Thursday 16 August 2012

Oops I ate it again!

Inspired by recent and ridiculous events…I thought it was time for a refresher on religious studies, my last religious education lesson was back when my nipples were still inverted and I didn’t have to fast, but my memory is a bit fuzzy now, when I drill into it, I keep getting flashing images of “2 Unlimited” NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO THERE’S NO LIMIT ….curious!

In my re-findings, the 5ive pillars of Islam are listed in a particular order, I was most interested in the observance of Ramadan and prayers and how they link the person observing them to God, how it is a personal responsibility and relationship between God and his subject and them alone.

But in certain “democratic” republics, fasting seems to have become a public affair and a responsibly of the state;
Public consumption during Ramadan is considered a crime, an offence punishable by law, here I am, thinking it was a sin, apparently it’s both since you get arrested and taken to court on charges of eating in public. This is terrible; think of how many people are hurt with every bite, the blood shed!!

Women might have it easier, if apprehended for public consumption, you will be asked for your “papers” so to save time, pull out a tampon with your identity card to be on the safe side or your diabetes card or your antibiotics or whatever protection you need from humans, because it offends them more than it does God evidently.

Praying on the other hand, which holds the same if not a higher rank than the observance of Ramadan seems to matter less to people, nobody prosecutes you (in between meals) or judges you for not praying, it is considered a personal choice and is usually left alone. Because??

It might be that we’re over thinking it and it’s simply a case of the old “if I have to do it…everybody else does too” or is it considered cheating just like doping in the Olympics? Maybe they think it’s a national duty? Who knows what they teach them nowadays!

In other countries, fasting is considered archaic and ignorant, some fast in secret, some flaunt it like an Olympian flaunts his medal, whilst others eat without being prosecuted and some might even gain respect for the perseverance and strong will.

Some fast out of fear of what people would say, others fast to loose weight, and others fast despite their dubiousness because it’s easier to fast than to stand up and object especially when you don’t have the arguments.
Some cling on to every scientific proof showing the positive effects of fasting, mostly to convince themselves they’re starving for the right reasons. The link to a certain BBC program is passed around like a faith touchstone and a sort of “I told you so” to the non fasting friends.  But there are the few who do it out of sheer faith and never mind the judgment.

The Non-fasters hunt is now open;
The streets are policed and whistleblowing is endemic;
Quick call 999 I saw someone drinking water!
Ridiculous you say?
One word: where I come from they call it Kwada*

As a concerned citizen, I’d like to know is it an Islamic republic or a democratic one? Charia or Not charia? Your business or my business? And where is Boutefilika? Do you think HE fasts? What do you think the self-righteous, toothless creep who alerted the “authorities” on the drinking criminals was doing at the time? £100 he was either wanking or steeling.

What about non-Muslim citizens? Do they also have to observe the fast? Or simply not eat in public? Who is making the laws here? A hungry judge who missed his S’hour(1)? And what of freewill, human rights? And Periods?

I find it utterly unbelievable that the majority’s beliefs are forced upon the population as whole and unconformity and differences are punishable by laws that are uncertain, unfounded and irrelevant especially to the minority who could be Jews, Christian or simply choose not to do it.

Apparently 2 Unlimited had it all wrong! Or have they?

Massayminch (2) – That’s how they roll

Dz-chick… does not much care for snitches and the self-righteous!
(1) Meal before sunrise and resuming fast
(2) not fasting
* Ooops I did it again


  1. what about you babes>why do you fasts, if i mays?

  2. Zis is not about me Moris!
    But since it's you: I fast because I am worth it

  3. i am IN moris bdw; lavléz

    you be good. it's for your own good.

  4. I guessed! Tu parles le créole toute la journée?

  5. fo shizo; vernacular of the coconut eating masses.

    want to learn some?

  6. Fo sho, hit me with the creoleous bonanza!

  7. I agree it should be a personal choice and it's basic rights but within respects.

    lol @ 2 Unlimited - it takes me baaaaack

  8. i would need to teach you in person ;) .

  9. Moris prrrr

    Anonymous within respect?? i didn't know there was an etiquette on eating during Ramdan! pff

  10. prrrrr? lol whats that?

    bdw still very much in touch with my little friend ;)

  11. You know what I had a hunch you might. Good news Fo sho

  12. you huncher you ... need to take it to that next step inchallah.

