elle a droit à un surnom et à un ' miss you" (bouuuuuu), et pas moi!
    en plus que moi je suis super easy!

  15. I like this girl and her writing, she makes me live second by second what she endures, thx a lot for posting such an amazing articles...keep on writing and keep on following your guts ;)

  16. Chkoune 3douk moula sna3tek!

    Moh kheraya ellaaaaaaah i rahmou, il disait toujours " El Ghira Thadar"

    ya men3ache

  17. Mina, c'est juste parfait comme surnom (pseudo).. C'est rond, chaleureux et ça évoque plein de bonnes choses.. Tu te plains vraiment pour rien.. J'arrive commenter ta dernière livraison ya makhlouqa..

  18. non mais finalement chicky chika m'a convaincu des bienfaits du partage de l'home!

  19. so a 3some between HomoErecto,Mina and Chica?

  20. Greetings,

    The key to understanding a woman is to enter into harmony with her emotional states. That is where her identity lies. Too many men screw it up big time by not realizing this, and then blame their failure to understand on the woman. The Algerian male being under the influence of some stupid ethica is notorious for his failings in this area.
    A woman lives through her emotions. That is what the average man doesn't understand. She often sees the world in an alien light. He, trying to see that light, instead sees an alien. Her tendency to get excited or upset over utterly ridiculous things at the suddenness of light-speed sends him up a wall. He, being more a reasoning creature, is ever in the dark as to how one can live a life based on feelings.
    Other than food and shelter, a woman's most critical need is emotional fulfillment. Some men are aware of it, but most are not. The vast majority of women are bitterly dis-satisfied and dangerously unfulfilled. Men just don't realize the danger that a disenchanted female poses. Hell, most of the time she doesn't realize the danger she poses.
    To my way of thinking, a woman must find a man that she can educate about her needs if she is to find happiness. If she can't do it she is going to spend a lot of miserable days with and without a man.

    @ miss polemique:

    There are both men and women who seem to have no idea of what love is. I meet them every day, and even have some living around me. Some don't even know what kindness is.
    What keeps me going is that the vast majority of women I meet have a natural understanding of love (probably has to do with the maternal impulses). One would hope that they might be able to, first, tame the man, and then teach him how to love. But it happens so infrequently in our society that one wonders how we manage to survive as a people.
    In some countries where the materialistic mind-set has not come to dominate life the woman appears better able to bring the man into harmony with her natural gifts. And in some very primitive societies this is absolutely true. So it might be that it is modern enculturation that is destroying the ability of man and woman to enter into a fully harmonious relationship. I suspect that the commercial prostitution of the woman in Western society wherein she is turned into nothing more than a sex object sets the stage for her being treated as though she doesn't deserve a man's full respect.


  21. @Trinita : Interesting analysis except for that - "He, being more a reasoning creature"
    Come on buddy!

  22. @ Anonymous:

    What I meant to say is: As men, we tend to use our brain to deal with the circumstances and situations of our environment. Emotions other than anger and fear tend to come before or after the thinking process. Seldom are they involved in the actual thinking itself.
    Women on the other hand seem to me to fuse their emotions and thoughts, and what they deliver is a combination (or a blending) of them. If we can grasp their thoughts, then We understand their emotions, or if we can merge with their emotions we can often tell what they're thinking. There is more to it, but that is the basic structure.


  23. Thanks Trinita - makes more sense and I think you may be right, generally speaking.

  24. As always great article, I really enjoyed reading it.

    I think the reason why most women find it hard to find a suitable man is because they over complicate things, its not rocket science, you meet 100s of men everyday and the first thing you do is psycho-analyse them and find an excuse as to why they are not good enough, when you should be concentrating on whether they have potential or not.

    Most men are not intimidated by "successful women" I personally could never see myself with a woman that wasn't smart, in fact my wife has an IQ of 140.

    So what does it come down to. Well I can only speak for myself here, but I don't want a woman who thinks her career is the most important thing in her life, with erratic work hours. Family should be the most important thing for a couple, I recently left a very well paying job because I had to work till 9 almost everyday.

    Women who want to be career driven then you should either embrace the single life or find a like minded person, which I don't think exist, not in the long run at least.


  25. btw what do you do for a living?

  26. She's a hedge fund manager with billions worth of AUM!

  27. As with all hedge fund managers she must be very familiar with the evils of leverage and those billions are probably 10s and 10s of pounds.


