Wednesday 14 December 2011

If I could turn back time…

If I could turn back time, what would I do differently?
I often declare proudly NOTHING, NAFINK I TELL YOU
But gloomy hormonal days like these make me rethink the answer and ….seriously, how many days a month do you suffer from hormonal imbalances? Because with me, it seems to be 25 out of 30. Hormones will be the death of me.
If I could turn back time, I would do just that;
If I could turn back time; I would wind back the clock to when I was 12 and developed a sweet tooth, I would have taken more pictures since my parents seem to have been busy making more children, I would have learnt to say NO, I would have prayed to be like Peter Pan and remain forever young and forever happy.
I would have known better and bought yahoo shares, I would have created facebook myself, I would have told Boudiaf he was about to be assassinated, I would have cheated on many a one exam, I would have told my dad I hated physics, let me play my damn Guitar, I would never have taken the first razor to my legs and made a mess of myself, I would have opened my eyes and avoided colliding with the lamppost that marked me for the rest of my life (mentally apparently – I’d gone a bit mad since), I probably would not have moved to London or have moved back after my studies had ended…so many regrets and so many things to do….but hey so much time still, I am only 34 right? Gold help us next year.
Unsurprisingly I never regretted starting this blog, this post I might reconsider however, when the cloud of hormones has dissipated and I’ve gone back to my “normal” self.
Dz-chick…in a probing mood


  1. @Dz-Chick: No offense but I suggest you talk to your GP about your hormones imbalances. You may be suffering from early menopause. Hopefully not, but may be worth checking.

  2. Lol early menopause! Maybe I will check myself out with my GP!

  3. Salam Dz-Chick...
    How have you been bent bladi? I miss your blog, miss things over here...sorry for the long absence....edenya and the rythm of life...too much work and deadlines...
    Hope I can catch up and read things...since early september I think!


    DZ-C! :)

  4. Dz-cheikh since Sep I have written a few! Get yourself s drink and start reading the tribulations!
    Don't work too hard! Work is bullshit

  5. Never apologise, never explained and don't regret!

    Normal is overrated, stay crazy!!

  6. Normal I'd overrated for sure! I will remain crazy and thats s promise!
    As for regrets ah you know!! Everybody has them but it's how we .... Eh I can't actually be bothered to finish the sentence!

  7. Have no regrets, you've got your health...but you have hormone issues?? Hey, you have a blog that you love!!!

    Hang in there and stay Algerian!!

  8. Maricani I can't help be anything but Algerian - don't fret

  9. You r right what can you do...we r not mouta9a3idine
    I am surprised with the way of thinking of al maricani....america got you sir!...don't get or us...or eu...wherever u feel well it's fine...doesnt mean we have to like usa if u like it...and u dont have to like the uk if we like it...but overall I prefer DZland...and DZdream! Sec! Yeah Man!

  10. I am writing this with a friendly tone, respectfully and without anger…
    Cheikh, I respect the way you feel about the homeland DZ. I am not being arrogant or condescending towards Algeria or Algerians. I have nothing against Algeria and the Algerian citizens/"trapped" victims, but I do have something against the system. I am not going to sugar coat it for you here and say that all is good. MOST Algerians living abroad and those living in Algeria are unhappy with the way things are going there. My dream was to one day return to the homeland and give back to my native country, but that won’t work for me because the system doesn’t allow you to play by the rules. There is always someone to sabotage you and make sure that you fail (at least that has been my experience).
    I assume you are in the UK/EU, why don’t you go back and live in Algeria if you like it so much? If you chose to stay abroad is because you don’t like something about the homeland or you cannot have the same lifestyle as you do in the UK/EU.
    America did not get to me bro, I am a proud Algerian Muslim, and I make sure I represent Algeria well wherever I go. Why can’t I like the U.S? Is it a blasphemy? Am I being a traitor to my native country? I have my basic rights here which I don’t feel I have in Algeria as an Algerian native.
    DZ-Chick, I apologize if I am out of line with my comments, I am here to express my opinion and I thank you for creating this platform.

  11. Don't mind me fellers! Please go right ahead, this is here for this....debate!

    I personally don't have a problem with people speaking their minds freely about loving their lives in the ZtaZuni (USA), Europe or Timbuktu, the world is your oyster.

    There is also nothing wrong and in fact I encourage speaking out about the injustices and failures of the "system" in Algeria, we can't pretend it's all rosy and cool and tell people Algeria is doing well when they ask, let others know the truth.

