Wednesday 18 May 2011

Blame it on witchcraft

I will never tire of hearing, “how come you’re still single” and the likes…”what’s wrong with you that you’re not married”  I never know how to answer these questions, usually I just shrug and say I don’t know whilst trying to suppress the urge to scream Mind your own business.

I have had many answers and theories as to my predicament, mostly focused on the fact that I am an independent Muslim girl living abroad alone...etc but recently I have had a new theory proposed to me, so profound it’s a completely different kettle of poisson; “Dz-chick, there was a curse put on you years and years ago, your future lies in your past, both in a knot that needs to be undone for you to go on being married or having children, your life is on standby”
No Sh*t Sherlock!

I guess I can stop worrying now, I have located the problem and according to the hippie with the sixth sense and multiple earrings who stopped me on the street to foretell my predicament, before I ran away from him with my hands on my ears singing NANANANANANNANAAAA to stop me hearing what he has to say, it was witchcraft or evil eye or something that probably comes in a jar from Africa; What do I believe? As Truman Capote said “It is the want to know the end that makes us believe in God, or witchcraft, believe, at least in something.”

I guess it’s nice to be able to blame everything on something or someone; everything that is not right in my life is not a systematic consequence of my own decisions but evidently due to some evil curse that was put on me.  What a relief that I can now blame witchcraft for my misfortune, the kilos I put on and for the friends I lost, for all the problems I faced, for the failures I suffered and of course everything positive I have myself and god to thank for. Hmmmm sceptical I am.

This is such an uncomfortable subject; you want to believe but you cannot bring yourself to do it, so instead you think of Harry Potter, he’s a wizard, Sabrina the teenage witch or of Samantha the nose-crinkling beloved witch, or the sexy 3 white charmed sisters living in LA; these are the positive aspects of witchcraft and wizardry the media portrays and then there is the old stereotypes of the old, ugly and green-faced women, wart-nosed, flying on a broom up to evil tricks, there is also the witchdoctor from Africa dancing around a flame in a ritual that involves a chicken and a sacrifice, feathers flying in the air and an incessant trance-like scream that scares the “patient” better.

In Algeria, we have a different visual when it comes to witchcraft and its perpetrators; we hear so many stories growing up, of old women visiting the cemetery at night presumably to use the dead in their macabre practices, witches, it would seem not green faced but may be wart-ridden, of old and young women visiting the marabout to give offerings and seek fortune and news from the past and the future and of the people who urge you to believe because it was referenced in the Quran.

Algerians grow up hearing stories of people who were harmed by the evil eye and the works of charlatans and S’hour (black magic), how they ought to protect themselves from evil, the evil eye and the envious souls, by reciting certain parts of the Quran, namely Ayat (Psalm) “Al koursi”, some people wear the hand of Fatima as an amulet, displayed in a frame in their houses, stickers on their cars or as a pendant on their new born babies to ward off evil eye, of course the baby will never choke on it and if that was to happen, it would be none other than the work of evil eye.

People protect themselves by withholding their success stories, good news and good fortunes for fear of suffering the evil eye which radiates from jealousy and envy, which will then manifest itself through failure, material damage (accidents, fire etc) or bodily harm and health problems, As a result Algerian people took to the habit of doing things as discreetly as possible and keeping good news hushed such as marriages, travels, projects, pregnancies etc
Are you pregnant? No I am just bloated how dare you say that? Six months later, she’s walking around with a pram and you are the one who was out of order.

Black magic  however, remains more of a taboo subject that people tend to brush off as a heretic and irrational belief, when one hears of black magic, one tends to think of Africa, or Haiti and its Voodoo and other cultures such as ancient pagan rituals.
Africans have always been known for their common practice of black magic, as a healing practice, for vengeance or for obtaining riches and fame, it has also been linked to football games and international tournaments, many games were thought to have been rigged with “gris-gris” and charms explaining therefore the lousy performance of the players or low fitness and ultimately the defeat.

This is an interesting blog I stumbled upon when doing some research on the subject, in which the author tries to explain the inexplicable results of the Algerian vs. England game during the World Cup; he believes the Algerians resorted to black magic despite the result of the game

Do I blame my misfortunes on evil eye and witchcraft as the hippie suggested and be like the Disney princess who swallowed the hexed apple the dark witch gave her, or do I and the princess wake up, spit out the apple, stop procrastinating and trying to blame someone else for our dilemmas and just get on with it.
I think I will choose the latter and instead of crying about my misfortunes and shifting the blame onto someone or something else, I will focus my energy on bettering myself and moving forward inchallah.


  1. I like the end of that one.


  2. Come on cheer up. I think it's all in your head.
    Don't forget today 35% of marriages go into divorce.
    Less the number of unhappy marriages.
    Less the number of people who get married later than 34.
    Less the number of women who desperately need to get married because they have a low paid job.
    Less the people who cannot have children
    Less all of that and you are just an average case.
    In fact consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity to be in not in the UK, but in London, to have a nice job. And to be able to stroll to the Thames for a nice dinner with a glass of wine
    So just enjoy life, it is too short to be having kittens

    On the question of black magic, provided you exclude the theory of psychological self harm/healing, it does exist because me, the wine drinking, serial dating, fun having Londoner have attended some exorcist sessions, including for a close friend and a relative.
    But it is rare, and most of the times, it is the actions of the individual who lead to their plight, just like in the case of illnesses, where the reason is most of the time either genetic, poor health keeping etc


  3. Thanks Delboy

    @ Anonymous: I do, I am thankful for all those things, it is horrible to have someone inform you that your life is shit, but I am fine, and no it's not all in my head, it's all in the hippie’s head.

