Wednesday 23 January 2013

Still suffering fools!

January is a drag, 31 days of cold unrelenting weather, it’s like a living a Monday morning over and over again. I almost feel grateful for the eventfulness of it all, with the Hostage crisis in InAmenas …hmmm that’s it.

Not much happens in January really, you might lose a couple of pounds, but fear not, they’re literally there hanging in the air waiting to cling back to your hips or in my case, my ass.
I tried to think of what’s going on, but only found a few friends still busy with their NY resolutions, they’re not really busy though, they just use the “I am so busy” as a badge of honour, oh I have a life don’t you know, yeah well I have a blog.

Anyway, so one more thing that happened was this guy at work , who was eating ice-cream at lunch, he said “oh this coconut ice-cream is really delicious”, his ice-cream was pink, so I said “your ice-cream is pink” so he said “yeah cos it’s strawberries”, I asked if there was any coconut in it, he said “don’t think so no”.

In other news, there’s a competition at work on who drinks the biggest amounts of water, I drink enough I could win the damn competition and anyone who knows me knows where I stand on water, well not literally, there’s only one guy who could do that and look what they did to him, so this is a moo point.

Did I tell you I had a date this year; I know you’re thinking already??
Yep, but it turned out, his balls hadn’t dropped yet, I am waiting (not really) for them to grow, maybe he’ll be able to explain, to himself, what happened.

Communication is a key element you see, the Algerian government teaches us all about that in their latest communication frenzy! In Operation covert I call: Silence Radio.
They could have just sent us a text like they usually do about voting.

If January was a person, we’d have fallen out by now!

Dz-chick, bored yes but mostly annoyed


  1. On top forme for 2013 Dz-Chick.
    You don't have to suffer anymore fools, chuck them out with the dirty water

  2. Thx Anonymous! Yep we shouldn't suffer fools, we should let them entertain us

  3. moWris can't shoot him. moWris had to GTFO with a broken heart, extra body fat and a lighter wallet. moWris suffered discrimination at the hands of so-called liberals, accused of t3rr0reee$ims(to-be) for sporting a beard and refusing to be a poseur.

    such was the fate of moWris

  4. MoWriss that country is fucked I tell ya! You should probably count your blessings for getting the fuck out in one piece then! Racist morons

  5. notwithstanding that min0r epsode, had an orsum trip ... would definitely go there again ;) . moWris got a massive 'eart.

  6. MoRiss that's good I guess... At least you got another country under your travellers belt, how many have you got now? 3?

  7. hahahaha this is hillarious!
    2013 Fools by Dz-Chick!

  8. lol 3 - i'll let that 1 hang. what r the oda 2?

  9. happy new year hbibti Dz chick.. forget about those who say i m so busy and snowed under pff..ya weddi nass kamel takhdam machi ghir ntoma.. showing off. i always have time for friends.. so buzz me antime babes :).. wash bih date hada ghir elkhir i am intrigued to know more.. i hope he grows them soon.. ana vnt been on a date for a while.. lol..I agree washno had lbard lkaris wa shadid.. manhabach winter season..big boussa..xxxx hanya

  10. MoRiss Maurice, England and now Algeria
    You globe trotter you!!

    Haniya he can grow them as big as a coconut for all I care, not holding my breath though ;)

    You know what's good to beat the cold weather? No not a man, a pet or failing that a fur or failing that go to the sun!

  11. He can grow them as big as a coconut? well that could mean strawberry-size if you apply your workmate's logic. Still nothing to shout home about (in a tenor's voice anyway).

  12. An extra couple of pounds on my buttocks makes January very appealing, it didn't seem to work for me :(
    A woman can never have have too much junk in her trunk........well unless her ass can be mistaken for a tray or her siamese twin.

    The ice cream anecdote is hilarious, clearly his mind was somewhere else, in a fury pink land, hmmm.

    Subtle reference to like..A LOT!!

    That guy you dated could have been a eunuch, pray for him.

    Evidently the Algerian government has taught its citizens the efficiency of communicating when in crisis....silence radio, I am getting familiar with it ;-)

    Dz Chick, great article.....I salute you as always.

  13. Miss Polemique thank you... Always
    Silence radio is sometimes needed and it does a lot of good, in the case of Ball-less date above, I am not sure what happened exactly but I think in the grand scheme of things, it was right.
    In the Case of the Algerian Government, well they don’t talk to us because they think giving us too much importance, will make us think we have rights and thus demand more explanations, the “Mepris” strategy works with the masses but for how long and until when?

  14. That's an existential question Dz Chick....a country needs rebels and free thinkers instead of sheeps and conformists (the mass). The former understand that they should not be afraid of the government but the government should be afraid of their people,the latter cannot exist without a people!

    'One who speaks truth makes more noise and more sense than a million who are silent'.
    Silence is great to quiet the mind but not so great otherwise. We ought to question everything and fear nothing but ignorance.

    I wish you an amazing day Dz Chick.

  15. I am in an existential CRISIS state of mind.
    Next blog should demonstrate this to a greater extent.
    Have you an equally amazing day Miss

  16. haya. moWris just had a peek on twitta and saw ∂aet his staaaal influencin da meaty dz-chick as a mattèh of fact hacktuall'é'. moWris loves himself.

  17. MoRiss is a big influence on Dz-Chick's life!
    You went to twitter and didn't follow me u stalker??

  18. littowL moWris don't do twitter. or twatter fo daet matter. only stalking in dem poblic domains.

  19. Yesterday May 09th I was melting in the university of medicine in Oran Algeria. It was too much !
    can't wait for the hot ramdhan and the "stages d'internat à la maternité ! "
    the heat , the smell , the screaming women giving birth the vaginal secretions ...
    I'd take a January 12 months a year Thank you !
    ps : like every time your style strikes me ^^

  20. MoWRiss you weirdo

    Yasmine thank you! I hope it strikes you in a good way!
    So are you sufferIng fools and patients at the Hospital?
    Studying medicine?


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