    In all fairness though Maricani I think dz-Cheikh dies live in Algeria
    The floor is yours

  12. Hey Dz-Chick, I share some of the regrets you mentioned but we unfortunetely can't go back in time:(just make the best out of what we've learned :)
    @Maricani, I totally agree with you. Most Algerians feels the same way you do "giving back", and it's true that we're not encouraged to do so by our officials. We can still give back to our families, neighbors, ppl in need and it doesn't have to be astronomic - little by little we can/will make a difference in ppl's life and subsequently make a difference in ours :)
    I am fi maricane(NYC)and I love it!!:)

  13. @ DZ-Chick: you make live and die in Algeria...well inshaa Allah for the last one....but I think you got it wrong...I haven't lived in Alg for quite long now ...anyway, I try to keep rooted and linked to my country and I do my best togo at least once a year...
    @ Maricani: I have no probs with the US bro...and living there...however the distance kills ya Mo...and believe me I know what you're talking about...believe it';s not about the system...the system corrupted everything and mainly the people, echa3b!...
    As somebody here said, we can do our bit...bit by bit...supertramp sing: Give a little bit!...well let's do day or another we will go back there inshaa Allah!...that;s my dream...will it be good or bad...but one day we will go back!

    PS; None of you got it right where I owe me a tenner! :)
    ethalawe welad and bnat beladi, Enhabkoum kamel!

  14. Blue We can't go back in time, but in my experience, certain things you lived and didn't handle properly, tend to come your way again and that's when you have to cease your chance and apply what you've learnt

    DZ-CHEIKH Gosh, I just ass-u-me-d you lived in Algeria :)

    It seems out of a lot of Algerians living abroad, i am one of the rare ones who is willing to move back, perhaps it's worth to mention that i am impulsive and VERY brave! :P

  15. @Blue, I agree there is always a way to help...NYC represen-iiing!!!

    @Chiekh, cool man...the distance surely kills, I hate those transatlantic flights. I guess we shall see how things will turn out in Algeria. We'll stay tuned, hopefully we'll get rid of the scum that's keeping the country hostage.

  16. ...I would not have started smoking, I would have carried on with gymnastics, I would not have watched so many Disney's (they seriously ruined my vision of life :D), I would not have left Algeria without my sister.... we say they're regrets but they may simply be lessons learnt... the reality is, when we made our decisions, they were often not fully informed ones and therefore, could we really have a gone a different way?

  17. Ohh you just said d mouthfull there Missa; Despite what smokers say, smoking is not cool! And it smells, stains teeth and is dangerous! Walt Disney cartoons are full of hidden, sexist or subliminal messages, every little girl grows up thinking like Cinderella or whats her name with the long dangling hair and has to wait for a prince charming to rescue her!!! If that is not misleading then what is?

    I too regret leaving Algeria sometimes, but j quickly regain composure and think god for having had the chance to actually live my life and not that of others as is the case for a lot of Algerians back home, as they say عايشينلك حياتك

  18. Si c'était à refaire,
    J'agirais avec plus de sagesse...

    sur un ton plus sérieux;

    Si c'était à refaire, J'aurais fondé une famille avant d'avoir 30 ans..
    J'aurais fait des enfants (enfin dumoins essayé et le reste est mektoubbb)

    c'est mon seul regret

    BTW, je suis tombée par hasard sur tes citations, et voila une qui m'a incité à partager; ta façon d'écrire m'a plu

  19. Merci Houdada c'est sympa!
    ah les enfants, le mariage.... Tout me faisais bien peur avant, mais maintenant rien ne me trouble! Même pas la robe Ferguani

    Bonne lecture alors :)

  20. Tintintin...

    You're not the only one abroad who wants to go back :)

    We should set a team, it will be easier if we go back together !

    The system and the society are horrible, for sure, but every time I go back I feel people just need to see we can make things in a different way, live in a different way...unfortunately most of those who choose to be different stay hidden : how could mentalities and morals change like that?


  21. DZ-Chick I love this post, damnn girl it could have been a rap, put some heavy drum beats in the background & spit those lyrics with a little anger!

    Hormonal 25 days in a month?? Wow that's quite alarming but it might be a God sent for your readership.
    After all Mary J Blige wrote her best songs when broken-hearted, since she has found bliss in a healthy functional marriage, her music has become such a let down.
    Adele has also written both her outstanding albums in a similar frame of mind.
    What a daunting idea DZC.....when the notorious single Algerian girl in London will finally meet her prince charming (because I have no doubt she will), will this blog become obsolete?

    Great post......first razor to your leg, collision in the lamp post, taking more pictures and the sweet tooth........HILARIOUS! Thank you DZ-Chick for sharing your etat d'ame so overtly.

    “Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” Henry David Thoreau


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