    Black magic has no place in my life nor will it determine my future. FACT

  4. Inchallah, I hope no one will harm anyone

    Rukia is good whether you think you might be "affected" or not

    Even the prophet was a victim of Sihr.

    Don't get me wrong, I drink notoriously, have sex with women, but I am still a Mulsim, which means I will believe in the intangible world, especially if it is affirmed in the Quran.

    I never view it a sign of weakness that I have a religion.
    My religion does not say don't bother because it is black magic
    My religion says if all the human beings conspire to harm you, they will not be able to, unless God permits it.


  5. I agree with Anonymous above. this is pretty deep. anyway, don't let it get you down.

  6. @ TDW: the tune is scary! listen to this

  7. I agree with you that Algerians believe in "shour" and do convince themselves that it is different than witchcraft ! Its all BS if you ask me.
    I wonder how people like our anonymous serialdater(which can only be explained as personal hygiene issue :)) here believe the prophet was a victim of sihr , did they read it in the tabloids of the time? and how come these jnoune are exorcised by local religion, do the jnoune only understand the official language and religion of the country they're in?

  8. scary how? i thought its unearthly vibes befitted your post quite well.

    t'es une ronchonchonne alors?

  9. Je suis ronchonchonne! tu m'énerves, ca m'énerve ca m'énerve ;)

  10. it's quite funny.

    do you know "flight of the conchords"? a musical comedy duo from new-zealand.

  11. Maleko,
    What personal hygiene are you talking about?

    Roh tchem 3la rohek :)

    You claim to be modern in not believing in Sihr, but then you fail to control your anger at some one who is probably better looking, more charming, has more personality and hygiene and style than you.
    Just because they get chicks :)

    Yakhi moustache yakhi

    The answer to your question is no, no one knows, it is just plain old belief, take it or leave it.

    I hope it stops here, and I hope DZ chicks lets this one go through the same way she let your pathetic comment through.


  12. Funny how ONLY the poor, the needy, the ignorant, the looser, the illiterate, the religious, the sexually fursrtated, the hormonal, the unmarried, the childless, the loveless and the anonymous believe in s7oor!!!

    Now, ahhh ya Maleklondon anonymous goulak hagda ou madeer walou? :)

    Ana rani mas7oor dernièrement; I am broody as hell.

  13. Haha anonymous, I put a smiley for a purpose, supposed to be a joke! someone must've put a spell on you or something :) I bet the "chicks" you get have moustaches too !
    @GMA are you calling anonymous illiterate sexually frustrated loveless loser? :)

  14. La guerre des moustaches!
    Settle down boys!

    Secretly loving this! :)

    This post is hexed! HEXED I TELL YA!

  15. @ronchonchonnariya: put in your 2 cents to spice it up a notch.

  16. No No No come on Maleklondon, you can't discriminate against hairy women is so NOT pc :). Balak yadjadak dirou this weekend a walk houma taneek; we may end up with a never know they can even set up a lobby called 'Hairy's R US' and put some preasure on Venus Wilkinson Sword Quattro Wave (VWSQW) to make them change the colour of their razors from pink to khokhi.

    Galek taneek that anonymous sit on the board of VWSQW as a non- excecutive director of hypersensitivity reactions.

  17. to stick to the subject :I grew up with rouqia and lehrouz(similar to jews who have a herz put into some sort of cover and stuck to the side of the door!)its no different than the evangilist healers and priests performing exorcism, my opinion is it's all a scam, call that modernism if you wish but until someone comes up with proper tangible evidence I will stick to my offensive opinion !

  18. @GMA haha Tachewalk thats an anonymous girlfriends gathering :)
    we gonna drive him mental, I better stop here.

  19. ahh ya ya !! gone my innocent days when I used to believe in el ghoul, el ghoula, cha3chabouna,el rou7aniya and....etc.... chouf la difference between hna les Algeriens et les Anglais par exemple; hna kanou khawfouna fi sghourna bel ghoul w' el rouhaniya houma khawfou wladhoum bel fox with a gentle story of 'The Rabbit and The Fox' . Now, you wonder why we're all traumatised!!!

    I was even taught 3adab el 9abr when I was 5 yrs old.

    1. hahahaha I love your comment GMA, it's just too funny.
      Well DZ chick don't worry about that nonsense that gypsy told you, i had a similar thing happen to me one day, some weird girl at college grabbed my hand and told me all sorts, it don't bother me at all. i think this question of marriage and all that is all in our heads, the more we become obsessed by it the more guys feel it and that just drives them away. there is no shor or BS like that, its just a question of not letting fear rule us, being happy and loving ourselves and letting things happen naturally...

  20. ML : My post had a smiley too!
    Scam? may be! I used to think the same, but then something night I was going home, it was 11:11:11 pm when sudenly ..... ronchonchon....

    GMA: ughh sounds like you are really genetically modified, ya mhaynek samet tektol, nhat feek license ou match3alche.

    aya vive la chickas (not the moutached ones that ML knows of), ou yehyawe ness mayfair, ou ness les clubs, mekra fi shab le3mayem, ou les moustache, ou jma3et el oui oui ou etbl3eet


  21. @ TDW: It's always more interesting this way! sinon: ca m'enerve ca m'enerve tu m'enerve ca m'enerve

    @ GMA: Broody!!?? I guess it's the season

    @ Anonymous: I do phope you're between the ages of 21 and 27 anything older than that you really cannot talk hagda! Conquests, chicks! Clubs, Mayfair! yakhi zouwakh yakhi :P

    @ Malek: We all grew up hearing such topics in our daily lives, to believe or not is a matter of choice, I absolutely agree and by no means does it mean modernism or ta9akhour!

