Friday 10 June 2016

A summer to remember

Many people don’t have a lot of memories of previous Ramadans, except for the distinct and unhappy recollection of hunger, thirst and the long hours of deprivation.  But nothing else is noteworthy, nothing else seems to happen in this month, especially when you (not me) spend it horizontally for over ten hours a day!

Last year, was a different story, last Ramadan was a memorable one (not in a good way), last Ramadan Israel was repeatedly bombing Gaza, and as the war in Syria raged on, a gunman opened fire on tourists on a beach in Tunisia (the choice of events and countries is not calculated), the whole world went through the summer in a state of shock, anger, protest and gloom.

This year a lesser disaster is looming, but a disaster nonetheless, England will most probably brexit, during Ramadan…bringing a wave of changes to the whole world and I suspect a lasting memory!

As I cast my vote today (guess which way I voted) I couldn’t help but think of all the things trivial and important that will happen, all the changes, I think of how bored Nigel Farage would be, how it’ll transpire that Boris Johnson is actually Donald Trump’s long lost sibling, probably a brother from another mother, I think about how rude the French are going to be to us when we go on holiday to France (by us I mean Brits not Algerians – they already surpassed their tolerance towards us Algerians), croissants and baguettes will be sold on the black market, Cheese smugglers will rival human smugglers and so many more...I can't bear to think about it!

But I strain to think of how this will affect Algerians and I find nothing! Nothing affects Algerians really, we will survive whatever tidal wave this Brexit will bring on, for now it’s none of our concern though, our imminent concern is the source of the next chorba* and bourek* and where we’ll spend the summer drinking and lazing in the sun after all this observance! Spain or Cuba? whichever doesn't require a visa ...

For now though, up to day 5 and on a more egocentric level...

Energy levels – stable, Sleeping patterns: all over the place, Food ingested: not enough, Water drunk: too much, Days to next period: too many

Dz-chick….for now it’s about breakfast not Brexit


*Ramadan meal


  1. Well the European union is kind of a mess and, let's be honest, a failure on so many levels.. pas de croissants pour "La perfide Albion"..

  2. I realise there are a few local references here not everyone will get them!

    Homo Erectus Plus de croissants, que du Garlic
    How's Ramadindong over there? anything ridiculous happened yet?

  3. Homo Erectus (Fast and Furious)13 June 2016 at 18:20

    Of course if one doesn't know who Farage is.. might not get everything.. ridiculous ?? Not yet.. waiting for authorities to send a guy to jail because he didn't fast..

  4. lol yes waiting for the ridiculous news...

    New post...coming soon!

  5. Be reassured, there will be no BREXIT. You have my word :)

  6. "cheese smugglers" hahaha.. I think we Algerians will be better of if Britain will go out of European union but then we have to wait and see. Most of Greek people voted out of EU but remained in so I guess will be no brexit.
    Owwww.. 12 days gone already!! Ramdan this year is going faster then usual ;)and only 18 days left to fast. lol
    Aya God bless you all
    saha ftourek dz bella

  7. Day 16 - So far so good.
    How's the non-fasting going? How does it feel? serious question...elaborate a little.
    Hope the holidays were good! I miss the beach

  8. Good! thanks for asking and I blame the devil for not observing Ramdan this year ;)
    Day 20 - thinks are looking even better.
    Holidays were great... fall in love with the island and the olives, definitely going next year probably same month too. ;) Islam offer exemption to the sick and travellers from fasting so I'll be ok for next
    Saha ftourek dz bella
    wekal ramdan ;)

  9. So BREXIT it is. We want more ramblings Dz-Chick!!

  10. Too many days till next period!:) Are you preggers?


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