Monday 20 May 2013

Women talk!


I was scrolling through an old conversation thread between myself and a male friend, (not reminiscing, I was simply looking for a specific info he had sent) and on the ichat, the colour was predominantly blue. Every self respected Iphone owner should know what this means, for the rest of you un-evolved people, it means that for every one phrase by him, I sent 3 average sized paragraphs. It is scary how many words I felt the need to use to express a simple Yes or No or maybe it is simply because I am so eloquent I simply couldn’t express myself as concisely and as rigidly as men do. True story!

Then I saw this article (no I really don’t read the daily bloody mail, it was sent to me because I can talk for England) and it got me thinking about the verbal differences between men and women

Women talk about 20,000 words a day, 13,000 words more than men. What do we say exactly? We talk so much; I don’t know when we breathe! Frankly I am a little dubious!

The other half always vocally denied, pride themselves in saying little and meaning even less, they grunt and nod and cough and scratch their balls and you’re supposed to have picked up a message from all of this primal behaviour they call communication.

Whereas us, superior female race, have a talent and a flair for communication, we say everything twice or thrice, using different terminology with different tones and body language; sometimes we’ll touch our hair, sometimes we’ll play with the pearl necklace around our necks and sometimes we shoot daggers through our eyes but somehow and unlike the male creatures, we don’t resort to touching or scratching our private parts, much to their (men) disappointment.

We have evidently mastered the art of communication, whereas our male counterparts remain primal and continue to generate muffled and dubious sounds including scratching sounds.
But they (m e n) describe our communication otherwise known as women talk as verbal manure and claim they can usually summarise women’s conversation from say an hour of verbal lexicon to a powerphrased “so he didn’t call” or “so what you really mean is that you’re not coming”.

It is not a deficiency in the universal verbal discourse we’re trying to fulfill, it is not because men are so emotionally retarded and verbally shackled that women have developed the need to talk so much or say so little in so many words, no, men talk just as much, I mean have you ever listened to sports show on the radio? Talk about talking all day without actually saying anything, or listened to my father yap about why we’re all apeut-pristes!

No, we’re yackers because we're emotionally more developed, more aware and yakking simply makes us feel good, apparently the simple act of talking triggers a flood of brain chemicals which give women a rush similar to that felt by heroin addicts when they get a high. I can’t testify to this statement; however I can absolutely confirm the good feeling experienced not so much from the fact of yakking but actually from the simple fact of expressing ones’ frustrations, views or emotions.

But without saying too little in so many words, I am going to cut to the chase, It is all a bit anecdotal, this is all down to social conditioning and gender differentiation since birth, so when a men talks a lot he has a point to make, when a woman does, she is yapping or yakking or whatever other word they invented for us.

So let me be concise for the good of all women out there….Men talk drivel all day, they just manage it in fewer and far less eloquent words.

Dz-chick….a writer, not a talker!


  1. Men talk just as much as women! It is definitely a myth.
    I have male friends who talk and talk and talk ...about themselves!

  2. Hahaha "men talk drivel all day, they just manage it in fewer and far less eloquent words" so true and so well put.
    Love you Dz-Chick :)

  3. i'll tell you why women talk a lot and are full of shit.

    1 of ma colleagues is female. i reckon i can scientifically prove that she talks so much shit and that it's related to her female nature. she's ordained herself to be the fvcking team's PA and at times is annoying as fuck when she uses out of context things you've said to 'audit' you ... bitch just won't shut the fuck up. also she fancies the guy sitting next to her and talks about him more than her own bf. some of us suspect they been banging in 1 of the conference rooms with a lock on the door.
    anywayz, she's otherwise quite sweet.

  4. By analogy, i can summarize your article to few sentences :)

    Amine DU

  5. Some people have some other explanations... Women need to talk much more because they talk first then think after. This is scientifislamically proven. Look :

  6. It's gone past 9.30 and so far I haven't said a word! I have replied with a quick fake smile to all my colleagues's good mornings. By now women have said 3000 words, I guess ;)
    Women speak more than man is definitely NOT a myth

  7. Love this post! I am a chatter box so I get it...but I red your last line wrong, I thought you wrote
    Dz-Chick ...a writer not a stalker lol

  8. girl...y talk too much...woof!! lol

  9. Hello my lovelies! Time to answer... Picture me cracking my fingers and knuckles...

    Gem E intresting pseudo!! I know a Gem E! She doesn't sound anything like you though! Though she would probably agree with you, men do talk about themselves but this is more noticeable on metrosexual men more than the homo habilus type that is more prosperous in these realms!