  28. Sorry Dz-Chick et friends Dz-Chick, suite à la censure de mon comm le 14 septembre 2012 à 23 h 58 min par l’adorable Mlle Mina de JVA(blog à succès )
    , et afin de fanfaronner devant l’incontournable et l’unique HE (homo erectus b1 sur) ,je me permets de poster sur le blog free de Dz-Chick où la youdlamou 3andahou hahada, mon comm censuré .

    voici mon comm censuré relatif au thème de L’éducation sentimentale, ou presque de JVA ,publié le 10 septembre 2012

    @ homo erectus : En Ar (Rajel dima mwegueffe )
    C’est l’histoire véridique (oukksimou lakka bil lah ke c vrai ) d’un vieux couple de fac qui a toujours eu un petit sourire idiot sur la tronche
    en 2001, après 5 ans de 3achra hlaliya , mon pote l’idiot se présenta auprès du papa de l’idiote pour demander sa main ,après que la fille ait servi el khawa sur une sniwa ta3 nhasse sous les youyou orgasmiques de khalti 3waweche , mon pote en aparté demanda au père de la fille qui était un ancien bahri retraité de bab jdide , quelles sont ces exigences , le père répliqua « ya wliddi ma neshak ni tonobile ,ni dar ça c’est votre problème ,ndemandek ghir fi haja ,nhabek tchéba3 bntti fel freche ! lazem bnetti techba3 khiare ,nhabha twilli tetguera3 el nechwa », mon pote l’idiot interloqué, répondit « in chalah ya el hadj nkoune fi hassne el dane »…ils se marièrent et ils eurent beaucoup de khnfousses et de khnfoussas .


  29. @Histoires vraies
    Did the father really say that? seriously? Why do you think you were censured in mina's blog?

  30. Thanks Yaso I tend to agree with the over analysing we women tend to enjoy as a sport, instead of focusing on what you call potential, this could well be why we miss out on the good ones...

    I will however disagree with you on the second part, most men ARE attracted by successful and strong women, but they don't want to mary them for fear of living in their shadows perhaps or being reminded of their (women's) sucess their whole life; of course this doesn't mean the men aren't successful. again on your point about career driven women, I'll have to agree.

    On the 140 IQ Wife! I think you might be one of those rare specimen who enjoy doing maths for's fun :)

    Histoires Vraies je crois cromprendre que c'est ta traduction de "Homo Erectus" qui peut etre a l'origine de cette sencure! ceci dit je trouve que c'est une histoire de malade mais toute belle :) zidli wahda!

  31. Yes I do enjoy maths for breakfast, I had to, I did A level Maths and further maths, a degree in maths and now hopefully masters in mathematical finance lol.

    I am never intimidated by anyone, I just don't think it will be very practical, at least not for me, to be married to a woman whose main concern in life is her career. I am not saying that I don't want my wife to work, but I believe that we work to live not live to work.

    I have read most of your posts and the vibe I get is that you would be willing to sacrifice some of your independence for a good man, am I right?


  32. @ Blue :I swear bi thalate, this is a true story

    @ Blue et @ Dz-Chick:

    En ce qui concerne la censure effectuée par l’adorable Mlle Mina à mon encontre ,je crois que Mlle Mina internationale fait partie de ces gens qui pensent que dire les mots en arabe dialectale crûment , est vulgaire et répugnant , que ces mots sans atténuation nous renvoient à un langage de rue propre aux gens de la rue(el ghachi ) ,par ailleurs ces gens bien-pensants (la tcheheu ta3 chkoubi) préfèrent dirent érection au lieu de mwegueffe, fellation au lieu de pipa alors qu’en réalité ça veut dire exactement la même chose , pour ma part et par rouhe el watania (one two three viva laljerie ) je préfère dire mwegueffe au lieu de érection ,je trouve que c’est plus proche de mon identité partouzée et c’est surtout plus puissant …bref après tt JVA c’est son blog et elle a le droit de s’ériger en guérite de sa charikka, néanmoins ce qui me désole le plus , c’est le fait qu’elle s’arroge le droit de décider de ce qui est bon ou non pour ces lectrices et lecteurs et ça c’est d’une la vulgarité digne de la tribu des Béni-Aadass. Malgré ce qui vient d'être dit je persiste à dire que JVA est un blog intéressant surtout à ces débuts ou il y avait une niya juvénile.

    Encore une fois sorry Sorry Dz-Chick et Dz-Chick friends pour cette kherja mne el kssebe et pour ce squattage non autorisé de cet free space … pour mon anglais il faut que je m’inscrive quickly au centre culturel anglais à Alger avant qu’il ne
    soit brulé.