    My 4 cents by Dz-Chick

  22. so it's ok to be like "that" (whatever "that" is) between the ages of 21-27?

    that's a bit ... restraining. we only get better with age as you know.

  23. No that would be women....they get better with age, men just get more deluded about their self image and their attractiveness!

    If a man over the age of 30(gave you more scope than 27) still talks of how many women he's had and numbers he collected in a certain club and who he sat next to in a certain restaurant, then it is a sign of lack of maturity and it’s a turn off for most women.
    Also men who have 3 phones!

  24. no babe, the attraction for older women is for when a guy is younger, but once you become the same age as those women, there is a paradigm shift where you then start finding the younger ones more attractive :P .
    either way, we win lol.

    hahaha you know someone with 3 phones.

    are you saying people over 30 can't have fun anymore?

  25. Chill out DZ Chick, don’t make the mistake of turning into a dictator, let us keep this blog a free one
    And remember the most popular post in your blog is the very first one, because of my 21-27 comments ! It is the one that has brought so many people from Google into your blog.
    Believe me I know I am interesting!
    And you are right, it is not the age! It is the spirit and attitude to life…I take it as a compliment you think I am happy person in his twenties!
    I leave it to you to check whether I have ever criticised your ‘4 dates’ or stories centring usually around you and your princess stories, you will find that I am not a frustrated person ;)
    And have very little scope for hatred in my heart because life has treated me well so far (I say it with a religion-believing Hamdulllah!)
    In fact you go mad because I literally said ‘Long live Women’, clearly not a feminist as you claim to be
    Chill out basically
    Peace, love and Zhou for everyone!

  26. maskine anonymous mazalou makhlou3 and easily impressed with the club scene and with Essex girls(the Sharon's and the Tracie's) lidorro fi W1.

    Dz-Chick, must be the sight of too many pregnant women around ticked my manly biological clock off snooze.......Rrrrr!

  27. GMA die of jeoulousy :)

    The worst thing is I am probably talking to a virgin.

    Yakhi comblexe yakhi


  28. :) I am loving this banter!
    bessah Anonymous 3mitha un peux, en ce qui concerne my " princess stories and 4 dates etc" of course I am going to talk about myself...IT IS MY BLOG :) ba3da!!!

    @GMA: I don't know what broody feels like! description required please!

    Bisous a tous :) no hard feelings, this blog wouldn't be what it is if it were not for all of you (Can you tell I had a drink? well I did)

    Ps: Anonymous: notice how the 2nd most popular blog is 33 and single! ;)

  29. This anonymous is so mysterious and enigmatic I find it so hard to figure him out :)so far I picture him as popular with the laydeees or should I say laydeeboys ! and he has managed singlehandedly to bring your blog to the masses! what a legend.
    The Polish and "fat americans" have made him think he's a stud, I bet he says awesome and dude a lot :)
    I said I'll leave him alone but he asked for it :)

  30. @ TDW: I never said over 30 is no fun...I am 34 and I have a lot of fun, admittedly I don't seek the same things I did when I was 25-32 I don't like clubs, and standing up for 5 hours drinking in a pub shouting over my friends so they can hear me, probably getting my face and my drink sprayed with spit! NO THANK YOU!

  31. am liking the random numbers: 21-27, 21-30, 25-32. are we playing bingo?

    being a woman, you should know what broody is :P

    i guess we need to define what fun is to start with. but that is subjective in itself so ... we're back to square 1.

  32. ML: don't assume every Algerian is a straight out of the boater like you, managing only trash when out hunting.

    God why I am trying to prove myself to an idiot who has probably never spoken to a challenging posh girl.

    Oh plz stop the racism b.t.w, e.g. Essex and USA it makes me uncomfortable, sorry no trashy talking with me.

    Aya chill out and remember you need to aim for challenge ya Mr Virgin


  33. P.s.
    I am going to ignore any further attempts to quell freedom of expression, in the words of Steph, Na3eddine elmoustache et la dictature ingrained some peoples minds!

    In other words I will continue to come here and tell stories of my adventures, ou les ma3jbouche elhel, try to do like us!

    Peace and love

    3aynou alhasoud la tassoud lol


  34. I'm starting to worry about you anonymous, I blame witchcraft :)
    We believe you, you're a catch and an excellent hunter (to use your word, these are people too just females not prey !)
    You cant complain about racism when you call people trash in the same paragraph !
    Instead of clubs and mentally challenged posh girls I suggest you start reading and travelling, Dz-Chick is trying her best to educate you here, she'll give up on you soon.
    To finish you're barking at wrong tree, we're not impressed, go to finsbury park get a kahwa kahla, dir fiha garo and akhla3 the easily impressable like you !
    Algerians hate a makhlou3 zawakh shallow intellectually challenged boukhnouna :)you called me idiot so I'm entitled to call you names too.

  35. It is getting hotter and hotter in here...brilliant..loving it boys..

    I hate people thiking that l3in and sihr did everything to them..very sad and they do not enjoy every second with the supposed to be friends or family...which sick..

    @ Anonymous, rak chwiya makhlo3 chwiya la? I hate when you called the gentleman Maleko ya Mr Virgin in a sarcastic manner (I dont care if he is or he is not)..what is wrong with being a virgin..civilised people wait until they do it with he right person at the right time. but careless people they sleep around with whoever, mliha wela bach3a, li fi yadak hato...sick or what......

  36. think we need to lighten the mood, so I had an el fantastico lunch. seafood paella with orange&passionfruit cheesecake dessert topped with blueberries.

    i feel like having a little snooze now ... maybe i will after sending some random email to make it look like am busting my ass working so hard.

    so DZC, mon déjeuner t'énerve? ca t'énerve et ca t'énerve?