  13. Wow that's so cool congrats

  14. lolol i mean to take it from wishful thinking to reality. still far away. djameans.

    y tu>

  15. As a non practicing Muslim, this blog is my cue to voice an opinion. I do not fast and I do not conceal it in fear of judgement from my community or the Muslim community as a whole. My relationship with God is my concern and should remain that way. Unfortunately many Muslim brothers and sisters are under the impression that Allah has given them the authority to judge people and implement punishments accordingly! Those almighty people, the chosen ones no doubt, ought to come down their extremely high horses and come to terms with the fact that ultimately only God judges us. I salute my brothers and sisters that do fast and view ramadan as a spiritual entity however many of our beloved Algerian men (not many women but they are still some) are absolutely unbearable during the month of ramadan, they are in an execrable mood for the whole month. This is not honouring the holy month of ramadan, those shoild definitely get arrested and be detained for the entire length of ramadan.
    @Dilemna I really enjoy your blogs, keep it up

  16. DzChick, you have made the choice to live in a western country, and this doesn't give you the rights to shape Algeria at your taste.

    I believe that...
    1.people can do whatever they want if it is not against the law.
    2.eating in public in Algeria is prohibited by law
    3.if someone wants to challenge this law, then I'd recommend to challenge many other things that are not turning right - priority wise

  17. "2.eating in public in Algeria is prohibited by law"
    seriously wallah ?? then we are millions of outlaws here in Algeria.. and the funny thing is that I didn't even know it till now.. thanks zombretto..

  18. Eating in public during ramadan is illegal in Algeria??!!! That is a mind-blowing information! Definitely not an incentive to visit my country of origin! Is it illegal for the government to keep all the money generated from natural resources and let poor people starve? I guess God can turn a blind eye to theft & lack of charity but certainly not to non-observance of ramadan. May God save Algeria!

  19. moris Ah typical! Nothing new there then, still maybe a little step forward for Moris, a huge step for MANkind
    Miss Polemique Judgment is the other Algerian National sport or maybe a Pan-Arab sport.
    True enough though, if anyone should be incarcerated it’s the foul mouthed, bad breathed, unbearable individuals who can’t fast for shit.
    You can call me Dz-Chick ;)
    Zombretto let me stretch my fingers ….
    My living in a western (or otherwise) country doesn’t mean I cannot have an opinion about what is going in Algeria, and voicing my opinions here doesn’t mean I am shaping it to my taste, though you give me hope, I might be more influential than I thought I was.
    1- Good enough, though breaking the law can be fun (I am not encouraging anyone here)
    2- I see Miss Polemique and Homo Erectus have taken care of this :)
    3- There is no priority in revendicating change and claiming ones rights to not fast should they wish it.

  20. @Dz-Chick If judgement was a sport then Algeria and the Pan-Arab nations (as you have rightly pointed out) would have won more medals at the Olympics, beat the USA & subsequently we could have walked with our head held high! @Zombretto I sincerely apologise, you got served!

  21. "To fast or not to fast that is Ze question".
    Who gives a s**t about who's fasting and who's not?! Seriously this paranoia about who's more religious that whom has got to stop!
    We all know that fasting in Ramadan is more than just not eating so the question is..Will you be able to behave yourself for a whole month? Not easy to answer that huh!
    Not eating during Ramadan is by far the easiest aspect of fasting so making a law, which I wasn't aware of, prohibiting those who don't fast is ridiculous.

    But Zombretto has a point! He said "if someone wants to challenge this law, then I'd recommend to challenge many other things that are not turning right - priority wise".
    Many other things have to be challenged in Algeria indeed!

  22. First of all Eidek mabrouk Dz-Chick and all of you...

    Second, there is no such a law in Algeria that forbids eating in public during Ramadan. These zealous poilcemen and judges that arrest and sue the "criminals" that eat publicly during the holy month base their arguments on a law that forbids offending against Islam.

    Third, the natural question is then : Is the fact of not pratising a religion an offense against it? The algerian authorities answer is yes and no... As Dz-chick points out, only eating during ramadan is considered as an offense since if you do not pray five times a day or keep listening to your favourite music band during the friday prayer, you are not arrested...

    In fact, in Algeria more than in other muslim countries, Ramadan is seen as the most important part of islam and so the it is the minimum an algerian must do to be an algerian.

  23. I forgot to say that I love the nickname of zombretto... Thousands of years that i didn't listen to this typically algerian word.