  33. @Histoires vraies
    What the father said is a bit extreme but very much justified in my opinion. I was 'au Bled' a few years ago and a cousin of mine was complaining that she wasn't her husband's center of attention in terms of fulfilling his marital duties and that it ruined their daily life as a couple. So yes, I think parents should reconsider what "el chourout"(conditions) are when they marry their daughters. All the jewelry and the money and whatever parents trade their daughters for, is NOT what is going to save their daughter’s marriage and assure their happiness.

    I don't think your post was disrespectful to mina’s blog since you were relating a story but as you said it’s her blog and she decide whether to post a comment or not.

    Désoler mais tu devras traduire ce texte sur google; je répondrais en français la prochaine fois, promis.

  34. @ histoires vraies: en réalité, tom commentaire est passé directement en spam ( ça arrive parfois, je sais pas pourquoi). Je consulte la liste des spam régulièrmeent et j'approuve les non-spams.
    mais ton commentaire, je l'ai laissé sur la liste d'attente. Pourquoi?
    non pas qu'il soit très vulgaire ( il l'est certes un peu, mais ta théorie sur les mots français/arabes ne tient pas la route!) mais il prête à dérapage.

    D'autres personnes vont réagir à cette histoire, et ça va vite déraper et devenir glauque. Ensuite on ne sait pas où s'arrêter.
    la vulgarité inutile susceptible de dégénerer est en effet à éviter sur le blog ( et peu importe la langue), c'est comme ça!

    bonne continuation!

  35. "So yes, I think parents should reconsider what "el chourout"(conditions) are when they marry their daughters."
    Blue : Do you really think that the sexual life of the future wed should be their parents' business?

    If we were not such a hypocritical society one would find if he/she is sexually compatible with his/her future before the wedding!

    So ludicrous!

  36. @Ali
    Taking in consideration that most girls do Not know much about sexuality before marriage (boys as well), who do you think they should turn to, to be able to talk about it and be aware of it? I believe that a mother (digne de ce nom) have the obligation to guide her daughter. If it is not possible for “respect” issues, then the mother ought to ask an aunt, a cousin (female) or a close member to the family to do the job. Of course it is the parents’ business (toute proportion gardee) to make sure their kids are happy and to know that everything is going the way it should be. What the father did say to his daughter’s future husband is extreme as I said and I wouldn’t encourage that kind of behavior but I would say that a more effective, straightforward, and to the point communication between parents and their children won’t do any harm, don’t you think so?

    “Hypocritical society” we are!! I can’t agree more!

  37. Blue : What you're suggesting doesn't make sense in my mind. Think about it a second. You see a mother or a father asking his/her soon to be in-law about his/her sexual abilities? Or else warning his/her son/daughter to check on that, but after the fact (wedding)? Wouldn't that be too late?
    And then what? File for a divorce?
    Plus everybody has different sexual needs; So the parent's criteria could well be above or below that person's real needs. Sexuality = intimacy.
    And there's no room for a 3rd person in a couple's bedroom (or kitchen/bathroom if they prefer).


  38. I really don't have the time or the patience to explain this to you my little Ali!! And would you please take these blinders off your eyes for a second; after you do so, would you re-read my post and try to get a sense of what I am saying?!!!!
    I never mentioned evaluating ‘the other’ sexual competences as you suggest in your comment!

    Les "Analphabètes trilingues" qui nous sert de compatriote pensent et le pense dure comme fer, que tout est 'h'ram", tout et n’importe quoi, j'ai nome ‘cunnilingus’ et ‘fellation’ mais pas seulement, ce qui pose un réel problème dans les couples Algériens. Mais tu vas certainement trouver ce que je dis la risible ou scandaleux !

  39. Scandaleux, non, mais risible oui.
    Let's agree to disagree.

  40. Yaso that may be so....may beeee and then again maybe not, perhaps that's why i am still single (by my own choice) because perhaps myself and other single ladies out there, simply refuse to compromise our independence, our lifestyle and freedoms for anyone, even if it means our happiness. I think we probably do it on an unconscience level or I am just going to get crucified by feminizes.

    As for what I do for a living....that would be telling won't it? though I am a fan of maths too...

  41. Maybe sacrifice is the wrong word to use, probably compromise is a much better word. You will never be happy if you don't learn to share lol

    what kind of things do you think you will give up if you get married to an algerian man?

    I think you are an analyst of some sort, all maths enthusiasts tend drift towards that.


  42. Might she actually be an engineer? bet she can work out the OSPF between nodes in a ring topology or Dijkstra's algorithm on her 5 fingers.

    can you handle her?