  37. Haniya: where you on holiday?
    Naima has disappeared as well!
    Allison! Star!! Where the hell are the girls!

    @TWD: I went to the gym, came back, found more comments dans la guerre des moustaches!

    I had a Prêt sandwich and an apple! Boring! mais mon lunch m'enerve plus que le tiens!

    Oh and I NO I don't know what broody is like! Is it when I see a kitten and go all mushy inside!!

  38. am sure they're there, probably just on a more voyeuristic level.

    something like that, but probably more like when you hear some emotional jazz piece :P .

  39. ML, if you go back you will find that I did not comment on your post, but you rather felt
    It was necessary to insult. And even I was makhloo3, can you not have a bit of light heart ?
    You know just like a normal non frustrated person, just have a laugh!
    I am just proving to you that you are a gudgy person.
    No one should tell me how to live, not you or anyone else on the blog. Each to their own!
    I love the way you speak in the name of the Algerian nation, just like a moustache, I swear you are one.

  40. P.s.
    I think this post is to be the contender soon for the most popular post in this blog..mark my words!
    P.s.2 I feel tempted to thicken my head and keep replying to the frustrated moustache until he learns next time not to translate his jealousy into childish interventions such as "so you having fun yes? then you are khamej and makhloo3" but may be I won't, but then again is he really worth it, the guy is in his 30s and missed on life…


  41. The girls are around DARLING...I have been a bit busy...but holidaying :(...
    i can see when men dominate the conversations, it can turn to une guerre lol...they need our soft souls around...

    @ TDW, lol..big lunch huh..good for some serious work would ya :D?

    @ Maleko, I think you should not drop your level to talk it for serious civilised discussions

    hope u guys have a good evening..


  42. Hania
    Being civilised is not about having sex with one person only. I wish it was about what you call superficial and shallow sex, but it is not. To me your statement is ideological, and I personally respect your opinion, but I hate ideologies.
    I am sure a lot of people who have the same opinion as you might actually be talking about cheating, rather than having sex with people you are attracted when you know it is not necessarily going to lead to a relationship. This is normal in most civilised countries in the world, and I would not call for example Princess Diana uncivilised just because she had relationships with more than one man. She is undoubtedly a very humane person who helped poor and needy people all over the world, granted perhaps as part of her royal ceremonial duty, but that does not make her uncivilised.
    No one should have a problem if someone chooses to have sex for fun, as long as the other side has the same expectation. This includes making an ugly person happy by having sex with them as well.
    In my humble opinion, being civilised has a lot to do with tolerance nowadays. Tolerant people tend to assume the better of other people., and accept and argue their points rather than insult and call names just because someone’s lifestyle does not resemble yours, or you get the impression they mean something else.
    If someone is being happy go lucky, you will find that tolerant people will come out and say “Hey jolly, you sound in a good mood as always! What is up!”
    These are positive people, you instantly remind them of the good times and they wish they were with you. Otherwise if they were for example religious and disagreed with, they will ignore you, or they could go further by arguing their point: “Wa jadhilhom billati hya ahsan” :)
    On the other hand, a narrow minded person, will either instantly feel the need to attack because he perceives a danger to his extremist territory, especially if they rule by brainwashing and hypocracy (a.k.a he is a Moustache)
    They will also remember how sad perhaps their life has been, and get consequently frustrated and this can be detrimental.
    When they fail to argue their point, they will finally ask you to leave, and try to deny you freedom of expression.
    I have to say I am happy that DZ Chick has never stopped my post, this is credit to her. And if one day I feel my comments are not getting posted, then I will simply stop posting rather than black mail or insult her.

    1. Anonymous, I bet you never told the girls that you want to have sex with them but that will never lead to a relationship. Instead, you make them feel that you want to have a relationship with them, you make them feel loved and wanted, you make them feel that there is hope and then after sex, its bye bye lady it was just for fun, ohh and when the girl complains you say "I thought you knew it" in my opinion that's how guys like you operate and then you feel proud of yourself !!!! I think you should be more considerate towards women because believe me I don't think ther is a single woman on earth who would wish that on herself. We have hearts and we do fall in love with you guys unfortunately, and the only reason these girls allowed you near them is because they fealt attracted to you and trusted you and maybe secretely hoped there will be something nice that could come out of this. So please stop being selfish and stop hurting pple.

  43. Hagda, hein? On s'absente quelques jours et quand on revient, c'est la guerre, les insultes!
    Non, mé kesskéssé k'c'bordel comme dirait l'autre?
    Mr Tipsy est bien susceptible je trouve, mais c'est vrai que sa vie privée ne regarde que lui. Qu'il sorte avec une fille ou 100 000, en quoi ça nous regarde?
    Il finira par s'apercevoir avec le temps que "qui trop embrasse mal étreint", mais laissons-le cheminer à son rythme.
    @DZ-Chick, il nous faut un nouveau poste fissaa pour désamorcer la menace d'une 3e guerre mondiale juste entre nous.
    Décidément, nous avons le sang chaud ya boureb!

  44. P.S. DZ-Chick, maybe you could write something about the algerian temper?

  45. Allison!
    lol@ ya boureb
    And it's an excellent idea, I shall start writing about the Algerian temper ASAP, there will be many examples from here probably! just you wait!

  46. You so missed the point Mr Anonymous.

    You lectured me there about it all, i certainly do not need it, i am a girl with principle and that is ideological and I am so bloody proud of it.

    let me clarify this, I did not like the fact that you are calling him ya Mr virgin, it is none of your business to to call him that if you are someone who believes in freedom and civilisation like you said above. It is not school to bully people with being a virgin...

    and by the way, by mliha wela bach3a...i did not mean physically ugly..i meant, if youhave feelings for the girl, that is fine, you make love. but it seems that you like to have sex (big difference here as you can have sex with anyone).

