Tuesday 9 July 2013

Bring on the Kelbelouz!!

To commemorate the beginning of my 20thRamadan, I wanted to make a special “tribute” to everyone…

….Everyone, who starts Ramadan with a little bit of Alcohol in their system, those who replace alcohol with hashish, those who squat the mosques in their best robes trying to erase the year’s earthly decay, those who start praying and stop by the third day, or the 29th! Those who steal to pay for the holy month’s food requirement, those who behave like baboons because they’re going extinct, those who will travel away for 30 days so they don’t have to eat in hiding, those who will spend their alms at the Halal casino, those who judge, watch and scrutinise their neighbour to make sure they’re not suffering alone, those who will eat sushi instead of Chorba because it’s healthy, those who do it out of convention, and those who eat in hiding, those who fast in hiding to avoid judgment at work, those who don't want to explain why they froze their gym membership, those who will crack open the presecco the day of Eid, those who dedicate themselves to it religiously (no pun intended) and finally those who just don’t care.

Ramadan Kareem to all

Dz-Chick...cynical? Never!!!


  1. “oh jesus, is it RamdaM again?”

  2. Isis stop calling us female!!! Lool
    Negative comments about your food? Because it will never taste as good as his mums? Nothing you ever do is as good as his muns? Well why doesn't he marry his mum and call it a day! The end.

    I enjoy a bit of washing up and do it without gloves! "GASP"
    So you wash up for one hour??? You gonna have to explain that!

    Bella Vita ha ha RamadaM, never cancelled, never postponed.

  3. Ah yes, to those who sleep all day and eat all night, I know it's mean but it is a kind of pleasure to know they will have about only 5 hours to eat and 19 hours of sleep, hehehe!


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