  43. I have never been a fan of decision maths, but have to admit looks interesting.

    Can I handle her? I don't know her background, but i am confident that i can handle myself with the best of them lol so yes I can lol


  44. Nothing beats an assertive SEXY woman.
    Just look at Stephanie Flanders, ok may be she can be annoying, so not a good example :)

    ATO (your inspiration for Point 1))

  45. Would it not be a pisser if Dz-Chick turned out to be a dyke?!
    Some of the most unbelievable sex ever to occur on the planet earth was recorded by me and avowed lesbians. You would not believe what they can do to you. Really, once you have them in bed they try to kill you off with sense-exploding love-making. They probably think that if they get rid of you there will be more women for them.
    I know for a fact that they have a different motivation, and get damn agressive in their love-making.
    Try getting one in bed without knowing what you're doing. She'll rip your guts out, and stuff them up your nose. Of all the women, the lesbian is the one that truely has to be conquered. It is a war, but oh what BOOTY. Lesbians love it.

    Trinita..who else!

  46. Dz-Chick

    Quadruply so!
    It appears you're trying to make the connection between who you is and who you isn't. The schism is terribly obvious, and let me extend this invitation that you seek out professional advice on this worrisome matter. The abyss between the two meta-states can be very dangerous if you should lose your footing. Who knows where such a fall might lead, maybe even to Hell! Check Dante for acceptable resources. Please don't struggle as that enhances the attractive force of the bi-polar disorder, and it can literally pull a being to pieces. Keep a tight grip on your soul till help arrives. Are you strong enough to hold on, or should I send you some immediate aid? Right now, your welfare is of great importance to me. Do let me know where it is that with stand in brotherly relationship to one another. Would not want to think that I over-stepped the line of decency.


  47. Dz-Chick

    Your silentium is beginning to concern me. Is too much pressure being applied to your delicate person?


  48. @ trinita

    so you speak from the experience..the gut thing :)


  49. Dear Zino

    We all learn from our mistakes. Yes. I speak from experience. There was a lesbian who was 21 when we first met. She ripped my guts out and stuffed them up my nose for two years. Then, one night she said yes. Then she screamed YEEESSSS!!!!!MY GOD!!!!YYYEEESSSSS!!! for the next five days. Then she educated me on what lesbians need.
    Let me tell you the full story while we're at it.
    There was once a hard-faced, gravelly-voiced, man-hating, lesbian who lived a few doors down the street from me. Every guy in the neighborhood was afraid to even look in her direction, knowing that she was an invective-filled demon when it came to the male of the species. Well, I was known as the Casanova of El Houma, since a different woman was seen entering or leaving my abode nearly every day. At a party one evening, the men got to talking about how hard it was to get a little nooky on the side. I, of course, tried to point out to them that it was no problem at all, that a man could have any woman he desired if only he let her tell him how to seduce her. Needless to say, they thought me an idiot, me who had a different pretty thing whenever I chose. Anyway it got around to a bet of 10,000 Dinars when I said I could prove it to them, and that they could pick the woman. Being the bastards that they were, they picked the fearsome dyke!
    Four days later I collected 10,000 Dz from silent, stunned, idiots when I presented photographic evidence of a LESBIAN crashing and burning in my arms. All the while she was crying like a baby that she didn't want me, while at the same time trying to embed herself in me. She, being a wise lesbian, knew the utter futility of trying to protect her vagina from me. End of story.


  50. babes, what's that cross soldered to a massive-ass ring (no pun intended) diagram in your picture?

  51. To me looks like a hopscotch, except that heaven here is round. Maybe in our host' mind heaven is somehow boring... :D

  52. Only boys could ask a question like that! it's the female symbol you doughnuts!

  53. female symbol, who came up with a shit symbol like that? seriously that feminist could have used some more imagination.

  54. Maybe she felt daisy from the bra-burning fumes!

  55. "Daisy"?? you mean Dizzy? Are you high or what?!! OH I want flowers(a bouquet) and that's how you're alluding to it!!!

    Guys, the lady wants flowers!!!

  56. You are right Dz-Chick but IMHO, the problem that men have with "wonderwomen" has little to do with domination/submission.
    A man instinctively like to feel that his woman need his "protection". It is the "Honey, kill the mouse please" syndrom or in other words the "Honey, give me your hand to cross the river" one. A woman that never ask these kind of things make her man feel he's useless as a man.

