Tuesday 20 December 2011

Caravan to…..London!

“If you haven’t seen the Sahara, you haven’t lived” if I count how many times I heard this, I would be sipping Kahwa(1) with Bill Gates, God rest his soul…oh sorry that was Steve Jobs!

Everybody’s panicking about New Years Eve plans, because we all know, if you don’t have cool plans that involve Taghit, Tamnraset (aka Tam – shoot me now), then you’re going to be crossed off the TchiTchi (2) list which the TchiTchi committee keeps updating but rumours are they are overwhelmed, the list is rumoured to be ever growing and the standards ever dropping…

There are reports of panic amongst Algerians, Tunisia is out of the parté plan, unless for a Mas’haf (3) convention, the French consulate has taken its leave and Libya is just not as fun as it used to be…La TchiTchi committee had to convene an urgent meeting to discuss - Le Reveillon 2011– Taghit is deemed mainstream now as more TchiTchi imposters have embarked the caravan to Taghit and everyone listens to Gnawi music now… Convention deemed it “like so last year and like totally unsuitable”, Tam is still vogue though, it’s extortionate, exotic and superior, but a new destination has to be found, the vodka is not going to drink itself, the gendarmerie would be bored, think of the police! Traditions must be upheld.
Caravan diverted to ….London baby!

Meanwhile, in London, Algerian Londoners are hating the cold December and the shopping frenzy, they shop online and all are partied out, they want to go home to Algeria and stay indoors with the family and the dog, eat couscous and sleep before midnight
So not TchiTchi….

Dz-chick….excommunicated TchiTchi

(1) Coffee
(2) La TchiTchni = posh Algerian posse
(3) Holly Qu'ran


  1. New years is overrated! I think it's just another day/night in the year but it has been so commercialised that we feel obliged to do 'something' in order to fit in!

  2. Absolutely! People make you feel bad about not celebrating...So last year!

  3. I think it's a Good piece but I feel something missing....

  4. lol Mas'fah convention in Tunisia - brilliantly put

  5. I agree, your post doesnt have too much body, but you conveyed the message...

    ...I just had to write something to participate

  6. Something happened to my screen, all the colours have changed!
    New style?

  7. Thx Anonymous! We'll have a new Mecca right next door and our Hadjjis won't need a visa :p

    Maricani al moucharaka :)
    Yeah it conveys the message concisely but what's your take on the NYE subject?

    Formosa new style, you like? The black was depressing! What are you doing for the NYE! Tell us what's going on in Seoul with the death of Mr. President!

  8. German counterpart21 December 2011 at 15:07

    Hello Dzchick! As much as you would think this I'd alien, it isn't ... I can totally relate AND am boycotting NYE just because people always expect you to party big time!

    Just discovered your blog, I find it fantastic
    Keep going girl

  9. Thank you German Couterpart :)
    Many more returns then

  10. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the link between the title (Caravan to London) and the post itself?

    Otherwise, I do agree: NYE is grossly overrated!

  11. The caravan got diverted from Taghit to London...It's subtly mentioned, pay attention ;)

  12. To me NYE happens to be very commercialized and overrated. I can party any day of the year without waiting for NYE. I am not sure what the trends are in Algeria when it comes to celebrating NYE, but thanks for keeping us updated. I like this season because the pace slows down, I get extended weekends to catch up on things and do things I enjoy doing...So, yeah, I don't care much for it.

  13. Maricani I am spending my NYE in Algeria but not very keen on celebrating to be honest! Never was, I always feel like I was made to conforme and celebrate to be in the IN crowd, I don't like to do things because people think or say they're cool ....I'll tell you what's cool... A nice quiet evening with my family at home talking and laughing, eating together etc.... Happy New Year

  14. I'm going to Montreal for the first time not to spend the NYE but to just get out of NYC and visit family.
    NB: I voted twice for the template, is that cheating?! ooops!! :)

  15. Cheat! Lol so far the results are not looking favourable hon!


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