Friday 8 June 2012

Ecological torture

London looks as angry as it is infuriating, rain lashing out of the sky, the sun extinguished by the unrelenting downpour, sitting here at my desk in the City looking out of the what is supposed to be a window, for you see, I am not important enough to have window seat but I scavenge on what little light trickles through the window-office closest to my desk, its occupier often catches me staring in his direction from my seat and with the corner of my eye I can see him shaking his head. One pseudo-word: pffff

The summer comes in minutes not seasons, autumn comes in eras; time really is relative here. I own five umbrellas and for vanity’s sake 4 pairs of sunglasses mostly worn on hangover days.

The only tan here is the fake kind or the expensive kind that usually involves an exotic destination and an extortionately expensive flight – Benidorm then?

Oh summer where art thou!

This weather is playing pogo with me, my mood is changing by the minute, with every ray of sunshine that scurries through the grey clouds, I cheer up and love London, then it all goes morose again and I curse ….Coldplay who are not the second coming of the Christ you know!

No it is not hormonal and it’s not the passing of Venus across the surface of the sun and it’s not my friend’s amazing tan from her amazing Belize holiday, or her consistently unexplainable good mood, it is not people who use “summer” as a verb. It is the weather. This bloody, miserable, mind-of-its-own London weather, that is such a central part of our lives and conversations, we have to personify it to hate it better.

Breaking news: A rebellious ray of sunshine spotted somewhere near East Anglia (that’s Bordj Bou Ariridj for you in Algeria). Mark my words in the near future there will be a sun spotting sport. This will come into a more sane perspective when you check the current weather in Algiers or even France.

I read a quote by someone saying that "bad weather always looks worse through a window", except in London. There is no misrepresentation, it is as bad outside as it looks from inside, it is in fact so bad that even the sight of your soft duvet doesn’t make it better.

I think somewhere a new breed of ecological terrorists is laughing, their attempt at collective prayers for rain ( صلاة الاستصقاء) has been successful. You can quote me on that.

Dz-chick…mood weather forecast for tonight: Dark!


  1. I would gladly send you some of the sunshine that is glowing here in NYC if I could babes!

  2. hahahahahaha @ "I think somewhere a new breed of ecological terrorists is laughing, their attempt at collective prayers for rain ( صلاة الاستصقاء) has been successful" that is so brilliantly put. I'd gladly quote you dz-chick

  3. You're paying for the good weather you had at the end of May, Miss Chick. That's how the British weather works. What it gives with one hand, it takes with the other hand. Is that an Arab proverb?

  4. They announced some sunshine for tomorrow blue, which of course means about an hours worth in between showers!

    Stv Cheers, quote away my friend.

    GB definitely paying for it - unpoetic justice

    That does sound very familiar, it could well be an Arab proverb.

  5. so then ... to summar-ise (pun intended) ... it's raining in london.
    don't give up your daytime job for eht drawings btw. i have to say tho that you write your numbers the way i do ;) like 07*747***1*

    this is a random number, please do not call.

  6. Boussi Boussa again I must ask: what on earth are you talking about? Lol are you a little crazy!
    I love my drawings

  7. you can ask all you like lady. i know you love you drawings. and your stories. and your posts. and your blog. and your <--

  8. Ya! And not trying to deny it you dufus! Lol
    What do you looooorve? Apart from my blog? And your guitar?

  9. Some rain last night, here in Algiers.. Your blog is clearly more efficient than "صلاة الاستسقاء"..

  10. What can I say Homo Erectus I am an influential person - it has also stopped raining here in London (for now at least) so somebody up there is reading my blog?!

  11. i neither lorv you blog nor my soon-to-be-not-mine guitar. you loves you though, eh narcissa :P ?

  12. DZ-Goddess....

  13. Boussi Boussa what happened to you man!! I like the name Narcissca! Good pseudo

  14. what had to happen happened ... i wish the same to you my lavlé friend.

  15. why do people have to show their hatred to muslims/islam to gain other's acceptance?

  16. Ah the weather in London is so against me !

  17. I am working very hard on staying positive despite the bleek weather forecast for the next 5 days! It feels like November.

    Dz-Godess has lost her powers it seems! Stay positive

    Boussi Boussa shall I say Mabrook?
    Dude you've got to do something about that psuedo of yours!

  18. Hanuna with this dull weather, i listen to Spanish music like salsa or flamenco even Algerian it definitely cheers you up ..and remember sun Lorezon it will back pronto.....

  19. Not a bad idea actually - lively music reminds you of holidays and sunshine. might listen to some kbayli lol

    Sunshine please come back!

  20. Boussi Boussa - بسي بسا11 June 2012 at 21:10

    You could say mabrook but you're prob thinking of something else i would thinks.

    Wats wrong wiv ma pseudo?

  21. come to ze the face of the book and tell me!
    What's wrong with your pseudo? ....Hong long have you got?

  22. you are talking about sunshine, well it is sunHell in Riyadh here and it is not raining cats and dogs as the old english proverb says but it is sunshining camels. I can't wait to go back to Melbourne "DownUnder"

    have a nice bleak day :)


  23. Amine ah you're the Dz reading ze blog from down under! Finally :)
    Can't imagine being in Arabia this time of year, it's got to be hotter than hell, meanwhile in England we're enjoying consistently bad weather for the 2nd week running, and my hair is still in place (ie havent pulled it out yet)

  24. Hey Dz-chick, what's up?!

    It's 95F =35C!!!! Too hot in here. I'm going to melt.
    Are you in the process of writing a new story?! I hope so!
    Please pretty please, write something for us!

  25. Hey Blue! It's 17 and wet here, you win :)

    I am actually in the middle of writing an article but time is problematic ... As in I don't have enough time but ... It'll come out sooner or later ... Just you wait!

  26. 17? WOW...lucky you! It's too hot in here; believe me,you don't want that weather..I'm suffocating.

    Great!! :) I look forward to read it :)


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