  57. English sounds like the hissing of snakes. It has lots of S. likes, needs, asks, makes, etc.

  58. Chatnoir yeah and Naah
    The ambivalent Feminazi in me says no, but I know that we also use that trick (honey catch the mouse, honey there's a spider) to make you men feel special, strong and powerful. You heard it here first.... Or maybe not!

    Babobab Hissssss

  59. In Feminazi-land its not wrong to be wrong.
    Regardless of how bad a screw up she is, arguing with her about it only makes the wrong a right.
    Her brain (HAHAHA!) serves but three major functions. They are the opening and closing of three holes.
    One hole is for ingesting fat-producing garbage. The other two is for the elimination of the processed sewage. All three holes are operating 27/4.
    When her holes are not ingesting and eliminating, they are making strange noise. Along with that noise often comes rank odors. Which she swears comes from the sewer lines...with which I agree.

    You know who...

  60. @Trinita that anecdote you shared about the lesbian does sound like a RAPE. Do not give professional 'advice' on potential 'disorder' as it sounds as though YOU ARE the one who needs monumental assistance.

    @Anonymous 'You know who', how courageous of you to impart of your feelings about DZ-Chick so overtly.
    Not many people nowadays are capable of being uninhibited and brazen about how they feel.
    Your eloquence and evidence of intelligence stimulated me greatly 'Her brain (HAHAHA!) serves but three major functions. They are the opening and closing of three holes'. Interesting so far I have read only two functions, opening and closing. You clearly cannot count up to three. 'All three holes are operating 27/4' please let me clarify to your over-developed (HAHAHA!)brain that there are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week hence 24/7.
    I am unsure what your gender is but I must say this, if you are a male, I sincerely apologize as it is unlikely that you will be able to purchase a pair of testicles and a penis anywhere in the world. However there is hope, if one can buy vital organs surely one can attempt to purchase a sex organ, please make no mistake by purchasing a vagina!

    Now if you are a female (which is very likely) all my condolences for your loss.....did DZ-Chick rob anything from you? Such as the life you wanted for yourself or maybe wit, intelligence, impetus and notoriety?
    As the amazing Oprah Winfrey stated 'you cannot hate other people without hating yourself' so whoever you are, accept and love yourself and get that green eye monster under control! Don't get me wrong I understand the challenge that it may be to actually love the loathsome person that you are but do try for your everyone's sake.

    Finally here is a term for you: YOBO (you're only brave online)

    @DZ-Chick keep doing your thing, you are amazing!

  61. Dear Miss Polemique,

    What kind of non-men have you been with to give you such a lousy outlook?
    Women come to me freely, and sometimes en masse. When they take me it is, oftentimes, with wild abandon. They are stirred to great heights of excitement when in certain rooms, and they
    thank me in ways that you are too young to understand.


  62. @ miss polemique:

    You are pretending to be a woman. As an expert on the subject, I can assure you you are not. You have notably missed all opportunities to become a woman, and the future doesn't appear too bright for you.
    However, that doesn't mean your life is over. Not at all. You can still service those who are at the very lowest end of the intelligence spectrum.

    You know who..

  63. Mademoiselle Dz-chick, permets moi quelques mots en français. L'anglais me demande un effort qu'il est difficile à fournir en fin de journée et souvent pour une résultat très moyen. Je voulais juste te dire, je ne sais pourquoi maintenant, que je trouve à tes articles une certaine authenticité. Je veux dire que tu arrives à faire passer auprès du lecteur le fait que tu n'écris pas un article juste pour entretenir le blog mais dans le but de faire passer une idée, souvent très pertinente et avec juste assez d'humour pour ne pas discréditer le propos.

    Pour résumer, I love your blog, même si je renonce souvent à commenter faute de sufficient english skills.

  64. @Trinita (or should I just call you Casanova) c'est ceux qui en parlent le plus qui en font le moins, ha ha and I am not that young !

    @You know who it must be so much fun being you!! You need divine intervention.

  65. Miss Polemique I shall continue as long as I have something to say and people like you who read and love.
    Chatnoir ton Anglais est plus qu’adéquat et « sufficient », so no excuses.
    Merci beaucoup pour ce gentil commentaire :)

  66. @DZ-Chick very happy to hear that the heinous morons won't put you off expressing yourself and providing great entertainment. They love reading your blog almost as much as I do and they even take time to write long elaborated comments. They love to read you and they love hate you.

  67. btw babes, are you fixated on glass ceilings? they're always coming up in convos.

    Miss Polémique, why have you got such an attitude babes? you need to chills a bit. as a matter of facts, chillax is what you needs.


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