    I am sorry but cheating comes from other factors not because they do not have sex. and because, the civilised people are convinced that they are making love to the right person. call it idealogy but it is the right way to do things.

    I certainly do not like shallow careless people who just sleep around and get syphilis and AIDS may we better have feelings for someone who has a brain and use it, and not think with another part of their anatomy (certainly the brain controls that).....

  47. It is lovely Saturday, nice weather, and it is nice to be up early, ready to make the most of the weekend.
    Before I hit a run, then a shower and town, I was just asking myself, how can some people believe in God but find it difficult to believe in Sihr.
    Surely it is either one way or the other. They are both believing in Ghaib, which is a fundamental part of being a Muslim.
    I was wondering whether it is the Modernism syndrome. In other ways it is ok to beleive in God because a lot of "Superior" Christians do. But it is not ok to believe in Sihr, because most if not all of Christians in the west don't (especially protestant Church of England)
    Thanks for your light heart, however I feel your comment is still sarcastic, as I said before, I don’t go out with 100000 women at the same time, or what you call in your French “Hold too much”.
    So rest assured your French proverb does not apply to me. Aya peace

  48. Miss Hania
    All good, just as long as everyone respects others. I could not care less what you think of people
    who like to have a good time, or whether you wish they get all sorts of diseases
    And I am not going to call you backwards for that, each to their own. I am sure one day you will reflect on yourself as a person .
    I find it rather hypocritical to ignore the fact that your defendee started insulting. Is this also part of your ideology? Na3eddine it if so … (thanks Steph for such a great word)
    Of course I am not calling you a hypocrite, you might just not have read the comments from the beginning. If you do, please let me know which part exactly you think has rightly triggered insults.

  49. since Anonymous is the underdog protagonist here i have decided to back him lol.

    to be fair to him, he does make some good points.

  50. Moderation of comments has been removed, so please watch what you send me :) I will soon publish an email address you can contact me on.

  51. LOL everyone chill out!
    TDW thanks for your support! Believe me you don’t have to say it.. it is obvious from your comments you are happy bunny!
    I love you all, even ML and GMA, no grudge whatsoever! No place for negativity in my life !
    P.s. DZ Chick : any reason for the removal of comment editing?
    I have to say I am against it,as I post anonymously, it is important malicious anonymous posts are not confused to be from Anonymous

  52. @ Anonymous: perhaps it's time you found yourself a new pseudonyme! like Anonymousdz or something Anonying! ;) kidding

    I don't see the point of moderating the comments anymore, since I let every single comment through apart from a very vile one I received and did not want to subject everybody else to it.

    I will post an email address for everybody to email me privately should they wish to do so.

    What do you guys think? moderate or not moderate?

  53. The reason why you are not receiving very bad comments is because people know you would block them, as you have done in one instance.

    If things are not moderated I will very likely not participate in any "fragile venue"


  54. I take your point. I will think about it. Merci Anonynmous.

  55. moderate is the way forward ... MODERATE! If you don't want nasty surprises, you'd better moderate.

    Am sure no1 minds waiting for the posts and replies, that's half the fun.

    Indeed Anonymous, spot on. anyway am still backing you since it seems you're being ganged upon ;) .
    To avoid confusion between you and other random Anonymouse, you should use some sort of name although your style is pretty unique but some people are thick lol.

    more importantly, who are you trying to get in touch with :P ? just kidding .... or am i?

  56. it's you RonChonChonnE

  57. :) ah yeah! ok that's it I will moderate as of now! very easy to convince me!

  58. Very nice writing style !!
    from a non english native speaker

    Chapeau Miss !!

    Strange ...
    How come you’re still single ?

  59. @Anonymous: who said I am not getting negative feedback! Have you not see the "bayra, fargha chghoul, likes black c*cks" :) I still published them! I am into censorship and promote freedom of expression even at my own expense! Maan I can't believe am still single!!! ;)

    @Bruno: merci and I know! Very strange so let's blame it on witchcraft! :)

  60. did you censor my djinn comment :P ?

  61. A Muslim , single , no kids

    but.... 45 ,

    He can ?

  62. am liking Bruno's style.

  63. @Anonymous : No, I wasn't sarcastic. I truly mean what I said. The way you live your life (sexual or whatever) is nobody's business. I just picked a number randomly. Could have said 10, 100, 1000. Anyway, you get it.
    Now, don't be unsecure like that.
    Every comment is not a criticism.
    Sometimes, we just tease each other.
    Aya, group hug... :)
    As for your moniker, may I suggest "Quasimodo"?

  64. @TDW: What djinn comment?

    @Bruno: are you asking me out? awww je suis timide! :)
    Ps: and how come you're still single?

  65. @Allison
    You are lucky I just sobered up lol
    you just caught me going to bed at 7 am
    No your comment was very clear my dear, and I understood it.
    No thanks I prefer to remain Anonymous.
    Just checked Google Images for your Quasimodo.
    Ya latif, matelka gheer khel elkelb

    Aya bonne nuit.
    P.s Every camel has a hench back

    Aya salam

  66. WOAW!!, Washnou hada ya ZAH! Washbikoum? Wakila t'ssahartou kamel ya djedkoum!

    OK guys, I think that everybody has the right to live their lves anyway they choose, have sex if you want, as many times, with many people as you want. or don't have sex if you don't feel like, the bottom line is life is too short, we just have to live it in our own way, as long as we don't harm each other.

