Wednesday 19 October 2011

Philanthropy for single women

A blank page presented itself to me as I flicked between my screens, and I felt I had to fill it with my thoughts, after all, it’s been a while and I need to let them out or I shall go mad…fasten your seatbelts folks!

Latest life changing decision, purchase a flat in this impossible market turmoil, rent it, pack up and leave, move back to Algeria…as I fantasise about this with a friend from work over a cup of coffee in the kitchen, she confesses that all her friends are doing the same especially in view of the recent termination of their employment and their barren love life, they unanimously decided London was the issue. “we just can’t meet anyone”, “there are no men available”, “men are not interested in relationships anymore” despair… as I stood there looking at her, my mind wondered back to my fantasy apartment, “yeah stone grey walls would be so cool” I start thinking about the walk-in wardrobe when she yanks me back to the topic at hand, annoyed I inform her of the veteran status I acquired on the subject. I am the original single girl.

I have been raising the issue since Eisenhower… or since 2007, but have yet to come to any kind of solution as to this predicament, but surely when you live with something for so long it becomes like second nature, l fear single women will mutate and grow male genitals to compensate for the lack of men in their lives/systems like that kind of amphibians (frogs to be precise) that jump gender if in a predominately female population as a life saving or procreative instinct, with all the chemicals we consume and all the hormones pumped into our system through everything we consume, it could happen, it’s all part of evolution*

To conclude, if you are single and don’t seem to see an end to your dilemma (if you consider it a dilemma), don’t come complaining to me, do something about it, go back home and marry your cousin, change sexual allegiance or move to Utah and jump on the polygamist wagon or give priesthood/nunhood a go but don’t come to me for advice. I am the case study.

Dz- Chick …..let the soul of my relationship-dream RIP


  1. welcome back DZ chick. i missed u ;)

  2. Thanks Soltan :) missed you too hon

  3. The weird bit, u hear girls getting engaged every single day.. one week u r both having a drink complaining how there r no men in London, and out of the blue she changes her facebook status to engaged.. and starts telling you la3kouba lik... Welcome back DZ chick.. as bad as u might take it.. but i find in ur blogs the comfort and the truth, that i lost in my girlfriends

  4. I'm so disappointed.
    Just when I thought you were becoming issue-free, now you seem to be having fantasies about single girls with male genitalia and possible froggy like features. ( I like the imagination though... )

    It won't help, you know - to increase the pool of available males. I mean these girls with the extra bits will get snapped up by the few remaining males (face it, the ones that are left over now are a bit on the fringe don't you think?)

    So after that cheery thought... why is the asterisk after evolution?

  5. Sad but true, people are scared you'll jinx their relationship or something! Am glad you find comfort here, that is the point I suppose :)

  6. Formosa, am getting there (issue free) but a girl has got to whinge, furthermore this is my bit of philanthropy for other single girls out there!
    Good question re: evolution*, only because it's an outstanding issue I have to come back to Grindaizer since my Ramadan post on evolution!

  7. 30 and single

    31 and still Single

    32 and yet still single…The London issue!

    33 and still single....maybe I will do better next year!

    34 and guess what??? …still single

    I can't wait for the 35 title... and the content :)


  8. You don't need a man. Ydjibou ghir les problèmes.
    Et puis, c'est pas qu'il y en a plus. Il y en des hommes (en pagaille?) c'est juste qu'il y a plus de torchons que de serviettes haha.


  9. Ahhh Delboy Delboy you always wish me well! :)

    S: absolutely xx

  10. Dz-Chick : Any chance we hear about Safia soon?

  11. Funny you should ask about Safia, first chapter will be published this week :)

  12. Dz chick, I agree with anonymous "S", you dont need a man. You need a champion!xxx

  13. Irulana: true story ;) where?

  14. I love the many options offered to tackle the dilemma of singlehood:

    1- Marry your cousin, damn girl...that's incest & could lead to genetic disease or birth defects for perspective children.

    2- Change sexual allegiance, I wish it was that simple. Men are useless nowadays so I'd rather a vagina after all!

    3- Move to Utah & jump on the polygamist wagon. I would rather miss the train, tahnks but no thanks!

    4- Give nunhood a go. HELL to the NO, that's just cruel, live a life without carnal pleasures, shoot me now please!

    DZ-Chick you are just too whimsical ;-)

  15. Cheers MP!
    Marrying a cousin is incestuous only in some cultures, in others it's the only way to keep the density fortunes and the "previous" genes in the family. Don't ask me I am just saying...
    Now don't you turn your nose on your cousin missy!


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