Tuesday 21 April 2020

Confinement diary - Day Fuck knows!

It's gotten so weird out, people snitching on each other to become "good citizens", a dictator sprung up in Hungary, Trump...well continues being Trump, at least he's consistent I guess. It's like the prelude to some far fetched dystopian plot or one of those nightmares that every time you wake up from, you go right back into it once you fall asleep again!

The other day there was a couple walking behind me and they just started to speed up so I started to speed up, you know to maintain the 2m distance...it got ridiculous, we ended up having a chase.

I miss normal life, I miss laughing out loud throwing my head back hysterically, I miss spitting out my drink in laughter, I miss talking about other things besides the contents of a supermarket shelf and the daily statistic on the number of dead. I miss getting dressed up and going out on a date! Simple pleasures of life, I miss life.

What the fuck is going on! Bring back life!


  1. life is coming back sooner than you might think.. and you will regret spending those confinement days doing so much things other than writing that dystopian plot you talk about.. you tried at least ? Saha ramdanek by the way

    1. Jotting some ideas down...gawd it's sooo boring! this confinement is killing my neurones!
      Saha Ramdanek!!

  2. Twalfi hahaha....

    saha ftourek


    1. I'd rather not nwalef to be honest! but urgh!!
      Saha ftourek M


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