    DZ-Chick, Hanouna I am here, reading you religiously every night, but when I get to my computer, it's after midnight here, so after reading all the comments, I am sleepy and have no strenght to post a comment.
    I love that it's very alive here, I love everybody, you guys made my day, I was laughing so hard.
    DZ-Chick, je suis toujours la, h'na ymout kaci! LOL ya bourab, I have not heard this for a looong time.
    Nedjma( Star)

  67. I read your blog tonight and I was just listening to kare'at al fingale" Abdelhalim Hafez"

    Being single is a privilege, in a certain way, you could be in a very bad marriage, praying for peace in your couple, or feeling guilty for leaving your marriage because of your children. But now adays 34 is still very young, you still have a lot of time ahead of you.
    I am very proud of you though, to have fun, and to not just sit there crying for being single, and taking the first jerk that stands up on your door way.


  68. i might have forgotten to post the comment, nevermind it was silly anyway.

    toi timide? who would have thought :P ?

  69. choufi khti, na3tik nasiha d'un frère a ca sœur bla ma'n jugik. Raki tafadh7i fi rouhak sans le savoir, idji nhar koulach li ktabtih lahna yafad7ak ou yatba3ak hata la deriere minute de ta vie. Is not price worth paying! . Raki tkhardji fel asrar dyalek bla ma jabti khbar, hyatek hiya hyatek besah wach diri fiha khalih privée binek ou bin moulak. Le net machi privée mais en plus si pour wleds et bnat la hram bach hawsou 3la les victimes dyalhoum ou hadi machi ghir hna el jazayreen. Rani choufetk raki deja fasiti wach ktabti 3la le voyage dyalek. 3ambalek nti raki fasitiha tfasat d'une façon permanente non nawa3dek b'hayat benti ghir hadja sahla bach wahad deer une copie nta3 le blog dyalek. Raki bent rajal ou mra chourafa2, raki hamartilhoum wajhoum ou rahoum very proud of you ou nti raki proud of yourself, malazamch day3i koulach 3la un blog! rabi inchallah yaraz9ak bwlid bladek li direk fi 3aynih wanti dirih fi 3ayneek et inchallah rabi yarza9koum a happy life ou bdariya salha.

    Pose une seul question a toi meme, dans 20 ans raki mzawja ou rajlak un bon marie et un tres bon pere...dirtou koulach to give the best for your children ;loukan jat bentek taktab hagda 3la hyatha wach tkoun la reaction dyalek?

    Rani ktabt preseque koulach bel jazairiya bach tba9a binatna hna les Algeriens.

    Kind regards

    un frere Algerien ghir 3la bnet et wled bladou.

  70. @Anonymous: maranich nafdah fi fouhi du tout, ou hadi machi ga3 hyati, enfin machi kamel, hadi li mafhamtouhach entouma. maliya are proud ou yb9aw proud avec ou sans le blog, houma li rabawni hagda, ya3arfouni ou 3labalhoum bel blog. koul wahed kifash traba ou mnin ja.

    3labalek je ne sais pas ce que je fais? maranish mbahra comme vous le sous-entendez, rani fi 3a9li ou 3andi 34ans! donc je suis responsable 3la rouhi maranich drari nkhaf men kash rajel (future mari) I don't even have yet nkhalih stop me from doing what I HAVE to do.

    Furthermore, Algeria is no longer a small place where people know eachother and give eachother advice and think about eachother, manat3arouch ana ou iyek, donc normalment machi plastek bech ta3tini had les conseils juste par ce que ana dziriya ou enta dziri.
    wlid houmti wa9ila? lol

    Thank you very much for caring anyway, you sound like you had a genuine concern and I appreciate the thought.

  71. @Anonymous : Sorry I meant Casanova!!!
    Shows that one shouldn't write anything when it's late and we feel tired... :(
    Aya, bon dimanche à toutes et à tous!

  72. Anonymous Hangover Guilt
    May be GMA/ML/Haniya had good intentions, just did not communicate well.
    Love you all

    P.s. DZ-Chick I agree the gentleman was advising was very sweet. May be you should publish that
    email address so that people can talk to you in private :) and also handle queries (for example if I want you to delete the post where I said I do a 100000 at a time)


  73. An email address has been added to the profile.

  74. hotmail is a NO NO. use gmail.


    @ Mr Anonymous, yes i did read the comments and I dont mean to just pick on you because everybody did..sorry if u got this impression..i really did not like it about the virgin thing..but walah it is fine, no hard feelings..we are all grown ups i suppose :D..

    @ Mr Nasi7a, dz-chick replied so well, i liked..besah ya 3amo, u r sweet, makanch dorka weld lablad li ykhaf 3lik, everyone is independent and free what to do and rabi ykamal haka...that society li tkhawafak from even expressing yourself feely is no longer there and inchalah it wont last...vive expressing yourself and being open about everything...

    @ Dz- chick, thanks for the posts darling...walah i laugh everyday 3la comments and posts...walah ya bourab :D...hayla..ch7al 3andi masma3thach...

    big boussa likoum kamel...xxxx

  76. Most demanding readers ever!! geeees!

  77. Thanks Haniya, that is exactly what I was trying to explain to him! I am free and I am expressing not just my frustrations and problems but a lot of Algerian's too. I am getting more and more abuse nowadays but I will not deter me!

  78. oh shu''uuuuuupppp ;) (the only way is essex style :P )

    trust me i'm thinking more about your privacy than anything when i advise you to use gmail.
    maybe others here would advise you to do the same?

  79. Do not worry dear...dont let it get to you..u r free and I AM PERSONALLY HERE TO SUPPORT YOU :D...vive freedome of expression...

  80. Thanks Haniya. I know that when I get abuse is that I hit a nerve!

    Li ma3jbouch l'hal - Don't read my blog. :P

  81. haahhaha..i can see algerian mood is ONNNN...


  82. oh some girlie lovey dovey cuddly moment - so sweeet. should we all shed a couple of tears just for good measure?

    don't forget to gmail it :P .

