Monday 21 March 2011

Woman or werewolf

Today is the first day of spring, I bought a bunch of daffodils and as the flowers opened, spring came to my house, it felt so homely and bright, if only I could say the same about my mental state.
It was also full moon over the weekend, and as we all know lunar activity has an effect on people’s moods and is particularly linked to women’s hormonal levels hence the menstrual cycles are the same length as the lunar cycles, hence my foul mood throughout all of last week and even more so today.

If there was a barometer for how strange I feel today, It would indicate “werewolf”  for not only is it a full moon but my PMS (Pre-menstrual stress) is raging and has been for a week turning me into a chocolate eating, short fused werewolf of a women.

They said it was the largest moon (super moon) we’ve witnessed for over 18 years, as the moon was the closest it has been to the earth, this causes high tides, waves and other earthly phenomenon, if the almighty earth can be affected by this celestial body, how can we human pretend not to be.

Now, the coinciding of the spring with the full moon, gives you the Spring Equinox, which if I choose to be spiritual, is supposed to be a day of celestial powers for us humans and in particular women, enhances your fertility, heightens your senses and cleans your energy, in many Native American tribes, they had moon lodges where women would gather, since most women menstruated at the same time, have you noticed how close women (sisters, good friends, house sharers) menstruate in synchronicity, women at time of a full moon are supposed to hold strong energy and vibrations, in modern day we call that hormonal rage.

I choose not to be mystical about this beautiful natural phenomenon and will shrug it off as a bad week with hormonal imbalances, ghastly mood swings and a diminished sense of humour.

Enjoy the spring


  1. lol @ hormonal rage - how/where are you channelling that rage?

  2. By being miserable :) I am hoping to snap out of it by Friday!

  3. what za3ma training do you do? (za3ma means pretend/pretense/as if, if am right?) boxercise lol

    more to the point to your blog post, where are you getting your facts from regarding lunar cycles/menstrual cycles similarities?

    also i like how you contradict yourself a couple of times explaining your foul mood last week (related to the full moon apparently) and also choosing not to be mystical and it being a bad week e.t.c

    'as we all know lunar activity has an effect on people's moods' really? i didn't know that. who told you that? lol

  4. Training for general fitness purposes.

    More to the point: I don’t quite contradict myself, I think I just ramble on, but I stated that the moon in fact has a known effect on peoples moods and bodies as it does on the earths waters (tides, waves etc) and if the human body is made up of almost 70% water, why would we not be affected.
    I then go on to say that for "today" I choose not be mystique and am going to say that I am just in a bad mood, even though I am convinced I was under the full moons influence. I researched this, 80% of my female colleagues and friends were feeling completely uncontrollable, irrational and weird for no reason. The feeling started to dissipate last night and I am pleased to announce that we’re back to normal.

    Tonton dw, why don’t you do some research before trying to discredit or disagree...and I am not Wikipedia ;P

  5. you researched this? LOL
    you're funny

    don't be fooled by bullshit superstition; also i notice that 100% of your 80% colleagues of your research sample population are women. that fact in itself could explain a lot of irrational behaviour (hormonally-induced rage?) lol.

    at my workplace everyone was fine last week including the 20% (or is it 5%) of female population

  6. That’s because it affects more women than men, men are not sensitive enough to feel the slightest change in their bodies.

    Nothing fools me tonton dw, but I believe in energy shifts and the moon affecting the earth is a FACT, we agree? Lunar activity affects everything on earth including humans; some are more sensitive to it than others.
    Your link is to do with the moon. You should read more about lunar activity and its affects on the earth, including tides and human behaviour.

  7. you can't just claim something is a fact because it is a popular belief (i.e. superstitions) lol - do you believe in astrology then? horoscope and stuff like that?

    my link also talks about physical effects of the moon's orbit on the earth ;).

    anyway, since you've reverted to being normal let's not push it and get that hormonal rage flowing again :p

  8. Actually TONTON, I was very careful not to say that the affect the moon has on humans is a fact, because there is no proof. HA!

    However, I choose to beleive that it is true because of my and a large number of people (not just women) experiences.

  9. 'men are not sensitive enough ...' sexist dig there :p

    let's just agree to disagree ;) .

  10. haha..the PMS..i hate it...sometimes i go mad for no reason, cry for no reason..create issues to just attack makes me crazy sometimes..i tell: once i was living with an algerian girl..we both had our pms together..and guess what was the argument at 7 in the morning (i think it was the peak of pms) that the pilot and the co-pilot do no have similar duties and we argued and argued for we laugh so hard about..
    regarding the lunar activity..m not too sure..u might just feel it but i has no scientific explanation..
    every month we shall deal with the pms and our sweetness :D..

  11. eh oui Haniya, if only men understood this, somany arguments and divorces would/could be avoided.


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