    For those who do not know, zombretto is a mix of alcohol at 90° (used in medicine) and algerian soda... Because of the lack of alcoholic drinks, some young men used to drink it instead... and to die after some years.

  24. Blue Saha Eidek.
    Why can’t we challenge everything, why must we prioritise, things should be tackled as they arise not because we have bigger fish to catch/fry.
    Chatnoir Saha Eidek.
    There is an article no. 222 of the Algerian Penal code stipulates that breaking fast in public (obv in fasting hours) is punishable by a prison sentence of up to 6 months.
    And there is another new article 144, punishes he whoever offends Mohamed (SLAW) and/or all prophets, or he who offends the precepts of God and those of Islam, by a prison sentence of 3-5 months and a sum of money.
    I had no idea about Zombretto! I want to try some! Do you think there’s a law against it?.

  25. Dz-chick, Zombretto is generally part of some self destruction process. I never tried myself and even if the "code penal" does not mention it, I strongly recommend that you close your medicine box right now and continue to drink your Hamoud Boualem... at most with a drop of whiskey.

    I checked article 222 of the "code penal" (you can google it) it is about the falsification of official documents. There is no occurence of the word ramadan (in different spellings) in this document.

    The article 144... bis ...2 is really funny. There is an article 144 about offending government official while on duty, this is 144... then the special case of the president has been added 144bis... after this the article 144bis1 about specifically the journalists offending the president with more heavy sanctions... Then came the article 144 bis 2 about offending the prophet and religion...

    I wonder what the article 144 bis 3 will be about.

  26. @Dz-chick

    Well, you have a voice after all, weak though it be.
    My first impression of you was that you made a lot of noise to disguise the fact that you have no intelligible grasp on that of which you are so very loud. Up to this point in time I find no evidence to the contrary.
    Your being a "subject" of the great imperial whore, you shall not worry about the Algerian laws.
    One ought to know the difference between "offensive" and offense. Some junior law student might be able to help you with the distinctions. That same individual might be able to assist you in the study of religion, as becomes any in the practice.
    Now, if it is your desire to persist in this bourgeois behavior the educational requirements will be raised somewhat above the Dick and Jane level of comprehension.
    We might as well take up a very detailed study of the Algerian judiciary system of which, you seem extremely knowledgeable. But please have mercy on me seeing that my scholarship is greatly lacking in all of the pertinent areas of inquiry.


  27. @ Dz-chick

    I take it that by now, you have long, hard, erected & everted nipples!
    Looking forward to some concrete evidence of your sincerity.


  28. @Kad: a love letter... How cute!

  29. Algerians, always with the personal attacks and insults. You sound very familiar man I think I know who you are and I am sure Dz-Chick doesn't need me to tell her who you are ;)

    It's amazing what's lurking in cyberspace.
    Dz-Chick- don't mind poor Kad, he's obviously in love and doesn't know how to come out and say it :)

  30. @ Han Hiba

    My poor heart was ripped so viciously from me,
    flung to the ground, stomped on, and spat on. Since that awful period in life, I no longer have a heart, nor the woman
    Gone are the days when first the sweet Dz-Chick did touch within my soul a spirit most ancient. She's wonderful. A truly magnificent creation which even Zeus cherishes. Now I can weep but silent tears over those dear treasures which the Dark One called Time did steal from my chest of memories.

    Kad..a heartless and emotionless shell

  31. KAD: Get a life mate. talking like a looser

  32. Anonymous wrote: "KAD: Get a life mate"
    KAD replied: "Just caught one and it has FIRE in it! So, not wanting to injure your feelings, nought further will be said about this delicious event.


  33. When you are a nice lad/lady all year around, then when Ramadan comes it is just a question of doing the food bit, which is the easiest and one with most doubts over why you do it. Is it just to lose weight? Or because you can’t be bothered going out for lunch because you are glued to lucrative job/business all day?

    But when you are of those many dishonest people living on Rachwa,Hogra,Namima,Hassad,Sarika (embezzlement). Then you can imagine that you can top that with being a right hypocrite and pretending to be a good person for a month in order to continue to deceive others around you.

    Would have fasted for the health benefits but unfortunately fasting would be silly in my circumstances.

  34. @DZ-Chick keep your your identity concealed as some of your readers are downright imbeciles with a bitter disposition!


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