  83. sorry Mr Anonymous, besah walah okhti just sent me this...and out of nowhere i thought of you ahhahaa...go to 2:26 welah jitni zay cheb khalass hard feelings besah it is cute...(i hate the guy but yeah)...

    love you :D

  84. Min Anonymous 3adheem Nightlife, ila Hania malikat teasage

    In what way?


  85. wash 7ab ykol anonymous?? in what way what???

  86. @TDW: I will consider the gmail but really cannot be bothered!

    So you forgot about your jinn comment? did you see one (jinn) in your bathroom? Oh do tell!

    Also, I don't know why I listen to you half the time lol

  87. ya bourab, you go away for the weekend and you come back to bloody 90 comments :) just like DZ said a nerve must've been hit ! some people are enjoying their bubble too much so lets not burst it, lets just agree that "tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil" :)

  88. Up to the fifth most popular post,in the space of few days!
    I wonder what happens to our original topic! some people unable to focus !!

    Is there a way to hider my swagger!

    Aya Peace


  89. You al drifted off the main topic. And is anyone going to mention something about the blog's new look? like or don’t like?

  90. that bathroom story struck a chord with you hmmm ma3founiya :P .

    am home sick today with a cold coughing like a choking hyena. does music inspire you to write or write on certain themes?

    i think the post turned into a God v/s flying spaghetti monster debate.

    i like the new layout.

  91. Awww mon pauvre TDW, prompt retablissement

    Music does inspire me yes, what are you thinking of? I started writing something but I am having such a BAD day that inspiration failed me!

  92. héhé thanks et hope your day gets better ;) .

    i could send you some stuff maybe? mostly instrumental pieces consisting of probably just guitar(s) and if i can be bothered and have time other instruments as well.
    depending on what am playing i have had the following descriptions for my music:
    depressing, melancholic, 'sounds like an apocalypse', too noisy, 'it's making my head hurt', 'can't listen anymore because it's putting me to sleep', occasionally some people say it's good.

  93. from witchcraft to ChlaghemGate what a detour :) the apeupresistes at work ! the dale3 and bale3 story, you know the expression?

    Nice theme for the blog.

  94. @ TDW: send me something - will have a listen tonight.

    @Maleko: I liked the colour scheme as well; a friend suggested making the title red so we have the Algerian flag colour palette.

    I know the expression yes :)

  95. i need to record something first, i'll send you something when i do ;) (probably not today)

  96. grey colour very befitting algerian mood ! looks good as it is no need for red, we carry algeria in our hearts za3ma :) after color change how about DZ-bird instead of chick :)

  97. DZ-bird!! naaah my reputation has been launched with dz-chick...ZA3MA!

  98. Just for you DZ-Chick

    The purest music I have found so far.

    It is a bit proud and traditional music, so it is not recommended for those with modernism syndrome though ;)

    Naci Baysu (not sure whether it is an Album or the artist, but I would be interested if anyone has similar pieces)


  99. Thanks Anonymous :) a lovely tune! I am playing it again now!

  100. @ Maleko, u should be able to check ur posts during weekend is important to dz-chick and to all of us to keep on truck :D...besah ma3lich i defended u :D...

    @ Dz-chick...liking the new look but dont put red there...Algeria is everywhere...

    @ TDW, take care mate !

    hope u all had a good start of week

  101. Listening to this right now:

  102. good choice dz-chick...the whole album is brilliant...i used to listen to someone like you and cry my heart out when that guy dumped me :(...

  103. Men!!!!!! they're not worth it, believe me Haniya! but we can't live without them! even though I managed for 5 years now :)

  104. I know, he is so bloody not worth it...but it is nature isnt it? I have a very strong personality and I am sure you do as well..but it is nature we cant live without them...xxxx

  105. @Haniya: cheers mate.

    @DZC: DZ-Chick sounds just right. i have decided to call the yet-to-be-recorded piece as: broody frooty

  106. Broody frooty? lol excellent who's the frooty? I know who's broody!!

  107. Don't worry Haniya
    I am a man and can't live without a woman ...
    Don't know how to cook (even though would be easy to learn, thank god there is a takeaway for emergencies)
    Don't know how to operate the washing machine (or have forgotten how to)
    Started losing my expert skills in ironing a shirt to crispiness within a couple of minutes because someone else insists on doing them all in the weekend.
    Basically apart from the walls and furniture of the house I don’t know where 80% of the objects in my house are, I can’t find things on my own anymore, even simple things like towels or sugar.
    You know the famous "where are my pants?" shout from across the house


  108. :D:D:D...hada wa3lah u need a woman in life..disappointing :D or i shall say typical algerian..if i give u the list why i need a man in life...such a big difference :D...or may be m young and inexperience and i have dreamy stuff :D....

  109. I am holding myself back from commenting on Anonymous's comment!
    I am just going to say each to their own.

  110. come on girls, let it rip :P

  111. Disappointing?
    May be for you.

    What about you? why can you not live without a man?

    I like this bit, where we should not talk about shallow sex as a reason for holly relationships.

    DZ Chick please go ahead, give your opinion about how the answer should be from me.
    And also as TDW said, please enlighten us about yourselves.


  112. I was just watching some of Maleks videos on Youtube! sooo funny I actually laughed especially at the Park life 1, 2 and 3.

    @ Anonymous: you are free to live your life the way you want to live it.
    But I will only say this: Men behave a certain way in the house because the women allow them to.