    The Uknown another new pseudo... Isn't that like a fancy Anonymous?
    Thanks :) I never get tired of being quoted itttt

    Gr0sser lol she's otherwise quite sweet? How do you come to that conclusion after the first part of the story! Awww you must be super sweet too! There's a girl at work who also talks a lot of crap, we call her the Victorian, she knows everything about anything and everything you donor say is either funny or rude...hence the Victorian! Well that she looks very much like out of a Jane Austen novel!

    Amine Down Under I dare you to do it in 2 sentences! :P

    Chatnoir yes I read that becaus girks talk earlier than boys they talk more... No idea how scientifically sound this theory is but thanks for the video loool scientifislamically proven yes!
    I love it when we invent new words...

    Delboy prove it!! What's your proof???
    Stop the misogyny!!! Aaaahhhh

    KJ my dear, I testify, you talk for England and Wales ;) especially Wales!

    Anonymous I thought I proved you all wrong by reducing the amount of gibberish!!

  10. "men talk drivel all day, they just manage it in fewer and far less eloquent words": I dare you girls to do the same!!! (not ok with the far less though ;)"

  11. El Aswed you know my initial title was "talk is cheap" I thougt of your blog "El Hadra Blesh" how fitting :P
    I can summarise a whole lot of man drivel (especially in football) down to 5 words and a coma: Chelsea wins, other team sucks!
    There I did it, though granted its not as eloquent as it could be, but I doubt that's even possible in football, I don't even think hou can be eloquent talking about tennis or what's that other game!! Cricket!

    1. just observe young lady :
      Tennis : federer the best
      Cricket : Brand of lighters

      3 words each go ahead do better :D

  12. @chatnoir (but not only)
    Is it because he is using his hands and fingers (like those garegouz/marionettist except that he’s doing it wrong cuz’ we can see his damn face) to demonstrate how women and men’s brains work that you are saying….wait, how did you say again chatnoir?!...“scientifically proven”? Hold on, wait…let me laugh a bit!!!

    Notice that when he talks about women he makes her/us sound silly and stupid. He argues that “she talks and says 2 or 3 sentences and then she realizes that what she is saying is not appropriate for her audience so she then retreats and brings up another subject/topic and tries to convince her audience that her new topic was what the real subject she wanted to tackle at first”. What is this, a bad comedy show?!! And then he goes on, carefully praising Men…again using his hands and scientific fingers to make his statements and ingeniously scientific BS findings!!! So according to him, “Men stay quiet; they do not talk because they are thinking about the subject matter to give an appropriate and well thought answer”…give me a F***ing break, would you!!...No? I’ll take it anyway cuz’ I can talk, baby!!!

    We do talk more than men!! Of course we do! And you know why? Well because we have to keep repeating ourselves to wake up these men who are in lala-land, day-dreaming about big boobs and winning the lottery, so things would eventually get done!!!!
    So we’re not chatty, we see things from different perspectives, expose different options and opinions and WE find solutions!!! We’re Better Communicators; get over it!!!

  13. Loool that Cheikh is something isn't he! He's very good at drawing lets leave it at that.
    Let's just say I am taking the man as an example and thinking about the moudou3 before opening my mouth and joining the majority of these women he's talking about! It's HILLARIOUS that he was totally serious, I thought there was a punch line somewhere, a ha ha coming ...but nothing! He just kept on scientifislamically preaching the women's brain is only clever at multiplying the questions to confuse the man who remain silent because he's too smart to talk before he had formulated a clever and safe answer!
    As Blue said; this man is silent because he's thinking about boobs and match of the day and some kind of sandwich! The end.

  14. I'm sorry,I d'ont think we talk more at all
    sometimes you have to fake a crisis going on with your mental health to make a guy FINALLY stop talking :D
    ps : it doesn't always work

  15. Blue, this is serious scientifislamical stuff, don't be so comptentuous... The guy uses a computer, an absract representation of thinking and talking in his proof, he uses also some mathematics by putting a non universal total order on the {Think, Talk} set depending on the gender and totally reversed between males and females...

    And above all, he is handsome... Isn't he?


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