  113. Dz Chick, so you blame my lady.

    I do gardening, wash the car, do the shopping, change the lights, fix the TV, carry the heavyweights, tolerate East Enders, book the holidays and
    pretend I like dogs lol

    See I do a lot and I still can't live without her mainly because you guys enjoy cooking and housework


  114. @ Anonymous: well when you put this way it sounds fair, but you made her sound like a wannabe slave so I was a bit worried, thought Anonymous left his mother in Algeria and came to the UK to find someone else to mother him.

    I obviously don't see anything wrong with mothering; I would mother my man and look after him just the same if he reciprocated of course. So you're off the hook

  115. No she is no slave, that was just me teasing women as a whole!
    She is a good girl she realises she would be still cooking that meal anyways lol :D

    So you were worried about me being mothered but you don't have a problem with mothering your man?
    Contradiction! :D

    Anyways I think I know what you mean and frankly I agree with you, if you are living in a country with no family, your partner becomes everything which is a good thing.

    I definately would say I do less work. Despite changing attitudes this remains the case in most British households, let alone if it was Algerian (which I so far have managed to make it so, as you might be able to judge lol)


  116. I SAID as long as it's reciprocated!!! I don't get a kick out of looking after anybody unless there was Love of course! But even then I will probably whinge because I HATE housework, remember?

  117. haha anonymous you crack me up, do you wear a boiler hat and smoke a pipe too or you're just a chimney sweep, you'd fit nicely in victorian times :)
    @dz didn't know the vidz were funny, a hidden layer i missed :)
    @haniya i have jewish saturday and christian sunday so mandirwalou weekend :)
    malekolondon problem with blogger so could only comment as anonymous, I don't want to be anonymous :)

  118. @Malek: the park videos were so pointless they made me laugh...they were just pointless :) love it

  119. @dz haha now I get it, its about experimenting with phone camera in different settings, light and time of day etc...I'm an algerian geek :) I'll try and find intersting stuff next time,thought you liked english greenery, you dedicated a post to it:)I'll look for yasmine next time malekolondon

  120. i was wondering too what you found funny about them.

  121. @ maleko, good for u

    @ anonymous, m glad u do things half half...that is what life is about ;)

  122. @anonymous
    Yes that is right, they had lights, TV, cars and internet holiday booking services in Victorian times.

    Now if you execuse me, I need to do the hovering, I will be using a Victorian times model.

    Yummy yummy hopefully will be rewarded with a nice Victorian dinner



  123. This post is now the 2nd most popular

  124. more to the topic:
    close to midnight last night, i spilt some almost boiling water on me that could have ended in a not so great way for me had the spillage been a bit more to the right by a few degrees.

    a) most probably just clumsy
    b) jinxed (i was targeted)
    c) b) above and from someone on this blog
    d) divine corporal punishment?

  125. @ TDW:
    B & C (twas Witchcraft)

  126. "How come you’re still single” and the likes…”what’s wrong with you that you’re not married”

    Parce que tu ne manques de rien ? Parce que tu n'as pas besoin de te marier pour passer le permis et t'acheter tout ce que tu veux ? Parce que tu ne veux pas être une soumise ? Parce que se marier chez nous c'est faire la bonne et dire adieu à ta vie que tu aimais tant parce que ton complexé de mari pense que t'es sa mère. Et surtout, plus on est gâtée, plus on veut quelqu'un comme papa sauf que des mecs comme papa y en pas. Triste réalité.

  127. @Anonymous: peut etre bien oui...:)

    Les mecs comme papa y en oui!

    Je vais devoir reviser mes criteres! quelle galere! extra paperwork and admin!

  128. Tu me tiendras au courant hein. Ca me servira certainement :-)


  129. Great post, it's scary how much I can relate to most of your posts DZC, being Algerian, in London, and single too! That is very simplistic of course, I know we are multi-dimensional beyond our nationality and relationship status! At least I know I am.

    I am sometimes tempted to believe in "shour" and the evil eye, and there have been occasions in my life when my superstition was very justified, but, in retrospect, I realise there are many sociological reasons that explain my persistent singledom.

    I have been single for a long stretch even though I've lived in two countries and have been exposed to a fairly large number of men. I'm not ugly, in fact I am often praised for my looks, alas, I mainly attract the guy-with-three -phones type.

    The real bad curse, I believe, is that there's a shortage of men that are attracted to women for the "right" reasons. Independence, intelligence, and ambition... Men like "nice" girls, e.g pretty women that they aren't too inquisitive and will be happy sitting in the nice car and eating the expensive dinner.

    That is especially true if you're trying to date in the North-African department. Men move here and think they're modern, but thousands of years of having homemade kesra and free housekeeping have left their mark.

  130. Ha ha ha DZ-Chick, am I glad you have tackled this topic.

    Le s'houl, le gris-gris, black magic etc... I find it extremely hard to comprehend how the so-called religious people believe more in this power than the power of the Almighty God. they might not verbalise it in so many words but their actions speak louder than words.
    I grew up hearing ludicrous stories about someone being under a spell.....a spell of idiocy!

    I forbid anyone in my entourage to discuss such gibberish in my presence and the same goes for djinns.

    I might not be a practicing Muslim but my faith is God transcends everything else in this universe!

  131. 'Who Jah bless, no man curse' Bob Marley

    Jah behaving an abbreviation of Jehovah, hebrew name for God or Allah as we prefer to call him.

  132. It's always easier to blame it on something or someone, makes surviving life easier, it's part of our human nature I think.
    As for the jins!! I don't know dude, I saw a few things i cant explain by any logical or scientific mean...:D but then again I talk to myself incessantly and I banged my head badly a few years ago!

  133. LMAO DZ-Chick, I would rather justify your observation of illogical occurences to the blow you have received on your I live blissfully in the oblivion of their existence. As long as their path do not cross mine, we have no problem ;-)

  134. Great post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Bless you! amarres con magia negra


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